Ass Fetish – Club Stiletto FemDom – My Big Ass And Your Little Dick – Princess Lily

 Club Stiletto FemDom  My Big Ass And Your Little Dick   Princess Lily  preview

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Lily picked the neighborhood cuck out in a second and so now he is not only getting rejected by his wife but also being subjected to Lily’s abuse as well. She has him kneeling in front of her as this scene opens as she plans to torment him with her beautiful ass that he lusts for but never gets. “You are so pathetic that your wife won’t even fuck you”, she mocks him, “and now here you are because you can not resist my ass, what a pathetic excuse for a man.” She stands up and bends over to show him her ass and she asks him if it gets him hard. The lusty fool actually tries to reach out and touch her ass but she quickly swats it away. “Do you think you are worthy of touching an ass like mine?” she asks him. He confesses he is not. Lily tells him to show her that he has a big dick and makes him stroke it, if it’s big enough maybe he’ll get her ass. Unless his dick grew overnight they both know that won’t happen.
Lily then pulls up her skirt and waves her ass in his face and talks about the studs that fuck her, how big their cocks are and how they make her feel. She then takes his head and pulls it into her ass and the slave clearly likes it as he is now rock hard. Lily slaps her ass and waves it about and it looks soooo amazing. She leads him on that she might let him fuck her and as her ass moves in his face he is filled with desire. “Smell my ass” she tells him and then pulls her panties down. She tells him her boyfriend just fucked her but she wants him to sniff her anyway. He can’t resist. Now she removes her panties and stuffs them in the cucks mouth and she again pulls his face into her ass so he can smell her and her lover. “Sniff my ass while sucking my lovers cum out of my panties” she mocks him and he does as told. Lily’s ass just looks incredible in this scene and you can feel the heart break of the cuck when she tells him he will never fuck her. “Paying to sniff my ass is the best you can hope for” she tells him. “Your dick is just to little” she adds as she orders him to lay down so she can sit on his face. She settles in with no intention of ever getting up.


Smother – The Queendom – Pleased with Her Pet

 The Queendom  Pleased with Her Pet  preview

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Mistress Katelyn Brooks and her new pet Cupcake Sinclair have both fully embraced their BDSM fantasies thanks to their group therapy sessions. Today is Cupcake’s first day as Katelyn’s stay at home, full time slave! To celebrate their first day together Katelyn has locked her new pet in the smotherbox, leaving Cupcake totally vulnerable to endless ass smothering! “Do you like your training so far?” Katelyn asks as she grinds her round ass into Cupcake’s face. Katelyn loves hearing her pet gasp and beg for more each time she lifts up. “I bet you can’t wait until I lift my dress huh? You’ll be even deeper in my ass!” Katelyn thinks about all the ways she can use her new slave as furniture in her daily life; while she works, watches movies, or like now just for fun! “Pretty please smother me with your big mmpph” Cupcake starts to say as Katelyn lifts up her tight dress, but she’s cut off as Katelyn lowers her ass down. “Let’s seal your face in my ass,” Katelyn says as she starts counting slowly to see how long her new pet can last beneath her. Katelyn’s ass looks absolutely amazing as she squeezes and jiggles it on Cupcake’s face! The more Katelyn sits the more she feeling of her pet squirming and gasping for air between her luscious ass cheeks. Katelyn has no intention of letting Cupcake out of this smotherbox any time soon, in fact for their first day together she’ll be leaving her pet locked in place all day long!
Mistress Katelyn Brooks, Submissive Cupcake Sinclair, Smother Box, Facesitting, Ass Smother


Face Sit – Foxy Dolls – Ina Black in Facesitting and Ropes

Foxy Dolls  Ina Black in Facesitting and Ropes  preview

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“This guy, who you saw in the previous clip, “the scissoring match”, thought that the lesson he got was enough for him today. However Ina, his instructor, had other plans for him. She didn?t reveal that to him because she wanted to surprise him. It all started like usual, Ina taking control, locking him up in various positions and he being totally unable to escape. Eventually she gets a bit frustrated because he doesn?t even try to defend himself. “Try at least to submit”, she says. He tries and everything is back to normal, that is, she takes control and he is on his back, completely at her mercy. He tries desperately to escape but his arms are locked and his face is smothered by her breasts. Then comes the surprise because what she does is to pick up something from the floor, and when he sees it, he realizes what the surprise was, the ropes. What is she going to do with the ropes? You can probably guess. She enjoys this rope game but the guy sure doesn?t. The last 8 mins are pure humiliation, degradation coupled with endless facesitting. A poor guy **** to a woman who truly enjoys every single minute.”


Ass Fetish – Facesitting Bitches – FB1232 – The Gift – Chloe

Facesitting Bitches  FB1232  The Gift   Chloe  preview

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It’s Chloe’s birthday n Nikki has left her a special gift bound to the facesitting bench with pretty red ribbons – it’s a lovely, comfortable, well trained human chair! Chloe looks beautiful and effortlessly elegant as she uses her human chair for her entertainment, subjecting it to lots of long smothers n fullweight facesits.


Woman In Leather – Chateau-Cuir – ORAL SERVICE FOR LEATHER GODDESS – Fetish Liza

 ChateauCuir  ORAL SERVICE FOR LEATHER GODDESS   Fetish Liza  preview

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Mistress Fetish Liza calls him “tongue”. Her slave is always ready to worship her leathers and she uses his face as her personal toy for pleasure as well. She smothers him with her leatherclad ass n rides his tongue with her wet pussy. He is the object and he`ll be giving his leatherclad goddess whatever she wants n needs!


Face Sit – Lethal Bitches – FB1237 – Putting Her Feet Up – Amber Leigh

Lethal Bitches  FB1237  Putting Her Feet Up   Amber Leigh  preview

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TV’s stunning Amber Leigh joins us at Facesitting Bitches and makes a sexy debut in a beautiful pink lingerie set n stockings as she takes a seat on Matthew’s face. Her lovely round bottom is perfect for smothering him beneath as she bounces away her day’s stresses on the springy bed. Matthew can only lie there and wait for strict Amber to be finished with him!