Ass Smother – Club Stiletto FemDom – Would You Do Anything To Be Under My Ass – Mistress Irene

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Would You Do Anything To Be Under My Ass   Mistress Irene  preview

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Introducing Mistress Irene, a cruel Domina with one of the most amazing asses you will ever encounter. The scene opens with Mistress Irene’s slave bound to a discipline chair. As she enters, she tells the slave that because he has pleased her, she’s going to release him and reward him with his greatest pleasure. “What is your greatest pleasure?” she asks. “Your ass, Goddess” he replies. She turns to give him an up close view of her divine ass while she rubs her hands over it and bends over to titillate him with it. She asks if he’s going to kiss it, worship it, suffer under it when she sits on his face, and fight to his last breath; naturally, he agrees to everything.
She removes the bindings, and as the scene rolls over, she stands above him while he lies on the ground with his head in the face-sitting box. She places one foot on each side of the box and sits on his face. The amazing camera angles in this video make you feel like she’s about to sit on your face. As she restricts his air, she allows him to stroke but tells him not to cum, and says “There’s no need for them to cum more than once a month. if ever.” Irene is very serious about sitting on the slave properly so his air is restricted, and she’s content just to smile while he kicks. When she gives him a breath it is but for a second. She pulls on his nipples and tells him that air is a privilege for him, not a right. She shifts to her side so you and the slave can see her ass in all its glory. She makes the slave tell her how much he loves it and moves back again to cover his face completely. She kicks his hand away from his cock and stretches her legs out across his body. She leans back to relax while the slave starts to squirm, then kick, and finally thrashes frantically. Irene just laughs …


Ass Fetish – Club Stiletto FemDom – My Big Ass And Your Little Dick – Princess Lily

 Club Stiletto FemDom  My Big Ass And Your Little Dick   Princess Lily  preview

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Lily picked the neighborhood cuck out in a second and so now he is not only getting rejected by his wife but also being subjected to Lily’s abuse as well. She has him kneeling in front of her as this scene opens as she plans to torment him with her beautiful ass that he lusts for but never gets. “You are so pathetic that your wife won’t even fuck you”, she mocks him, “and now here you are because you can not resist my ass, what a pathetic excuse for a man.” She stands up and bends over to show him her ass and she asks him if it gets him hard. The lusty fool actually tries to reach out and touch her ass but she quickly swats it away. “Do you think you are worthy of touching an ass like mine?” she asks him. He confesses he is not. Lily tells him to show her that he has a big dick and makes him stroke it, if it’s big enough maybe he’ll get her ass. Unless his dick grew overnight they both know that won’t happen.
Lily then pulls up her skirt and waves her ass in his face and talks about the studs that fuck her, how big their cocks are and how they make her feel. She then takes his head and pulls it into her ass and the slave clearly likes it as he is now rock hard. Lily slaps her ass and waves it about and it looks soooo amazing. She leads him on that she might let him fuck her and as her ass moves in his face he is filled with desire. “Smell my ass” she tells him and then pulls her panties down. She tells him her boyfriend just fucked her but she wants him to sniff her anyway. He can’t resist. Now she removes her panties and stuffs them in the cucks mouth and she again pulls his face into her ass so he can smell her and her lover. “Sniff my ass while sucking my lovers cum out of my panties” she mocks him and he does as told. Lily’s ass just looks incredible in this scene and you can feel the heart break of the cuck when she tells him he will never fuck her. “Paying to sniff my ass is the best you can hope for” she tells him. “Your dick is just to little” she adds as she orders him to lay down so she can sit on his face. She settles in with no intention of ever getting up.


Female Domination – The Queendom – Sharing Her Sweat – Madam Jada

 The Queendom  Sharing Her Sweat   Madam Jada  preview

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“I just got back from an amazing workout,” Madam Jada says, eager to smother her slave and rub her delicious sweat all over his face. “I like smothering, I like to see you squirm!” Jada quickly buries the slave by sitting full weight on his face. Jada is absolutely relentless, pushing the slave to the point of desperation over and over while only giving him the briefest of breaths each time. Her plan is to keep this slave trapped in the sleep sack permanently and sit on his face every day after she gets done working out. The slave tries to protest, but there’s absolutely nothing he can do about his situation! “Do you want me to sit on your face for like a week straight and not get up?” she asks, warning the slave that things will only get worse for him if he doesn’t cooperate with her! Eventually Jada strips off her sweaty gym shorts for some more intimate reverse facesitting. Her big, soft ass, sweaty ass cheeks wrap around the slave’s face, forming a tight seal. “Are you comfortable? Because you’re gonna be there for awhile,” she laughs without giving the slave a chance to respond. At first the slave struggles, but as the smothering goes on and on he slowly gets weaker and weaker, struggling less and less. After awhile Jada starts to get a little bored and she realizes that its the struggle she enjoys most. However, this slave doesn’t seem to have a lot of fight left in him. So instead of keeping this man as a permanent smother slave Jada decides to find another use for him. Jada decides it would be much more fun to shrink the slave and swallow him alive! The slave begs not to be eaten, but Jada is too hungry to listen! With a snap of her fingers the slave disappears from view…
Madam Jada, Facesitting, Ass Smother, Sweaty Smothering, Mummified Slave


