Ass To Mouth – Club Stiletto FemDom – You Love Having Your Tongue Between That Crack Don’t You – Mistress Irene

 Club Stiletto FemDom  You Love Having Your Tongue Between That Crack Dont You   Mistress Irene  preview

412 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:05:37

Amazon Dominatrix Mistress Irene is built like a brick sh1thouse, powerful with amazing large breasts and a rock solid ass that will rock your world. She sits on top of her cage which she has had her slave locked in for hours. Only his head sticks out and now she has returned to torment him with her ass. As she crosses her legs her PVC skirt presses into his face as he feels her warmth. She pulls his head in to ass-smother him. When she releases him she orders him to kiss her ass through the fabric. She comments how terribly uncomfortable it is for the slave but she never likes to see a slave to comfortable.
Now she lifts her legs revealing an opening in the dress and tells him to stick his tongue in between. Then she pulls up the dress to full reveal her ass and moves forward to totally cover his mouth and nose. Locked in the cage with no movement of his neck he now has to take what she gives him. She wiggles her ass and presses it firmly into his head until he starts to thrash in his cage for some air. When she finally gives him a breath she tells him “There’s more to like than a nice ass” and sticks one of her feet into his mouth. She fucks his face with them until she remembers she has to get ready for a date. She tells him to stay in his cage and as a treat sticks the heel of one of her stilettos into his mouth before walking out of the room


Female Domination – The Laughing Latina – First Aid FaceSitting – Jasmine Mendez

 The Laughing Latina  First Aid FaceSitting   Jasmine Mendez  preview

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Custom: You are out walking & you see a guy lying still on the ground. You are first aid trained and go over to see if he is ok. He is not moving so you decide to give him your version of CRP.
This involves sitting on his chest in the squatting position and bouncing ( to the beat of the Bee Gees `Staying Alive` I believe).
This brings him out of what is really a deep sleep. he is at first startled and then angry to find you sitting on him and tells you to get off. This in turn makes you angry as you were tying to save the guys life!!
You move forward and sit on his chest pinning his arms below your legs. As you have the guy trapped you tell him how you were trying to help him and there is no need for him to be angry.
As you sit there you realize that he is embarrassed to be out in public with a girl sat on top of him. You ask him how it would look if someone walked by with you sat on his face so you try it.
You realize you like the thrill of facesitting in the open so sit on him longer on both squatting and schoolgirl pin positions all the while telling him how much you love to sit on his face and wondering what would happen if someone saw you facesitting him.
You would tell them that he tried to rob you and you are pinning him down until the Police arrive. Towards the end you feel in only right to leave him as you find him so you tell hime that you are going to sit on face until he pas-ses out, which you do before getting up and carrying on with your walk.


Pussy Worship – Brat Princess 2 – Raven Hart – Ass Worship on the Penthouse Balcony

 Brat Princess 2  Raven Hart  Ass Worship on the Penthouse Balcony  preview

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Raven Hart enjoys the view from her penthouse balcony while her cuckold husband kisses her ass. Her husband must follow his wife’s instructions exactly. If he is good, he might get to taste her pussy, which she almost never lets him do. Raven is teaching her cuckold husband to be a good listener. He must call her “Mistress” and obediently kiss her ass before he gets to lick it. Raven lets her husband smell the pussy that he never gets to fuck. His wife keeps him locked up nice and tight in chastity, so he knows that he will never get to fuck her the way she lets other men fuck her. Raven’s husband is grateful just to be able to smell where the other men fuck her. She lets her obedient husband lick her pussy, just three times. That’s all he gets for today. Raven goes back to enjoying the view. She has complete control over him with the pussy that he will never get.


Ass Worship – Club Stiletto FemDom – Junior, Smell Mommy’s Breakfast – Mistress Kandy

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Junior Smell Mommys Breakfast   Mistress Kandy  preview

367 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:05:01

Straight to the good stuff in this scene as it opens with Kandy laying on her side and her ass cheeks spread wide. “Junior, I feel my breakfast is coming out” she tells Junior who is kneeling a few feet from her glorious ass. She tells him she had an omelet with bacon and her farts are going to be ripe. Then you see her anal cavity start to part and a sweet whiff of a fart expels itself from her ass. Quiet but potent as even Kandy reacts to the smell as it drifts right into Junior’s sinuses. Now she orders Junior in and tells him to get his tongue in her ass to take care of any juices that might be present. His tongue triggers her need to fart and this ripe sounding fart blows violently into Juniors face. He grimaces but when ordered to do so tells mommy that he loves her farts.
OMG Kandy has never been so happy that she married Junior’s Dad and now has his son as her blackmailed play thing. It just makes her so happy knowing he has to follow every order which has been wonderful in helping her expand to new levels of deviant behaviour. She makes Junior give her a big smile to show how happy he is. Junior keeps smelling then she backs him off so you can see the next two farts yourself. She makes him suckle her asshole like a new born would a nipple. Kandy wonders out loud what Daddy might do if he found out that Junior actually ate his breakfast from her ass, after all the gas is just a buildup to a big dump. Kandy then lets out another extra nasty fart and then quickly another. “Tell me how much you love them” she tells him. He tells her he does and then he is ordered to wrap his lips around her anus, it’s breakfast time for Junior. “What would Daddy think?” Kandy smiles.


