Pantyhose Wrestling – Season’s Beatings! A Holiday Nightmare! Kristiana vs Fightbabe vs Steve

Seasons Beatings A Holiday Nightmare Kristiana vs Fightbabe vs Steve preview

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The Dream Team, Super Kristiana and Fightbabe Robin, are getting ready to celebrate the end of 2020 and ring in the New Year 2021! Champagne in hand, they are interrupted by a phone call from the Evil Dr Stutz! Fightbabe Robin cuts the call short when Dr Stutz said he had a ball to drop on the Dream Team! Suddenly there is a knock at the door! Special Delivery! Fightbabe opens a Christmas card addressed to the Dream Team! Poof! It’s filled with white powder which casts a spell on the beauties! Suddenly they are bitter enemies and begin to fight! A wild catfight in Pantyhose and stockings ensues! Soon their glittery holiday dresses are pulled off and the wrestling continues in sexy lingerie! Face slaps! Scissors! Head Scissors! Trash Talking! After a 15 minute barrage of catfighting, the effects wear off and the sexy wrestlers realize what has happened. A 2nd special delivery is attempted by Evil Steve (one of Dr Stutz’ evil henchmen) but this time Robin and Kristiana attack the delivery man throwing him onto the mats and battering him with holds until he is senseless! Scissors! Smothers! Face Sitting! Head Scissors! School Girl Pins!!! Steve gets his just desserts! Alls Well That Ends Well!!! Wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year and Hopefully a LOT more entertainment from Les Femmes Fatales Productions!!