Smothering – Club Stiletto FemDom – My Pussy Plus Three – Miss Jasmine and Mistress Kandy

 Club Stiletto FemDom  My Pussy Plus Three   Miss Jasmine and Mistress Kandy  preview

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This is a scene from the recent Dommes Gone Wild Party. The ladies have all been partying and now Kandy has dragged her personal slave into the bedroom and is sitting on his face. She leans forward and tells her slave to lick her pussy as the heat and booze of the night has her super aroused and in need of sexual pleasure. Some wonderful close ups of Kandy’s ass and her pussy being worshiped by her slave boy.
Soon the others at the part realize Kandy has vanished and one by one they start to make their appearance, taking turns sitting on this lucky slaves face. First is TS Staci, followed by Miss Jasmine and finally Koi Erotica who both do some breast-sm0thering as well. What’s it like to actually party with the Ladies of club stiletto, watch this clip and see for yourself. #assworship #facesitting #pussyworship #breastsmother


Ass Squishing – The Real Queendom – Endurance is Important – Domina Helena

 The Real Queendom  Endurance is Important   Domina Helena  preview

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Domina Helena believes that endurance is important, which is why she puts so much effort into working out and staying in shape, but endurance is also important for smother slaves! That’s why every day after Helena finishes working out she likes to come straight home to sit on her slave’s face, smothering him with her still sweaty ass over and over to increase his lung capacity. Helena graciously spreads her cheeks when she sits, making sure to get her slave’s nose as deep into her sweaty crack as possible! The slave’s head is positioned high up inside the smotherbox, leaving his face well above the seat line ensuring that he feels Helena’s weight as she sits and is truly smothered each time. Helena changes positions every few minutes, alternating between forward, reverse, and side saddle sitting. “You like that wet feeling?” she asks as she buries his face beneath her again. After about 7 minutes Helena strips off her sweaty leggings and buries the slave again beneath her small, sweaty panties. “Pretty stinky in there huh?” After another 7 minutes Helena decides to remove her sweaty shoes and give the slave a taste of sweaty foot smothering! At times she stands over the slave, pushing one foot down firmly over his nose and mouth. Other times she takes a seat on his chest and uses both of her sweaty feet to smothering her slave. For the last 7 minutes she mixes it up between foot and ass smothering. When she has had enough she decides to leave the slave trapped in the smotherbox until after her next work out and smother session (she promises to wear the same sweaty clothes tomorrow to make things extra fun)!
Domina Helena, Smother Box, Facesitting, Ass Smother, Foot Smother


Smother – The Queendom – Pleased with Her Pet

 The Queendom  Pleased with Her Pet  preview

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Mistress Katelyn Brooks and her new pet Cupcake Sinclair have both fully embraced their BDSM fantasies thanks to their group therapy sessions. Today is Cupcake’s first day as Katelyn’s stay at home, full time slave! To celebrate their first day together Katelyn has locked her new pet in the smotherbox, leaving Cupcake totally vulnerable to endless ass smothering! “Do you like your training so far?” Katelyn asks as she grinds her round ass into Cupcake’s face. Katelyn loves hearing her pet gasp and beg for more each time she lifts up. “I bet you can’t wait until I lift my dress huh? You’ll be even deeper in my ass!” Katelyn thinks about all the ways she can use her new slave as furniture in her daily life; while she works, watches movies, or like now just for fun! “Pretty please smother me with your big mmpph” Cupcake starts to say as Katelyn lifts up her tight dress, but she’s cut off as Katelyn lowers her ass down. “Let’s seal your face in my ass,” Katelyn says as she starts counting slowly to see how long her new pet can last beneath her. Katelyn’s ass looks absolutely amazing as she squeezes and jiggles it on Cupcake’s face! The more Katelyn sits the more she feeling of her pet squirming and gasping for air between her luscious ass cheeks. Katelyn has no intention of letting Cupcake out of this smotherbox any time soon, in fact for their first day together she’ll be leaving her pet locked in place all day long!
Mistress Katelyn Brooks, Submissive Cupcake Sinclair, Smother Box, Facesitting, Ass Smother


