Pegging – Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Sadistic Sling Sodomy Overdose – Mistress Fetish Liza and Cybill Troy

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  Sadistic Sling Sodomy Overdose   Mistress Fetish Liza and Cybill Troy  preview

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Today, Cybill Troy is the mood for some seriously deep fucking. She is going to utterly invade & deeply destroy an ass today.
Accompanied by her fellow Mistress, Fetish Liza, flown in to assist with this frenzy of nefarious activities. Miss Troy is unwilling to accept anything less than total, absolute submission to both her & her monster cocks.
With her favourite gimp-toy, encased head to toe in latex & secured firmly in a sturdy sling, Miss Troy & Fetish Liza are determined to go big, deep & hard.
Before the anal assault begins in ernest, the Mistresses decide they want to fully remove any residual resistance their gimp might harbour.
They administer & dose their gimp until his brain is erased, before they begin the exploration and obliteration of his innards.
After some in-depth manual exploration of the gimps hole, Miss Troy & Miss Liza deliver an initial vigorous pounding with the first of the giant cocks they selected for todays ass rampage.
UGEDeciding that her gimp has been sufficiently dosed, opened up & is ripe for buggery in depth, Miss Troy straps on a truly H cock. Her gimp is pounded & thrown around on the sling until he doesn’t know up from down or in from out.


Female Domination – Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – How Deep Is Your Love …LUNG DEEP

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  How Deep Is Your Love LUNG DEEP  preview

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True devotion and love are things that, at times need to be tested. Cybill Troy has decided its high time her gimp undergoes a test in his obedience and adoration for her.
Restrained, dosed & utterly at her mercy, Miss Troys gimp experiences a taster of the new role she is considering for him. That of existing, at times, solely as her shiny, hollow, fuck-toy, yet one with body heat.
In a merciful gesture Cybill Troy begins fucking her secured gimp-come-fuck-toy, with one of her wide selection of big black cocks. As the intensity of the pounding increases, her test of her gimps devotion and love, also increases.
Tiring of fucking such a lucky fuck-toy with a cock that, in her own words “is barely nine inches, its embarrassing” Miss Troy decides to upgrade her choice of cock and her testing of her gimp.
Returning with a much, MUCH larger strap-on, its time for her gimp to really prove how much he is devoted to her, how much he lives to please her.
Telling her gimp “If you love me you’ll take every last inch of this” Miss Troy begins feeding in the huge 24″ long black cock. She cajoles and coerces her fuck-toy, making him back up onto her huge strap-on. Her fuck-toys protests that he can feel it in his lungs only encourage her to fuck him more.
Her toy is not out of the woods yet though, he will be shown a truly gargantuan item that is to be his next challenge in proving his love & devotion for his Mistress.


Strapon – Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Gimped Against The Wall (Cybill Troy & Goddess Tangent)

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  Gimped Against The Wall Cybill Troy  Goddess Tangent  preview

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Cybill Troy & Goddess Tangent are in the mood for fucking.
Good old, spur of the moment, hard against a wall style. Plain and simple, hard and merciless, fucking.
The two Mistresses have at their disposal Miss Troys gimp, whom they lull into a false sense of security with promises of being “as gentle as they can be”
With the promises of being gentle, as hollow as they intend their targets asshole to be, Cybill Troy and Goddess Tangent take turns ruthlessly & rampantly slamming every inch of their cocks into the their shaking, shiny, gimp prey.
Again and again the two Mistress’s fuck their gimp silly, choking, slapping and abusing the latex clad fuck-toy to their hearts content. Miss Troy & Miss Tangent repeatedly slam their full body weigh into each thrust, each one outdoing the other in their fun of pummeling their gimp into the wall that they are practically fucking him into.


Gagging – Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Double Strap-On Pile-Drive Destruction (Cybill Troy & Veronica Vixen)

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  Double StrapOn PileDrive Destruction Cybill Troy  Veronica Vixen  preview

