K2s.cc – Club Stiletto FemDom – Forest Fuckery – Miss Jasmine

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Forest Fuckery   Miss Jasmine  preview

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The scene opens with Miss Jasmine walking on a forest trail wondering out loud where she left the forest ranger that she has recently turned into her slave. “Uh, there you are” she says as she finally comes across him lying on the ground waiting for her to return. Jasmine is wearing knee high boots with a thin 6” stiletto heel and as he is positioned right by a tree she just goes ahead and jumps onto him, holding the tree for support. The slave groans in agony which makes this lovely Fall day even better for Jasmine. She just loves hurting the ranger ever since he tried to have her removed from the private forest a few weeks earlier. Jasmine talks about what a great relationship they have while the slave tries not to scream down below her. She sits on him and as she removes her boots she tells him “If you can’t take the pain you know I can always send the videos we’ve made to your boss, your FB friends and your business networking sites.” Now down to her cute pink socks Jasmine hops back on him and this times does squats and compliments him on actually being useful for something.
The slave really struggles under the weight of Jasmine and she comments that she always finds ways to break men be it physically or emotionally. She basically in no time has them ruined, their only purpose in life to serve her. “They have no ego left when I’m done with them” she says. She tells the slave that next time she is going to bring a girlfriend over and they will both trample him at the same time. “I think that would be super, super, fun, or maybe I can ball bust him while Kandy tramples him and then we can take turns.” She asks the slave if he prefers to be trampled or ball busted and when he replies ball busted she says “Awesome, I’m going to do both then.” As she stands on him she kicks him several times in his junk which makes her laugh with glee. Jasmine bends over to pick up her phone and while standing on the slave reads messages and kicks him some more. Jasmine again puts on her boots and this time uses the slave as a chaise lounge. She looks at you now and asks if you would like to serve her, suffer for her, be her furniture or her boot licker. “What kind of service oriented sub are you?” she asks. Jasmine is pleased how still the slave is and how relaxing it is for her. She lays her head back and feels the warm sun. “I could have a nap here” she says. Mr forest ranger isn’t going anywhere soon, hopefully his boss doesn’t come looking for him.


Femdom – Ball Busting Chicks – Punished by a Brat Girl – Lola Marie

 Ball Busting Chicks  Punished by a Brat Girl   Lola Marie  preview

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Lola Marie in a very short miniskirt and no underwear on, abuse and punish this naked man in the most horrible way. She kick him with the tip of her shoes in the bollocks, pulls his cock up to beat the dangling ball sack merciless. Then she is whips his back and ass until it’s red an bruised… she even whip his cock and balls until she floor him with a few ball kicks.
Length 10:15 minutes.


Femdom – chicks-vs-balls – TIMES UP – Sophia

chicksvsballs  TIMES UP   Sophia  preview

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Be careful who you borrow money from, there’s some real life psychos out there that will fuck you up if you don’t pay them on time. This losers fallen behind on his payments so they’ve sent Sophia to collect, she starts by holding a knife to his throat, she could easily end him there but where’s the fun it that, instead she decides to beat the fuck outta him, specifically his balls. The kicks come hard and fast, he needs to be taught a lesson and kicking his balls is the best way to teach it. Eventually he agrees to get the money in a hour but it’s too late, Sophia’s having way too much fun destroying his nuts, I don’t think she even cares about the money, seeing him cry out in pain every time she slams her foot and knee into his bollocks is priceless, even more so when she floors him and stamps and grinds on his defeated package. Sophia’s good at what she does, maybe even the best, hope and pray they never send her for you if you fall behind on your payments!


Kicking – chicks-vs-balls – JUST GO FOR IT

chicksvsballs  JUST GO FOR IT  preview

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Courtney hasn’t been having a great day, she’s having one of those, everyones stressing me out kinda days. Kara knows a good way to release all that stress and introduces her to her own personal piggy, she explains how much it helps anger issues and to just go for it. Courtney doesn’t need telling twice, both ladies kick and knee his balls with everything they got… ballbustings finest


Cfnm – Ball Busting Chicks – Beating Swollen Bollocks – Patrizia [Ball Abuse, Ballbusting, Balls Busting, k2s.cc, femdom online

Ball Busting Chicks  Beating Swollen Bollocks   Patrizia Ball Abuse Ballbusting Balls Busting k2scc femdom online preview

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Ball Busting Chicks – Beating Swollen Bollocks. Starring Patrizia [Ball Abuse, Ballbusting, Balls Busting, k2s.cc, femdom online]
Indeed one of the most brutal Female Domination and Ballbusting Movies! She ties his balls up with a leather string and her hair band, cutting deep in his manhood and making his big balls even bigger and more vulnerable. This ruthless Dominatrix kick him in his bollocks, grabs his manhood and twist it around, beat the whole package full force and merciless! While its hell on earth for him, she just smiles, amused about how much pain she can inflict, with such little effort!
Length 11 minutes.


