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Posted: April 26, 2018

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Part 1of2 – Okay everyone, listen up. This is a really crazy video. This video shows Elise Graves in her element. Elise considers herself a freak and she thinks the people she plays with are freaks as well. In this video her suspicions are confirmed – Tony Orlando’s balls are clamped to a poll, his wrists are shackled from overhead, his lips are parted with a dental spreader and his nostrils are hooked from the ceiling – and Tony asks himself out loud “why do I like this?”I guess we are all freaks for watching this video, but I would like to suggest that as animals we are all driven by our fantasies, hormones and sexual desires which allow us to be attracted to a wide scope of interests and activities which are not directly related to mating and procreation. We are ALL attracted to activities and physical items that are not directly sexual – from high heels, silk stockings, Tango dancing, to vibrators, dildos, perfume, fast cars and action movies where the hero always gets the girl.This two-part video is a lot of fun and is an excellent example of our ability to entertain ourselves with activities that have little to do with procreation. �� A special thanks to Elise Graves, Tony Orlando and Petgirl Kako for creating this unusual and entertaining scene. Keep up the good work! More videos like this can be found on and The real deal.


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