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Posted: September 10, 2022

Domina Planet FEMINIZATION 2022 From Deadbeat StepDad To Sissy Maid And Nanny preview

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18 Year-Old Mistress Nova is 7 months pregnant and all alone, with no family and no help to raise the baby after Her boyfriend convinced Her to have it, then took off as soon as She started showing. Now the jerk is insulting Her on social media, calling Her a whore and claiming no responsibility whatsoever. That was 7 months ago, She is now explaining to Her old friend, Lesbian Dominatrix Master Silvermist, what happened and asking for advice.
“What if he would not only help You and wait on You hand and foot while You’re pregnant, but also stay and raise the baby full-time, still take care of You and Your house, and allow You to fuck as many other guys as YOU want. Without complaining or rebelling”
Mistress Nova laughs and says:
“Of course I’d love that, but how?”
“Come back next week and You’ll see”
The next week Mistress Nova is seated on Her friend’s sofa again, waiting for Her to emerge with Her “surprise”. She walks out with a leash in Her hand, and a very young, but sissified, slave being dragged along behind Her. The bitch is wearing an open mouth, metal spider O-ring gag and locking pink silicone cuffs, pink rhinestone collar, pink leather blindfold and a pretty pink bra and slip on.
“Look at what I got!” – She says, pushing the sissy face down onto the ottoman in front of them. She sits on the sissy’s back and has Mistress Nova get on the right side of him, after handing Her a nasty-looking red slapper.
“This is Fifi-she is no longer a ‘he’, and You should always refer to the bitch as a ‘she’. But other words will do also; cunt, whore, cock-sucker, cum-dump…the possibilities are endless. But men only respect what they fear, so the cunt must fear us. To do that, We’re gonna redden the bitch’s lilly-white, skinny ass”
They start laying on stroke after stroke, the sissy’s ass starts to turn pink after about 20 swats. But the sissy keeps forgetting to thank her tormenters and Owner, and so they begin the count again but double it each time the twat forgets to count AND thank them for her punishment, which She can barely say due to the O-ring gag in Her mouth.
After about 100 spanks total, the sissy-bitch has a bright. red ass and is whimpering softly due to the pain of her glowing red bottom. Master Silvermist is hardly done though.
“Time for the next phase of your girl training, bitch. Sucking cock!”
She whips out a pink (naturally) jelly dildo and dick-whips the sissy in the face with it:


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