Facesitting – The Queendom – Edyn takes Charge Part 2 – Edyn Blair

 The Queendom  Edyn takes Charge Part 2   Edyn Blair  preview

521 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:10:12

The following is still a true story: Picking up where we left off from part 1, with an hour and a half to go Miss Edyn Blair is still in charge of the shoot! After releasing Mr. Ass from the smotherbox Edyn was able to easily trick Mr. Ass into being wrapped up again by promising she had a great idea and that she would only keep him wrapped up for one more video. Of course,only when Mr. Ass is bound and helpless does Edyn reveal her big idea. “I think I might just sit her for the next hour and half!” Poor Mr. Ass tries to object, he tries to tell Edyn he came up with another idea to film, but Edyn simply won’t give him the chance to speak! Every time Mr. Ass starts to say something Edyn slams her ass back down on his face, silencing him immediately. “I think this is way more fun anyway,” Edyn says, turning around for some reverse facesitting. Mr. Ass’s nose gets jammed right between Edyn’s cheeks when she sits, sealing his nose and mouth inside her asscrack. “You actually fucked up and I get to actually smother the …. out of you because I want to!” Edyn definitely enjoys being able to totally dominate Mr. Ass and keep him trapped beneath her, not just for a 20-30 minute scene, but an hour and a half straight! Once Edyn has made up her mind about it nothing in the world will convince her to let Mr. Ass up! “Your camera battery is low, but its not gonna save ya!” Mr. Ass pleads to be let up to replace the batteries, but Edyn isn’t having it. There’s no way she’s going to give Mr. Ass the chance to get away from her. “You should have thought about that before we bound you up nice and tight.” And sure enough,
Miss Edyn Blair, Facesitting, Candid, Plastic Wrapped Slave


Humiliation – ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – SEXY IN YOUR FACE! Starring Goddess Maxine

ASIAN MEAN GIRLS  SEXY IN YOUR FACE Starring Goddess Maxine  preview

125 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:09:12

Goddess Maxine is an avid smoker, she enjoys it and finds it sexy, she loves the feel and taste of the warm smoke as it wisps gracefully down her throat. She loves to watch the small gray plumes as they make way in the air and ride along any current or just hang there billowing until they dissipate to nothingness
Maxine really enjoys it when her slave is a non smoker, or is offended by its aroma.
She finds it amusing and degrading to make her slave inhale and gag on her second hand smoke. To allow him to get so close to her that he can smell her and then fill his face with that, that is disgusting to him. To watch him struggle with it, his lips wanting her, but not having her not even a hint of her aroma as all is now masked in smoke!
Yet her slave will endure for her, he will try to crawl close to her to only be pushed back upon her every exhale. He will serve as her ashtray and willingly taste what so profoundly disgusts him. Oh yes Goddess Maxine finds smoking very sexy, very sexy indeed as her slave sits defiled, naked and broken before her all the want in his eyes!! Oh yes! Thats Sexy!!!
But when her slave cannot take anymore, when she’s enjoyed her cigarette and now just wants to sit and relax, she decides that her slave will still need to fight. He may be where he desires, his face firmly planted between her lavish buttocks, butt there will be no enjoyment for this squirmy little maggot not while he’s struggling for every breath as the goddess sits atop him smiling with joy




240 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:18:00

Please enjoy this full version release video of Princess Ryuko training her first slave. This is an 18 minute release and contains the full footage of; Brat Princess Ryuko`s first foot Slave, This Idiot Needs A Beating and Stealing My Breath! Get this footage at the outrageously discounted price of $ 12.99 today. Just kick back and enjoy the ride in what-ever manner suits you best!!!
Princess Ryuko’s incompetent slave in training has again failed to live up to his Princess’ expectations. How dare he disappoint his Princess again with a less than immaculate house. Since he cannot clean the house properly, Ryuko puts him to work cleaning her bare feet with his tongue. After a long day of shopping with one of her many money slaves, her feet are especially sweaty and smelly. Exactly what this idiot deserves.
Princess lounges comfortably on the couch while her pathetic worm washes the dirt and sweat from her beautiful feet. She flaunts her sexy body before him, as she rams her toes deep into his throat. The entire time, she degrades and humiliates him for being so UGLY!
Having now disappointed Princess Ryuko with both his house cleaning and his foot worship talents, Ryuko decides this idiot is good for one thing and one thing only. A good old fashioned ass beating. After stripping his clothes off, Ryuko orders him to his knees and proceeds to beat him senseless, not that he had much sense to begin with.
And so this pathetic loser of a buffoon is at the mercy of this gorgeous Asian Princess, while she paddles his ass into raw chopped meat. Does he know how lucky he is to even be in the presence of such a superior Goddess? It`s not like he could ever be with any woman, so he should be appreciative for every painful blow of the whip she gives him
Princess Ryuko continues training her slave and feels that it’s her responsibility to teach him not to take the little things for granted. Like being able to sit down, Or BREATH.No restraints are required to keep this loser down, he’s Fully under Ryukos spell. The Princess lowers her opulent ass onto her slave’s flaring nose and open mouth, as she tucks his face tightly between her buttocks. Teaching him that he should appreciate his right to breath, and also that it’s totally under her control, not his!


