Taboo – Goddess Natalie starring in video ‘Entranced to need nappies’

Goddess Natalie starring in video Entranced to need nappies preview

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I know that this is a pretty taboo kind of thing, but it really turns you on big time, and that’s okay. It is ok to have fetishes that are not the norm, and I am here to help you explore them more!
It is safe to do it under my guidance, and it is a lot more pleasurable than doing it by watching porn or with a domme you never met before. Being around me makes you feel comfortable, and this is the kind of feeling I want you to have when you explore new fetishes.
So for this little h.y.p.n.o video, you can go ahead and buy some d*apers and wear them, but you are also free to not wear any if you’re not ready yet. I will also want you to make sure you drank enough before and if you want to, bring another bottle of water over and drink it slowly as I lull you into a state of trance.
Once you will be nice and comfortable, fully entranced by me, I will place the necessary triggers in your mind to make this a powerful h.y.p.n.o.s.i.s that will make you dependent on dia*ers for a whole week. If you will want it to last longer when the first week has passed, you can rewatch this video ��