V – Club Stiletto FemDom – Do You Want To Feel It On Your Face – Mistress Irene

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Do You Want To Feel It On Your Face   Mistress Irene  preview

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The scene opens as Mistress Irene reclines on the bed with her pet. She tells you how much her slave loves her ass, but that to get it, he has to earn it first. The camera swings around to give you a primo view of one of the most amazing asses you will ever see. “I love making you suffer” she tells her bitch as she flogs his cock with the flogger, then moves into a forward-sitting position for some good old fashioned ass-smothering. Irene looks amazing, as she sits upright and to show off her large breasts and divine ass.
The slave is clearly well-trained and doesn’t start to kick for at least a minute. Irene shakes her butt on his face but keeps the seal secure. When she finally allows him to take a breath, he gasps deeply but she only gives him a second to recover. After some more sitting, she bounces on his face, then wiggles her ass just above him so he can see how amazing it looks. She sits back down and lifts her arms in the air for a nice view of her armpits. She shifts forward and orders the slave to kiss her butt cheeks. “He’s given up everything to be near to my ass – money, friends, family – all he needs is me” she says. The camera angles are just excellent in this clip. “Now it’s time to put you to sleep” she tells her slave as she sits on him full weight. She runs her hands over his cock and balls and buries his face in her ass. “It’ll all be over real soon” she says with a smile.


Ass Worship – Mistress Luna – Oral servitude through nylons

 Mistress Luna  Oral servitude through nylons  preview

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I am wearing a very sexy pantyhose and I feel very sexy as well!I am going to use you, My pantyhose bitch, for My pleasure! You are wearing nice nylons, 15 Den, so I can see your clity trough the material! I am going to drive you crazy today: will tease you so much ..First, I give you My gorgeous stilettos, to sniff : after a wear it long time, My foot in nylons sweat inside and now, the stilettos are impregnated with a very arousing perfume …Sniff it all boy! Is your little clity starting to ,,wake-up,, ? …hahaha…and this is just the beginning of your ,,ecstasy and agony,, journey today ! Now, after you inhale all the sweet perfume you may start worship My feet in nylons ..yess, lick My soles, suck My toes and kiss My ankles…I love it . I guess your clity is struggling under the nylons …that’s good ! To have My feet worshiped is always arousing for Me, so, I feel I want more: more pleasure for Me and more frustration for you! So, come , get closer to My magic triangle, this small piece of nylon who is covering My Sanctum …you must start licking and give Me satisfaction with your tongue…yes, oral servitude trough the nylons …is totally exciting for Me, I will have an orgasm soon….and I guess is arousing for you too: because the nylons let My pussy juices pass trough, so you can test My sweet nectar mixed with nylons smell …what a heaven for a nylons boy , isn’t? And, because I am in ,,devilish,, mood today, I don’t want to stop here, I want to tease you even more , so I will order you to lick My ass trough the nylons ! Before we start the film, I was using the bathroom and let My ass ,,half whipped,, by intention : so now, when you start clean My ass, you get a splendid mixtures of aromas: My ass My orgasm and this gorgeous nylons . I get My second orgasm and now, you must go …I finish with you for today …you may go …haha..but oh, what you get there inside your pantyhose? – huge erection , as I can see …haha…to bad for you, because you don’t get something else today! As for Me: mission accomplished: I get My orgasms, I use you, I tease you ! I enslave you forever …day by day your addiction become stronger and stronger : I am your addiction!


Female Domination – Club Stiletto FemDom – You Don’t Need A Girlfriend Or Friends Just M0mmy – Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom  You Dont Need A Girlfriend Or Friends Just M0mmy   Mistress Kandy  preview

614.7 MB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:07:41

Sexy MILF Kandy lies sunning in her backyard. Her son is at her feet and her son’s former friend lies underneath her arms, acting as her pillow. Kandy has enslaved them both, and has made them compete for her attention to ensure they dislike each other, even though they were once great friends. They love to rat each other out, or try to outdo the other one so they can be the one licking her ass instead of being locked in a cold dark room. Kandy tends to favor her own boy, but puts him in his place when necessary. She tells him to start worshipping her feet, which he does with great passion, licking her soles, between her toes, and taking her foot deep into his mouth.
After a while, she has him crawl up to untie her bikini bottoms so he can remove them and give her asshole the love and attention it deserves. Kandy looks amazingly hot lying on her blanket. She reminds Junior that daddy would lose it if he knew Junior was her slave, not to mention her toilet. “Speaking of toilets” she says, “I left my ass nice n dirty for Junior.” She makes him lick deeply while he tells her how much he loves m0mmy’s ass. She reminds him that he never needs a girlfriend, or any type of friend, for that matter. “All u need is mommy.”
If Junior ever thinks of trying to date someone, Kandy will simply show the girl videos of Junior eating her ass. She talks about how she loves quality time with her son, how she loves bonding with him, and that she knows the smell of her ass will be up his nostrils all day long. There are some great close ups of Kandy’s ass being licked in this scene. She tells Junior his lunch today will be coming from her ass. “He eats m0mmy’s every day,” she giggles. She asks pillow slave if he’s jealous and if he hates Junior, and smiles when he replies “yes.” The next words you hear Kandy say are “Open your mouth, Junior; it’s time.”