Human Furniture – The Queendom – Becoming Helena’s Ass Slave Part 2 – Domina Helena

 The Queendom  Becoming Helenas Ass Slave Part 2   Domina Helena  preview

865 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:16:52

Domina Helena has transformed this recently captured man into a compliant piece of human furniture and excellent smother slave. Helena has kept him bound and helpless for days, constantly facesitting and smothering him nearly to oblivion until his spirit was completely broken. “I”m just going to finish off my night cap, kick back, and relax” she says, slowly lowering her big, round butt on her slave’s trapped face. Helena has had a long, fun night out partying with friends and she’s for some smothering before bed. The slave has learned not to resist his Domina and does his best to endure the smothering, not that resisting is even possible. The slave’s head is clamped in place inside the smotherbox and his wrists chained to the smother bench; he is completely helpless beneath Helena! “Let’s just see how much you can handle.” Helena rolls her ass and thighs over the slave’s face, burying him beneath her as she changes between forward and reverse facesitting. “Open those eyes sweetheart,” Helena says, using her hand to force the slave’s eyes open so she can watch the slave’s panicked expressions as he smothers. “You’re trapped in there… and now just buried alive. Buried a-fucking live!” Indeed, the slave’s face completely disappears from sight when Helena closes her thighs! Eventually, when Helena has had enough fun she takes the last of her night cap and head’s to bed, leaving her smother slave bound in the smotherbox, where he will stay for the rest of his pathetic life!
Domina Helena, Facesitting, Smother box, Human Furniture


Ass Smothering – The Queendom – Down the Rabbit Hole – Domina Helena

 The Queendom  Down the Rabbit Hole   Domina Helena  preview

1.03 GB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:16:50

“How’s life been these past few months?” Helena asks her helpless smother slave. “Who cares,” she says, planting her lovely ass on the slave’s face before he can respond. The slave has been a prisoner in what used to be his home for the past few months as Domina Helena has slowly drained him of everything he’s worth. Day after day, week after week the slave’s free will has been slowly smothered away beneath Domina Helena’s ass.
“Do you want out of that box?” Helena asks, teasing her helpless slave. “What’s it been, 2 maybe 3 months?” Of course, Helena realizes her slave has no idea how long its been. “It doesn’t even matter right? Time doesn’t exist! This is where you stay.” From the slave’s point of view Helena is right, time is virtually meaningless. The slave only exists in two states now: Either he’s smothered beneath Helena’s ass or waiting to be smothered beneath it! Helena leisurely stretches on the slave’s face, cooling down after a long run while she contemplates the slave’s future. Helena is proud of how well she has trained her these last few months and she’s even more pleased at how thoroughly she has drained the slave of every thing he’s worth! However, now that there’s nothing left to drain Helena knows that its time for her to move on. Helena knows exactly what she wants to do with her slave and decides to have one last round of facesitting fun with him before sending him into the next phase of his existence. “Do you want out of that box?” she asks, briefly teasing the slave with the idea of freedom. “There is a condition for getting out of the box though…” the slave moans beneath Helena’s ass, fearing his Mistress has something diabolical in mind. Unfortunately for the slave, she does! Helena is going to shrink this now worthless piece of human furniture and stuff his tiny body deep between her ass cheeks. “Right down that rabbit hole and then you get tucked up in there, in my thong. That’s how you get to go to the gym with me!” Of course, soon Helena will have to find a new desperate loser to slowly drain and turn into an ass slave, repeating the cycle over and over. Of course none of this really matters to her current ass slave, he will have succumb to his Goddess’s ass before she finds her next victim. “Its fun!” she shouts, smiling as her slave starts to become desperate. Helena’s magnificent ass is practically bursting out of her tight leggings, but underneath she’s wearing a tight little thong. Once free of the leggings her ass can really swallow up the slave’s face! Of course, Helena makes sure to remind her slave to think about how it will feel when his tiny body is actually swallowed whole by her ass! “Get your nose up in there, right up in my ass crack!” She says, spreading her cheek slightly to get the slave’s nose exactly where she wants. “You’ll go where all have gone before you, down the rabbit hole of my ass…”
Domina Helena, Smother Box, Facesitting, Ass Slave, Giantess