Table – The English Mansion – Plugged In Specimen – Part 2 – Mistress Bliss

The English Mansion  Plugged In Specimen  Part 2   Mistress Bliss preview

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The stunning, sensual Mistress Bliss is playing with her slave in the medical room, he is exposed and strapped in to the bondage gyno table ready for her ministration. She wakes his cock with the violet wand, zapping it to hardness, alternating with soft caresses and hard slaps. She then uses the rebreather to share her vape smoke, filling the capsule with her breath before working on his asshole, slowly fingering and stretching it, inserting the prostate massaging wand while riding the pleasure herself. Soon he is ready to take her electrified steel strapon. This hard beast ploughing into him and shocking his inside for intense pleasure. Mistress then inserts the fucking machine and the special Venus milker is placed over his hard cock, as she sits on his face for worship, his cock pushed over the edge with a hot latex handjob.
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