Castration – Brat Princess 2 – Chloe and Natalya – Just Give in to the Training You’re Basically a Girl Already

 Brat Princess 2  Chloe and Natalya  Just Give in to the Training Youre Basically a Girl Already  preview

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Danni’s sister, Natalya, has caught him reading banned books, again. Danni’s mother has been training danni to be more like a girl with the help of her daughter, Natalya, and Natalya’s friend from school, Chloe. Part of the training involves a list of banned books. These forbidden books might put the wrong ideas in danni’s still-developing mind. The list of approved reading is very short and contains mostly works from the Romance genre. Natalya has just walked up on her brother reading a work of Science Fiction. Forbidden! Natalya takes her brother’s book away. Danni complains that he does not like Romance novels, but nobody cares about his preferences.
Natalya gives danni a Romance novel to read from. She makes him read aloud to her and Chloe. Danni does not want to do it, but the girls make him. Danni is supposed to be learning to relate to the female characters in this type of novel. The girls ask danni prying questions about his feelings about the female characters. He should be identifying with them and their roles by this point in his feminization training. The girls want danni to eroticize the thought of being taken by at least one of the strong male characters. Jack is a strong male character in this novel. The girls ask danni a lot of prying questions about his thoughts on Jack.
Danni was never made to be male. The girls point out all the physical ways in which he differs from a typical male. It’s time for him to give in to the training and fully feminize. He’s skinny, he’s hairless, he’s short. He’s basically a girl already. It’s time he accepts it and just gives in to his training.
After making danni give them the book report, the girls want to look at his pink chastity. Danni complains that it is too tight, but the girls remind him that women’s underwear are meant to be tight and he will need to fit the chastity under tight female clothes.
Mom has scheduled another trip to the clinic for danni later in the week. Danni is now learning from his sister what this trip will entail. All the psychological preparation was for a good reason. After this next trip to the clinic, danni will be permanently and irreversibly physically altered. The girls are even going to ask mom and the practitioner if they can take a hands-on role with danni’s medical procedure. Danni is very freaked out. He does not want to have his body altered, but it isn’t his choice.
The girls tell danni that prior to his medical procedure they, as a family, will begin sexually training him for his new fully-feminized role.


Foot Slave Training – Humiliation POV – Lick The Dirt Off Of The Bottoms Of My Boots, Idiot – Princess Kaylynn

 Humiliation POV  Lick The Dirt Off Of The Bottoms Of My Boots Idiot   Princess Kaylynn  preview

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You’re in for a treat today boot licker. You have no idea what’s coming. I have these sexy hot new boots, one of my adoring slaves got them for me, and they’re already dirty, they already need to be cleaned. So your job is to get down on your knees and lick the dirt of the bottom of my boots. You’re disgusting, but you love when I treat you like this, don’t you?
Open wide idiot, clean the soles. You love it. Rub your tongue all over them. Good boy. Show me what that mouth can do. My boots own you, they own your mind. You live for them, you live to clean them, to admire and worship them. You are absolutely entranced by my boots. I love treating you like this, it’s what you deserve. Keep licking them idiot. Aren’t they so hot?
Suck on the heel bitch. I wanna see you deep throat it. Take it all the way down that fucking throat you slut. Choke on my heels. This is where you belong. You belong under me. You are more worthless than the dirt on the bottoms of my boots. Don’t you ever forget that, loser. I own you, my boots own you.
I love using you for your tongue, so you can clean my boots. This is all you’re good for. And it makes you so horny. You’re pathetic. This is where you belong, this is your job. The only purpose for you tongue is to clean my Goddess boots. You don’t even need to speak. Just lick them idiot. My boots give me so much power over you. When I wear these boots I am unstoppable. I will destroy you with a click of my heels. You are my boot slave and I will use your tongue as I see fit. You’re lucky I even deal with you and your pathetic existence. So don’t fuck it up.


Femdom – Humiliation POV – You’ll Spend The Rest Of Your Life Jerking Off To Small Penis Humiliation Videos – Goddess Jolene

 Humiliation POV  Youll Spend The Rest Of Your Life Jerking Off To Small Penis Humiliation Videos   Goddess Jolene preview

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Why don’t you take down your pants and show me your little, tiny dick? LOL! Oh My God! That’s it? It’s even smaller than I expected. You know there’s seriously something wrong with you if you’re seeking out videos for girls to make fun of your small penis. You’re pathetic! That thing is smaller than my pinky, it’s not even a penis. That dick is the smallest, most pathetic, insignificant, worthless excuse for a cock I have ever fucking seen!
I know why you don’t have a girlfriend, because every time you take out your dick they must laugh in your face and leave you! You are fucking worthless. You’re not even a man. It doesn’t matter how good looking you are, how much money you make, how powerful you may be, you will never be a man because of your little tiny dicklette!
It must be heart wrenching to know that you’re never going to have a relationship or please a woman. Even if you win a girl over with your personality, no girl is ever going to stay with you with a little penis like that. She might use you for awhile if you can benefit her in other ways but eventually you’re always going to get tossed out for a guy with a bigger dick. You’re a pathetic dickless loser. You’re a worthless piece of trash.
I mean what kind of loser spends his time jerking off to small penis humiliation? YOU! You’re that kind of loser. You’re absolutely pathetic! But you need this humiliation because it’s the only way a hot girl will even acknowledge you. You’re so pathetic you’ll take any attention you can get. I want you to know that any girl that has ever seen your cock has been telling her girlfriends about it for years. It’s just too funny not to share.
A penis is pretty much what defines a man and your penis is pathetic. You will never please a woman, you will never be a man. Just face it loser. You shouldn’t even be gender identified as a man. You’ll spend the rest of your life jerking off to small penis humiliation videos. You’ll be so sad and alone, LOL! I hope I’ve made you feel like a pathetic loser with a small dick because that’s exactly what you are.


