Ass Fucking – CFNMEU – Pomstychtiva Pritelkyne – Helpless

CFNMEU  Pomstychtiva Pritelkyne  Helpless  preview

1.68 GB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:46:55

Martin Polnak is helpless in this CFNM, at the mercy of the sexy, dominant, girl. He is wearing just underwear and is shackled and gagged. The girl starts hittig his chest and groping him. Then she starts to whip him too. Martin moans through the gag as he feels the whip. The girl kneels and starts biting on the cock through the underwear. Then the underwear is pulled aside so that she can suck the hardening cock. She pulls down the underwear and sucks on Martin’s big, hard, cock. That big dick pokes out in front of him as she attaches clamps to his nipples. Then she whipe him some more too. The girls takes an electro-stimulator and uses it on the chest and cock and balls, making Martin moan and writhe. Moving him so that he is on his back, legs up, she then plays with his tight hole. A toy is shoved into his ass as she sucks on his balls. With the toy deep in his hot hole she then sucks on his big cock again. Martin moans and wants her to stop fucking his ass, but she keeps going. Then a larger dildo is worked into his tight hole, going in deep. With that hole loosened she turns Martin over, onto his knees and fuck him with her strapon. She fucks him some more as he lays on his back and wanks himself until he shoots his hot cum.


Dildo – VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Anal Correction – Isabelle Deltore

VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE  Anal Correction   Isabelle Deltore  preview

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Kade is about to find out Correctional Officer Isabelle Deltore means serious business and won’t tolerate any more house arrest rules to be broken. If he fucks up even once more it won’t be just her big, thick cock being shoved and plowed deep inside him. To help with his obedience training a shock collar has been locked tightly around his neck so he can be quickly and efficiently corrected at the push of a button. His cock remains locked in chastity but his asshole is completely exposed and vulnerable to be punished with her merciless strap-on dick.


Fucking – Sweet Femdom – Taken Home and Fucked by Veronica Love

Sweet Femdom  Taken Home and Fucked by Veronica Love  preview

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Veronica runs a night club. She just tied her male employee up to a stripper pole and fucked his ass. Now she’s brought him home to finish his “job.”
If he takes her strap-on cock to her pleasing like a good slut, he will get a reward. If not, he will lose his job.
Veronica is happy and convinced that her employee has been put in his place, now that she chained him to a pole, kicked his balls in, fucked his ass with a strap-on… so she decides to use him to get off herself.
She tells him to fuck her until she cums. He fucks her on her back, then she rides him. Lance almost cums while she is riding him (big tits bouncing in his face, huge booty riding his cock) so Veronica tells him he’s not allowed to cum yet. She sits on his face, puts his cock all the way in her mouth and makes him lick her pussy until she cums on his face.
After that, she flips over and tells him to fuck her hard from behind. Her ass is so amazing that he doesn’t last long pounding her that way. She flips around, sucks his cock, and jerks him off until he blows a surprisingly gigantic load all over her face.
She lightly slaps his face and tells him he can keep his job…


Strap-on – Sweet Femdom – Olympic Pegging with Pepper Hart – Pepper Hart and Pierce Paris

Sweet Femdom  Olympic Pegging with Pepper Hart   Pepper Hart and Pierce Paris  preview

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Pierce Paris is on the sofa when his girlfriend, Pepper Hart, bounds into the room all excited. She’s wearing a USA Olympic leotard with fishnets, sneakers, and a very large pink vibrating strapon.
“I won the Olympic Gold Medal for fucking dudes in the ass!”
“That’s not a real thing baby…”
She fucks his brains out from behind and makes herself cum from the vibrations over and over. Then she flips him over and F1STS him in a sling almost up to her elbow. He can’t stop prostate cumming.
“Now, I’m going to fuck your brains out and jerk you off until you cum!”
She milks his big cock until he cums on himself with her huge pink vibrating dick inside him.
“I’ll be back in 5 minutes to fuck you again!”


Dildo Fucking – Sweet Femdom – 18 Year Old Seducing Spy Naomi Nash

Sweet Femdom  18 Year Old Seducing Spy Naomi Nash  preview

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Naomi Nash is a sexy 18 year old spy trained in the arts of seduction, edging, interrogation, and disposal. She’s been assigned to take down Dr Tony Orlando, a brilliant and rich scientist who has developed a ground breaking serum. Her task is to steal it from him.
She waits in his home for him to arrive and when he does, he’s arrogant and not scared. Naomi isn’t the first sexy lady of espionage to try to steal his secrets. He thinks he can take advantage of the situation by fucking him her but giving her nothing.
“Oh come on Dr… you can have my pussy…. Or do you prefer anal…?”
Naomi straddles him, grinds on him, gets him horny, then jabs a secret serum of her own into his neck causing complete paralysis except for his head, his cock and balls, and his ass.
When Dr Orlando comes to he is on the floor, naked, and terrified because he cannot move. Young Naomi teases him, and quickly finds out he has a foot fetish. She shoves her pretty 18 year old feet in his mouth and makes him worship them.
“Here’s the deal. I’ve dealt with men like you before. You’ll talk, only after your balls are 100% drained. So I’m going to drain them.”
She makes him worship her feet more then starts to suck his cock. She’s been trained by the best so it doesn’t take long for her to get him to the edge of orgasm. Naomi knows that edging him a little first will get more cum out, so she does, stopping to sit on his face or make him lick her pretty feet some more.
Finally she tells him that she’s going to get his first load of many for the night, and after that she’s going to spit his cum into his mouth. She doesn’t have to do this for interrogation purposes, she just likes watching powerful men become helpless with a mouth full of cum…
She sucks the cum out of his cock then spits it in his mouth and smiles.
“You mentioned early that you like anal…. So now I’m going to fuck you in the ass…”
Dr Orlando begs but she giggles and walks away to change clothes and get her strap on.


Ass Stretching – Mistress Lady Renee – Bench fucked bitch

Mistress Lady Renee  Bench fucked bitch  preview

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I see this slave arse in front of Me and I just need to ram My large strapon in that submissive hole. No matter how willing your slave hole opens up, I will force it wider while I ram deeper and deeper. No mercy for slave arse if you ask Me. I will take your owned hole hard and fast. it will know who it’s Owner is. you will feel Me deep and hard in your arse. A slave like you has no choice but to undergo anal Domination by My heavy strap-on. you are just an anal fuckhole for Me that I will peg brutally. If you are a good submissive anal bitch you will be sucking that huge, used and dirty strap-on clean in the end. But don’t worry, I will force you to be that submissive bitch.