Handjobs – Cruel City – Slave Mouths My Feet While I Jerk His Cock – Anne

Cruel City  Slave Mouths My Feet While I Jerk His Cock   Anne preview

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As her slave lays naked on the floor beneath her, Anne jerks his cock while he hungrily mouths her bare feet all over. He loves having her cute toes in his mouth, and moans loudly as she uses lube to stroke his hard dick with her skilled hand. She takes a seat atop his nude body and continues jerking him as he sucks on her perfect feet. The mistress then shoves her ass in his face so he can smell her as she tugs his cock until he shoots a big load all over himself! He`s been a good slave lately, and her feet and hands all over his body are his reward.


Whipping – Cruel City – Slave Eats Anne`s Pussy while He`s Fucked From Behind by June

Cruel City  Slave Eats Annes Pussy while Hes Fucked From Behind by June preview

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It`s a fun-filled afternoon as Anne and her adorable friend June humiliate a slave and love every second of it. In this hot clip, the two make the loser eat Anne`s pussy while June fucks his tight ass with a big strap-on cock! He licks away at Anne`s clit as June pounds him from behind, whacking his ass with a leather paddle while she violates his asshole. He groans in discomfort as she plows him mercilessly while Anne grabs his head and drives it into her wet snatch. His ass is filled with June`s cock and his mouth is filled with Anne`s warm pussy! “Consider this a gift,” June laughs as she beats him with the paddle until his ass is torn open. He won`t be sitting down anytime soon!


Female Domination – Cruel City – June Teaches Anne the Art of Ball-Busting – June and Anne

Cruel City  June Teaches Anne the Art of BallBusting   June and Anne preview

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When Anne confesses to her friend June that she`s never tried ball-busting, June insists that she absolutely must experience it. She summons a slave, and after he comes crawling to them she makes him take off his underwear. With him naked on all fours beneath them, June delights in teaching Anne the proper way to kick his sensitive testicles in. He cries out in pain, falling to the floor as Anne delivers painful blows to his balls with her high-heeled boots. They laugh at his agony, but show no mercy as the two relentlessly abuse his nuts while making him count each brutal kick. June`s a great teacher, and it seems Anne`s a fast learner! It doesn`t take her long to get used to this ball-busting thing, and she loves seeing this loser`s misery. How much torment can this slave`s poor testicles take? Find out!


Female Domination – Cruel City – Eat Anne`s Young Pussy

Cruel City  Eat Annes Young Pussy preview

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Beautiful Anne is casually reading the paper while her obedient slave holds the lamp for her by her side. Bored with the news and feeling a bit horny, she tosses the paper aside and has him worship her perfect pussy, using him as her sex slave and cumming all over his face. He loves shoving his tongue in and out of her wet, pink hole and tasting her delicious juices! Being young and beautiful like her definitely has its advantages. Slaves like him are always willing to please her! Will you please her, too?


Female Domination – Cruel City – Cuckolded Slave Cleans Anne`s Pussy and Asshole

Cruel City  Cuckolded Slave Cleans Annes Pussy and Asshole preview

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Anne just got done having amazing sex that ended with the hot stud filling her young pussy with his cum. He shot his giant load inside of her, and as it oozes out she makes one of her slaves lap up every drop! He eagerly positions himself between her spread legs and goes to work cleaning her used pussy with his mouth. He eats another man`s cum from her pink hole and doesn`t seem to mind one bit! In fact, he admits that he loves it and continues to excitedly lick her shaved pussy. She makes him lay on his back and climbs on top of his face to have him clean her asshole as well. He`s so excited to touch his goddess that he does everything she asks of him like a good little bitch. As he licks her tight asshole she has a powerful orgasm in his mouth!


Cum Eating Instruction – Cruel City – Anne Makes a Slave Drink His Cum Featuring June

Cruel City  Anne Makes a Slave Drink His Cum Featuring June preview

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As their slave lays naked on the floor, Anne smothers his face with her ass while her friend June watches and insults his tiny dick. June rubs his cock with her nylon-clad feet, and the loser actually starts getting aroused despite her cruel words. “Such a pathetic cock,” June laughs as she continues to gently caress his small penis. They place a glass cup on his fat stomach and make him jerk himself off into it. Once he`s filled it with his disgusting cum, the two mistresses have him drink every drop before sending him on his way!