Cbt – chicks-vs-balls – KICK THE SEXUAL DEVIANT – Sophie

 chicksvsballs  KICK THE SEXUAL DEVIANT   Sophie  preview

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Sophie’s been getting a lot of complaints about a fat loser who’s been a bit of sexual deviant so his been requested to see a counsellor to overcome his perverted ways. The stupid fucker thinks his about to talk about his issues and hopefully leave a new man. Little does he know his about to leave less of a man. Sophie has a very peculiar way of dealing with sexual deviants, she likes to get straight to the cause and annihilate it. The cause of this pathetic guys behaviour is the cock and balls between his legs so it’s only right Sophie destroys them. The poor fuckers balls take a hell of a beating! Sophie seems to be enjoying it a bit to much, I’m sure your not supposed to laugh at and mock the person in counselling. Oh well, sucks to be him I guess


Cbt – chicks-vs-balls – KICKING THE REJECT – Honour May

 chicksvsballs  KICKING THE REJECT   Honour May  preview

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Honour May has ordered a play toy to have some fun with. She becomes overjoyed when she hears the postman’s knock, she knows her toy has arrived. What she didn’t expect was this poor specimen of a man! She’s used to the finest and this guys a fat tub of lard. Oh well, might as well have some fun with him I guess. Honour May gets to work kicking, kneeing and slapping this loser right where it hurts, straight between the legs. The stupid reject eventually starts leaking the red stuff and continues to stand there like a good boy. Honour may seems half impressed by this, maybe just enough to keep him. If not he’s getting sent straight back after she finishes pulverising his balls. Probably permanently damaged


Face Slapping – Ball Busting Chicks – Naked Pain

 Ball Busting Chicks  Naked Pain  preview

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Before the Headmistress and her two Nudist Dominatrixes abuse a male slave, they get aroused by watching a torture video. The three sadistic women slap their helpless victim in the face, whip his tied up balls and kick him in the nuts, with their boots and high heels! He get his back hard whipped while the other holds his cock in a firm grip. They whip all his misbehavior out of him, leaving nasty marks on his back. At the end the two naked Mistresses kicks him brutal in the balls!


Footlicking – FemmeFataleFilms – I Love To Hurt You – Complete Film – Divine Mistress Heather

 FemmeFataleFilms  I Love To Hurt You  Complete Film   Divine Mistress Heather  preview

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So here is the story, indeed a true tale of how a slave applicant wrote to me wanting to become a specialist ball bustee. Ball busting as many of y`know is one of my most favourite activities and to welcome a new candidate to my slave stable was not a problem. I started his session with some fairly light kicks n slaps, building him up to a more adequate level in a short space of time. The tease of my spit n feet in his face worked wonders as encouragement for him and it wasn’t too long before he wanted n needed more punishment from me. I was more than happy to oblige.