Oral – Domina Planet – Gag Reflex Training – Goddess Raevyn Rose and Asia Perez

Domina Planet  Gag Reflex Training   Goddess Raevyn Rose and Asia Perez preview

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Goddess Raevyn Rose and Asia Perez have a weekend of fun planned with their bulls. These Femdoms usually prefer to be orally worshipped, but occasionally want to be “taken” and fucked long, hard and deep by big, thick cocks and not by pathetic slaves who don’t possess “cocks” anyway, since they are locked away and atrophied.
They’ve got a line of muscle-brained studs waiting outside, but they have a problem; the two dark beauties don’t EVER suck cock – so they are recruiting the slave to do it for them, ensuring that those cocks will be ready for their sacred Goddess pussies that this slave’s cock will never feel the inside of (but his tongue and all of his face definitely will). To ensure he can handle the monster cocks that they have lined up – none under 8 inches – they need to ensure that the slave’s gag reflex is either completely or almost eliminated so he can suck any cock they want to fuck, at any time – and then clean up the results of course.
The two have strap-ons ready to go and start aggressively shoving the smaller cocks that Raevyn is sporting down his throat, with Raevyn pulling him by his leash and collar and Asia grabbing his hood and the cock into his mouth and down his throat, back and forth, faster and faster. The slave is gagging and retching but can’t do anything with his hands cuffed together, on his knees with a leash on and the two Dommes brutalizing the poor slave.
Next, they switch to Asia’s much larger cock, that has to be at least 9 inches long and looks to be about almost as thick as Her wrist. Again, the slave’s gag reflex is completely ignored as the two sadists have hold of his head, his hood and his leash. Pushing him back and forth, again and again, he’s moaning and begging them to stop, but to no avail. You can see the light start to go out in his eyes toward the end; snot and drool are running from his mouth and he is just grunting dumbly, barely able to get the cocks in his mouth.
They finally chain him behind the Spiders Web, his head at “cock” level, so he can receive the many cocks that the Mistresses have waiting for him, and the gallons of cum he will be to swallow and clean from their sloppy used pussies afterward. Lucky slave!