Anus Fucking – Subby Hubby – Reagan’s Cuck Part 5 – Fucked Cuck – Reagan Lush

 Subby Hubby  Reagans Cuck Part 5  Fucked Cuck   Reagan Lush  preview

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Reagan Lush is going to fuck her cuckold good n deep showing him that she is in charge. He is going to feel more submissive than ever because she knows that the key to a man never wanting to be alpha again, is to get a nice hard strap-on fucking by a dominant woman. He`ll never be the same ever again after this.




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After a long day, I arrive home from my studio. I’m looking forward to a nice hot bath and a relaxing evening. I go into my bedroom and lie on the bed to check a couple of phone messages. As I stand up to get undressed, out from behind the curtain a burglar suddenly appears and throws me to the bed. As he tries to get on top of me to gain the advantage, I quickly overpower him and have him in a tight headlock between my thighs. As I tighten my grip, it’s not long before I have my burglar bitch groggy and helpless. I quickly underess him. With him now completely naked I put him facedown, and tightly tie him to the bed. I then give him a few slaps to bring him round. As he regains consciousness, and begins to struggle. I tell him he picked the wrong house to burgle. I’m also going to show him what happens to little perverts like him. I have put on my strapon and I’m going to fuck his sorry ass until he squeals for mercy. However, my slut has a tight little asshole and I need to open it. So I put on a pair of latex gloves, and give his asshole some deep fingering. It’s so good to hear my bitch squeal as I penetrate his tight ass with my latex fingers. Time to make him suffer, as I lube his ass and start to fuck him. His squeals are annoying me, so I give him some hand over mouth to shut him up. With my latex hand tight over his mouth, I so enjoy that muffled sound as he desperatly tries to gasp for air. I continue to fuck him harder and harder, as I turn his pervy dream into his painful ass fucking reality…


Female Supremacy – Worship The Wolfe – Establishing the Domme-slave Dynamic

Worship The Wolfe  Establishing the Dommeslave Dynamic  preview

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I have another little beta loser wanting to be My slave. I’ve learned that the absolutely best way to start training a new slave is to make them understand their place below Me right away. To establish that dynamic, I remain fully clothed with My BBC strap-on, while My slave is naked on his hands and knees with his tiny useless appendage locked into chastity. I command My slave to begin sucking My cock, showing Me his complete obedience and submission to Me. I force him to gag on My BBC as I remind him that it’s in his best interest to coat it with as much as his saliva as possible, as it will serve as the only lubrication as My cock enters his raw asshole. Of course My slave’s movement must be compromised before I get to fucking, so I secure him in this lovely new device that restrains his arms behind his back by connecting to his collar before instructing him to lie face down ass up. Once I have My slave on his belly I mount him, insert My BBC, and fuck his little slave asshole until I cum from a combination of My harness rubbing against My clit as I thrust in and out of My slave’s man pussy and the obvious established understanding of the Domme-slave dynamic.


Cfnm – House of Sinn – Nothing is too big for your slutty ass – Mistress Lexa

 House of Sinn  Nothing is too big for your slutty ass   Mistress Lexa  preview

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After an intense fucking machine session, Mistress Lexa wants more from Her slave. She has prepared a huge black strap-on for Her favourite bitch to take up the ass… all the way, opening him nice and hard while he eagerly sucks the fucking machine dildo that was in his ass just minutes before. The huge rubber dick makes him squeal and moan, from both pleasure and pain, but he still begs for more, just like the slut he is. And, of course the cruel Mistress fucks him harder and harder because nothing is too big for his slutty ass…


Dildo – Mistress Iside – FUCKED FURIOUS

 Mistress Iside  FUCKED FURIOUS  preview

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Yesterday night I took this slave to a fetish party and I introduced him as a talented cocksucker, saying that his mouth was available to service anybody, who wanted to try him. Unfortunately, after the party, a few friends of mine complained with me because, besides a blow-job, they also wanted to fuck him, but his ass hole was too narrow and they couldn’t penetrate him. I want my slaves to always be up to expectations, above all, in presence of my friends or other Mistresses; therefore, I have decided to address the issue immediately. The slave is lying face-up on the table, with his legs raised and wide apart and his ass fully exposed. I start penetrating him with a huge dildo, to stretch his hole. The penetration is not easy but some lube helps and, finally, it gets in. His man-pussy is now fully stretched and he starts whining while I move the dildo deeper and faster inside him. After a good pumping, his hole is ready to receive my strap-on for a long, hard and deep fucking. His whining soon turns to a moaning: deep down this slave is a true whore!!! I’m sure that, at the next fetish party, he will enjoy getting fucked by my friends!!!