268.0 MB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:06:14

Goddess lana`s mounting displeasure with a carpet cleaning company is going to rapidly become an unwary manager’s worst nightmare (or fantasy) She has already, somewhat put him in his place. Stripped him of his rank and clothing and now she’s forcefully taking away every last shred of his dignity and self respect!
She got his face buried deep between her buttocks. His nose planted directed in her ass so forcing him to breath her in. She allows no escape! As she bounces up and down on this pathetic wimps ugly kisser! The verbal assault does not stop! She just keeps the insults coming oh yes Goddess Lanas displeasure was mounting. But she managed to mount her displeasure


Goddess Worship – Humiliation POV – My Tight Young Ass Is Your New God, Pray To It Idiot – Raevyn Rose

 Humiliation POV  My Tight Young Ass Is Your New God Pray To It Idiot   Raevyn Rose preview

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HumiliationPOV introduces our newest Brat, Raevyn Rose! She has the hottest, tightest young ass you will ever worship.
You’re already on your knees, ready to worship aren’t you? Worship my ass. Worship my perfect young body. You love having someone, or rather something to look up to. It makes you feel so good. My ass is going to get inside of your head. I’m going to make sure it’s the first thing you think of when you wake up and the last thing you think of before you go to bed. I will embed my ass so deep in your brain that you will dream about it.
My ass is your God, and you will bow down and pray to it daily. You will have no other Gods before my ass. Just look at it, you feel yourself falling to your knees, desperate to worship it. It hold so much power over you. Nothing feels better than being on your knees for my ass. You love my ass, you live to see my ass. My ass is your meaning of life. Everything you work for is for my ass. It looks so good doesn’t it? You can’t resist it.
It’s so young and tight, so far above you. You know you’re completely unworthy of my ass. So all you can do is stroke your brains out to it. Beg me to see more of my ass. I am your God, my ass is your God and I am everything you want. I am all you can think about. Keep jerking to it. Keep begging for it, keep praying to it. Degrade yourself for my ass, it will feel so fucking good.
Now I want you stroking on your knees, praying that you’ll get to see my ass every single day. Worship me, worship my ass. And once you cum, you will never be the same. You will never be able to cum any other way. My ass will be forever imprinted in your mind. You will need my ass to cum. Devote yourself and your cum to me, your new God. Good boy.


Orgasm – KYLES FUN HOUSE – Face Sitting by Ivy Aura

KYLES FUN HOUSE  Face Sitting by Ivy Aura  preview

384.0 MB – 1280×720 – MPEG-4 – 00:06:39

This petite, porn star takes Kyle’s face for a ride. He thinks he’s getting to fuck. Ivy sucks Kyle’s dick just enough to get him hard and just when it’s time to jump on that cock, she moves forward to Kyle’s face and rides front and back. Nose and tongue deep in her ass and pussy it’s nearly impossible to breathe! She gives a few breaks to catch his breath before riding herself to a monsterous orgasm all over his face!


Femdom – Humiliation POV – Jerk Your Piggy Dick To My Ass With Your Credit Card In Your Mouth – Miss Tiffany

 Humiliation POV  Jerk Your Piggy Dick To My Ass With Your Credit Card In Your Mouth   Miss Tiffany preview

287.5 MB – 1280×720 – MPEG-4 – 00:08:20

You fucking love my perfect ass. Just stare at it, it’s fucking delicious. You can’t stop perving on it. You need my ass. You’re an obsessed fucking loser for my ass. It is just so fucking perfect. And the only way you could ever please my ass is by paying it.
You’re nothing but a fucking credit card to my ass. Just a little atm, a little pay pig. Nothing but a stupid, pathetic wallet for my ass. Get down on your knees with your credit card in your mouth. This is where pay pigs belong, beneath my ass. I want that credit card in your perverted mouth because you don’t need to speak. I don’t care what you have to say, you’re only purpose is as a wallet to my ass.
You are going to spoil my perfect ass. That’s all you’re fucking good for. You are my ass addicted slave and the only way you can make me happy is to pay. You need to feel useful. I want you on your knees, credit card in mouth, and jerking off to my ass. Jerk your little piggy dick off to my perfect Goddess ass. Then I want you to oink and snort like an idiot while I drain your account.
You’re so fucking obsessed with my ass, prove you need my ass in your life. Pay it, that’s how you worship my ass. And you should feel honored that I let you pay my ass. I don’t have to you know. I don’t have to make these videos. But you need them, you need my ass, and you need to pay it because it makes your piggy cock twitch so fucking bad.
Bow down to the ass that owns you, that owns your wallet. All you’re fucking good for is your money. The more you spend on my ass the harder your cock gets. Admit it. You love jerking with your credit card in your mouth like the little piggy you are. Pay the ass that you adore loser. You love a good wallet fuck, don’t you?


Farting – Goddess Alexandra Snow – Ass & Gas Interrogation

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Ass  Gas Interrogation  preview

352.8 MB – 1280×720 – MPEG-4 – 00:09:31

Agent 38051 is in deep water still. After a failed mission to retrieve a chip from a competing government agency he was captured in interrogated by the best agent in Europe. After tormenting him with her body in the initial interrogation, this special agent is going to wring out the information from him with her ass. He’s going to get smothered by her perfect ass until he’s gasping for air. Unfortunately for him, the only air he’s going to get is her nasty farts. She puts her full weight on his face time after time until he’s dizzy from lack of oxygen and marinating in her smell.
She’s going to get the information, one way or another.


Pussy Worship – VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Spoil My Pussy – Kleio Valentine

 VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE  Spoil My Pussy   Kleio Valentine  preview

1.2 GB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:14:32

Kleio Valentine is a true Goddess who deserves to have her holes properly spoiled. She makes sure her slave’s focus is spent directly on pleasing her pussy by keeping his cock locked up and out of mind. He is trained to be her perfect cunt and ass licker devoting every ounce of attention to making sure she is constantly in bliss.