Cum On Leotard – She Owns Your Manhood – Sadie Holmes has a Chastity Fuck Toy

She Owns Your Manhood  Sadie Holmes has a Chastity Fuck Toy  preview

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[this is Fucked in Fishnets and Chastity with Sadie Holmes, Earn Your Chasity Freedom with Your Tongue, and Release from Chastity Prostate HJ with Sadie Holmes as one continuous scene for a discount]
Sadie keeps Lance Hart in a jail cell as her sex toy. She has his cock locked in steel chastity. He has a puppy gag in his mouth. She keeps him in crotchless fishnets. His dick drips pre-cum all day and she only takes him out of her cell to lick her pussy or fuck his ass with a strap-on.
Today is ass fucking day. She teases him about his aching blue balls, then slides her 8 strap-on in his ass and goes to town on him. He can cum through his prostate, but not his cock. This just makes him hornier and hornier because theres no actual release. Sadie loves melting his brain by filling his balls with cum.
After pounding his ass for a while, Sadie tells Lance that if he can make her cum to her satisfaction with his tongue, she might unlock his cock
Sadie Holmes just finished pounding her chastity slave in the ass with her strap-on. She knows how to make his balls ache. She fucked him for 15 minutes and made him cum through his prostate over and over, which just made him hornier because he never got to fully release. He is still in a steel chastity cage.
Sadie sits in front of Lance and spreads her perfect legs wide. She has Lance crawl on his hands and knees and place his mouth on her beautiful pussy. He desperately humps the air while licking her pussy, going slightly insane with lust. Sadie knows what she is doing.
She makes him lick her pussy and ass from behind until she cums. She straddles his face and lowers her perfect pussy onto his open begging mouth. Sadie will only unlock his cock after she is done cumming on his face and he swallows every drop of her delicious pussy juices.
Sadie Holmes is satisfied after cumming on her chastity slaves face multiple times. His cock has been locked in a steel cage for a long time. Shes fucked his ass for her amusement over and over. Now she is finally going to unlock his cock and let him release. She wont make it easy.
She unlocks his cock while straddling his face. He desperate licks her pussy and grows hard immediately with his face buried in her ass. Sadie loves to tease. She swallows his hard cock and licks it but does not let him cum yet. He has to make her cum again first.
Then she sits him down and places a vibrating insertion into his ass. Its shaped perfectly to vibrate against his prostate. She edges him with her hand and mouth, driving him insane. He begs to cum.
She calls him her puppy boy and tells him how she is locking his cock up in cold steel immediately after he cums. Shes going to use his tongue to please her and all her hot friends. She has a party planned the next day to show him off to her girlfriends and he will have to service all of them.
He explodes cum all over her leotard. She casually tells her slave, Now hurry up and get that cock back down. Its going back in chastity for the party tomorrow
Sadie struts away and leaves the vibrating butt plug in her slaves ass while he moans.


Asian Princess – AstroDomina – SLUT FOR MY STRAPON feat AstroDomina

AstroDomina  SLUT FOR MY STRAPON feat AstroDomina  preview

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This is a custom clip. *Slow Clap* Congratulations Slut Mike – you just won the award for biggest slut of the year. Your reward? A nice big cock you’ll be able to suck on. Hold on, there is no way you’re allowed to touch yourself before worshiping your Goddess. Once she puts on her strap-on harness with a big red dick sticking out of it, you’ll get to show your blow job skills. Right after you worship that divine ass. Go on, kiss it, you slut! Crawl towards that world class butt and make love to those cheeks. After that, you can get ready to take that strap-on in your mouth. Deep throat it. And finally as a reward you’ll get fucked in the ass by it.


Blue Balls – She Owns Your Manhood – Ass Worship and Pegging at Home w Charlotte Sartre

 She Owns Your Manhood  Ass Worship and Pegging at Home w Charlotte Sartre  preview

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Lance Hart is home with his girlfriend, Charlotte Sartre. She is wearing black pantyhose and a thong leotard. He is wearing fishnets, red heels and eye liner. They make out in bed, then he worships her ass.
She tells him that if wants to rip open her pantyhose and fuck her, she gets to fuck his ass first.
Charlotte bends Lance over and fucks his brains out with a pink strap-on cock. She fucks him silly from behind, then on his back. She edges his cock with her hand, then denies him and tells him if he’s good, he can cum later.