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Welcoming LA Mistress Veronica Vixen in her first strap-on tag team with Cybill Troy!
After using and abusing the same slave whore’s ass for their entertainment separately for years, they decide its about time to join forces and make all of his wildest nightmares come true! Individually, these Mistresses always push him to the very edge of his limits… he’ll have have no choice but to reach a new extreme level of submission in order please them both at once!
Their anal fuck-toy is passed back and forth between the perversely gorgeous Dominas, an overwhelming assault of huge rubber strap-on domme-dicks penetrating him front and back relentlessly and without mercy.
Determined to stretch their whore-slave’s ass even more, they fuck him violently, giggling together as his fuck-hole is forced open with each brutal thrust. His moans and screams are muffled by a throat-full of cock as he’s forced to taste his own whore ass as Veronica and Cybill spit-roast him into oblivion.
Wanting to ensure that their slutty plaything is thoroughly emasculated and permanently dickmatized by their unparalleled double ass fucking, and most importantly for their own pleasure, they fold him up like a pretzel to pile-drive him with every inch of their Man-O-War cocks, slamming down into him full-force together.
Finally satisfied with how brutally they’ve stretched-out their slut-boy’s gaping ass, they shove a big pink cock into him and leaves him on the floor, emasculated and cock-addicted.


Rubber Sleepsack – Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Bagged Like a Burrito & Ass Fucked

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  Bagged Like a Burrito  Ass Fucked  preview

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Sleep sacks are wonderful. As well as making a neat little package, their other great purpose is….. total and utter control over contents of said sack.
With this in mind, Cybill Troy has bagged up her gimp. She loves that her gimp is going nowhere. Totally at her mercy, wrapped up in immobilizing latex, she has made him into her very own shiny, black, latex burrito.
However, this particular burrito is, its not for eating. Instead Miss Troy is going to pound the hell out of her helpless, squirming, rubber bundle.
Cybill Troy thoroughly enjoys her gimps helpless state. All he can hope for is that his asshole can withstand the impending strap on invasion.
Miss Troy gives her gimp a close up view of what will soon be deep in his ass. She has him lick and worship her cock with his helpless mouth while sitting astride him. With an evil laugh she then flips her bagged victim over before unzipping & loosening the gimps worried hole.
Satisfied at the negligible resistance shown by her targets hole, Cybill Troy commences going to work, hammering away at her helpless gimps ass.
She enjoys a thoroughly satisfying drilling deep into her rubber burrito. His cries and limited struggles only serve to spur her on to go harder and deeper.
With her appetite for this odd snack sated, Miss Troy’s final gift is a huge conical plug, which she uses both hands to drive deep into her gimp.With huge plug finally rammed home, Cybill Troy zips up the gimps bag and cruelly flips him onto his back once more. Fully impaling the plug into him under his own weight.


Strap-on – The English Mansion – Wife’s Loaded Sex Game – Miss Eve Harper

The English Mansion  Wifes Loaded Sex Game   Miss Eve Harper  preview

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Eve wants to put some spice into her staid marriage, so she devises a way to get what she wants. She sets up a game of chance, the strip dice game, her husband is eager to play and is excited as he wins the the first few rounds, getting to see his beautiful wife in her lingerie and without her panties. As he leaves the room to get some champagne, Eve swaps the dice to a special loaded one, when the game resumes, she is victorious for the next eight rounds, until her husband is totally naked. She suggests that her husband should start getting dressed in her clothes if her loses any more throws, he is soon made to wear stockings, suspenders and panties as his bad luck continues. Finally Eve offers an all or nothing throw, the winner gets to choose how they have sex, as he rolls a Eve rolls another 6, she pulls out a big strapon and tells him to bend over.


Sounding – The English Mansion – Rubber Clinic Penetrations (Complete Movie) – Cybill Troy

The English Mansion  Rubber Clinic Penetrations Complete Movie   Cybill Troy  preview

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Looking amazing in her transparent latex, Cybil Troy is going to us and stretch her anal sluts eager asshole. She opens him up with her latex fingers, bringing out the fucking machine and putting a giant red dildo, which is soon pounding him, as she controls the speed, while taking care of his stiff dick with a steel rod. Once she feels he is ready, she puts on her massive black strapon, bends him over and fucks him hard and intensely, enjoying his moans of overwhelming enjoyment.


Blonde – The English Mansion – Princess’s Picnic Persuasion Pt2 – Complete FIlm – Princess Aurora

The English Mansion  Princesss Picnic Persuasion Pt2  Complete FIlm   Princess Aurora  preview

695 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:20:41

Princess Aurora continues the breaking and transformation of her boyfriend into a pretty little sissy slut, she brings out her realistic strapon and cajoles the new special girl into sucking it, the painted slutty big red lips slurping on it, readying it for losing her virginity, the kind of sex Aurora has in plan, pounding her creation hard until she starts emitting cute girly noises. Fully broken, Princess takes the chastity off and uses a vibrator to give her slut the very first feminine sissygasm.