Cum Eating – Club Stiletto FemDom – The Price He Pays To Lick Her Stale Pussy Juice – Miss Xi

 Club Stiletto FemDom  The Price He Pays To Lick Her Stale Pussy Juice   Miss Xi  preview

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Miss Xi is looking super hot in her latex outfit as she approaches her slave who is kneeling at the end of the bed. She waves a condom, with a big load of cum in it, in his face and says “You know, how I said you never get to taste my pussy, well I decided to make an exception. You can taste it by licking the outside of this condom.” She sticks in his mouth and laughs at how low he is eagerly sucking a dirty condom just so he can find out how she tastes. She has him stick his tongue out and runs the entire condom over it. “I can’t decide if I want to make you drink this cum or drip it slowly all over your cock” she tells him. How humiliating having to jerk off with another mans cum as lube she tells him. “Jerking off with my mans cum, how hilarious.”
She then says she might even make him wear the condom while jerking off, the very one her lover wore to fuck her. Now Xi hands the condom over to her slave to hold and lick and reaches for her ball crusher. Soon his she has it secured on him and his balls are being seriously crushed. The slave moans and cries like a little bitch which only makes Xi laugh more. She now takes the condom from him and teases him with it making him reach for it with his tongue. At the same time she now starts to step on the ball crusher intensifying his pain but despite that his cock starts to get hard. She asks if the taste of her pussy is getting him hard or if he is actually just a faggot lusting for the cum inside. She tells him to slide the condom on his dick and to start beating off with it. Soon he is stroking with her lovers cum now all over his own cock while his own balls are flattened like pancakes. “That’s your sex life” she tells him, slapping him in the face and walking away as she has no interest in seeing him spill his filth into her old used condom.


K2s.cc – Club Stiletto FemDom – Private Property, Private Parts – Miss Jasmine

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Private Property Private Parts   Miss Jasmine  preview

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Miss Jasmine is confronted by a forest ranger as she walks through the forest. “This is private property and you have to leave” he tells her. She loos at him and replies “Oh really?” the scene rolls over and the ranger is now standing with his legs spread and Jasmine is kicking him in the balls. She kicks him several times and as he stumbles she reaches up and pushes him to the ground with her foot. She grabs a branch and strikes his ball before sitting on his face, undoing his belt and pulling out his cock. She makes him get up and again starts kicking him in the cock and balls. She also uses her hands to swat his cock repeatedly along with some kneeing and a lot more kicking.
Now he is ordered to kneel on all fours and she kicks him from behind until a real hard blow drops him flat to the ground. She orders him up and kicks some more and then takes the branch to his now fully exposed ass. Next she makes him kneel upright and she pulls his shirt over his face before booting him again and again. Jasmine goes in the bush and finds a stinging nettle leaf which she runs over his cock. “Which is worse, this leaf or… my high tops?” she asks as she jumps up and boots him again. As he falls on his stomach she sits on his back and tells him she will expect him back in the same place the next time she is in the forest. “Yes Mistress” he replies.


Ballbusting – Club Stiletto FemDom – After Sex Trample – Miss Jasmine

 Club Stiletto FemDom  After Sex Trample   Miss Jasmine  preview

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Miss Jasmine comes down the stairs looking sexy and radiant. “Oh that was hot, I can never get enough sex” she says, her beautiful melon shape breasts falling out of her dress. As she reaches the bottom of the steps her slave comes into camera view, naked, cold, and laying on the floor, ready to be subjected to her cruel whims. “I can also not get enough of hurting men” she says. She jumps up on her slave and starts to walk all over his body including stomping his cock. Jasmine starts talking about her evening ahead, which will include dancing and she starts to dance on her bitch who is doing his best not to make much noise from the pain her weight is inflicting on him.
She rubs a foot over his face and then sort of forgets about him as she starts to share some stories with you of recent travel, sexual encounters, and so on. She steps over her slaves face and tells him to admire her freshly fucked pussy. You can admire it too. Great upward angles will make you feel you are the slave on the floor. Now she moves about his body even more and giggles at the pain she is causing him. This slave actually prefers getting kicked repeatedly in the nuts over being trampled if you have ever wondered how the pain of a woman on you might feel compared to other forms of punishment. “I like to fuck and hurt men, my life is pretty simple” Jasmine explains. To insure the slave has pleasant memories of the encounter Jasmine makes sure to give him some good hard kicks to his groin as well.


Online – Brat Princess 2 – Nikki Brooks – Testicles Destroyed for her Profit

 Brat Princess 2  Nikki Brooks  Testicles Destroyed for her Profit  preview

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Nikki is trying to produce as many ballbusting clips as possible with her slave to maximize her profit. The more ballbusting videos she makes, the more money she makes. She doesn’t care how exhausted or injured the slave ends up. He is only there so that she can turn a profit from the clip sales. The slave is very exhausted from the relentless ball kicking. Nikki does not care. She is just getting started and has many more to produce. Nikki completely annihilates the slave’s balls, then makes him bow down and kiss her boots. He begs Nikki to stop, but she has a lot more videos to make, so he better just learn to hang in there.