Female Domination – Brat Princess 2 – Mia – Look How Pathetic you are for My Feet

 Brat Princess 2  Mia  Look How Pathetic you are for My Feet  preview

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Mia’s sandals are very dirty, and her feet are very stinky inside them. She makes her slave kiss her stinky feet inside the sandals. Then, it has to lick the dirt off of the beige colored bottoms. The dirt belongs off Mia’s shoes and inside the slave. She loves it when its tongue turns black with the filth from her shoes. Then, it’s time for the slave to get to work on her dirty, stinky, sandal feet. Its job is to clean out everything from in-between Princess Mia’s toes. She fucks its face with her whole foot and runs her soles across its tongue. The slave is very pathetic and kneels obediently while Mia cleans her shoes and feet with its mouth.


Foot Smelling – Beautiful Girls – Bertie Foot Fetish. Footworship

Beautiful Girls  Bertie Foot Fetish Footworship  preview

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Sexy girl. NEW! Bertie Foot Fetish Foot spitting Foot Smother Today passionate and cruel Lady Bertie, decided to shackle the slave to the wall, so that he wouldn’t not dare to resist and make a move. This piece of should just take it upon himself, because he is nobody, he is just a thing whereon you can spit, urinate and do anything with it. Bertie sits down near him and begins to spit over the entire dirty face of this nincompoop, while smearing everything over his face. Bertie spits at him, smokes and chokes him, closing his nose and gets a great deal of pleasure from it and will not stop until the smelly mug of the sleazeball is completely in her huge loogie.




268.0 MB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:06:14

Goddess lana`s mounting displeasure with a carpet cleaning company is going to rapidly become an unwary manager’s worst nightmare (or fantasy) She has already, somewhat put him in his place. Stripped him of his rank and clothing and now she’s forcefully taking away every last shred of his dignity and self respect!
She got his face buried deep between her buttocks. His nose planted directed in her ass so forcing him to breath her in. She allows no escape! As she bounces up and down on this pathetic wimps ugly kisser! The verbal assault does not stop! She just keeps the insults coming oh yes Goddess Lanas displeasure was mounting. But she managed to mount her displeasure


Masturbation – Humiliation POV – Jerk, Jerk, Jerk, Loser, We Know You Can’t Stop – Goddess Alexandra Snow And Raevyn Rose

 Humiliation POV  Jerk Jerk Jerk Loser We Know You Cant Stop   Goddess Alexandra Snow And Raevyn Rose preview

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Goddess Alexandra Snow And Raevyn Rose! This is an amazing bratty, giggly masturbation mocking clip for chronic masturbators.
Were you born with your hand attached to your cock? LOL! How many hours a day do you spend masturbating? You’re fucking addicted! How do you get anything done? Your hand is like permanently attached to your cock. It’s like your brain is stuck in this jerking loop. It’s fucking pathetic. Jerk, jerk, jerk loser. You can’t keep your hand off of your cock.
You have this like spasm with your hand, you just have to jerk it. LOL! We know you can’t even make it through the day at work without taking ‘bathroom breaks’. LOL! You’re Such a fucking chronic masturbator, it’s soooo pathetic. Pump, pump, pump loser. Can you even stop? Try it. No you can’t! LOL! You can’t stop jerking off, you can’t, you can’t!
Hump that fucking hand moron. Show us how stupid you look, or let us show you how stupid you look, LOL! Your hand is permanently attached to your cock. But who could blame you for jerking to our hot asses. You’re addicted, you’re obsessed with your own cock. You’re an obsessive masturbator addicted to making those squirty puddles, LOL!
Jerk it loser, we love making of fun of you for something that is so embarrassing and useless. What a waste of time! But are you really embarrassed? I mean if you were you’d probably stop. But you can’t, you won’t. Is it humiliating to have to jerk off all the time? Do you feel shame about it? Maybe it makes you feel so ashamed that you just want to jerk off some more! LOL!
What pushes you over the edge to cum? Is it us laughing at you or calling you a loser? Do you picture yourself in front of us as we make fun of you with your dick in your hand? Look at how fast you’re jerking right now! LOL! We’re going to mock you to the best orgasm of your life loser!


Foot Humiliation – GODDESS REA LONGEST LEGS – REA – Substitute Slave – HARD Footsmother In Pantyhose

GODDESS REA LONGEST LEGS  REA  Substitute Slave  HARD Footsmother In Pantyhose  preview

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I planned a serious business trip and the day of the flight my slave broke his leg! The loser! I am very angry as I don’t have time to lose, so I must find a new slave soon to serve me for the days of my trip. I booked an apartment at the center and a skinny ugly guy welcomes me, he is too shorter and so pathetic! This guy will be my new slave!
After introducing this loser to his new life using my feet on his face and making him taste my nylons, I see that he is still not taking it seriously. I must make him understand that even breathing near me is a privillege, so I stick my big feet on his face, covering it totally under my nylons! He is very scared, but he must be trained fast so he can serve me better! I throw him on the couch and I sit over him and I smother him in many positions. I humiliate him verbally while he is under my pantyhose feet, breaking his spirit. While I footsmother him and I explain to him some important thinks to have in mind, but he passesout under my feet! He should get used to this also!


Orgasm Denial – Humiliation POV – Permanent Chastity, Weld Your Lock Shut, No More Thinking With Your Cock – Princess Ellie

 Humiliation POV  Permanent Chastity Weld Your Lock Shut No More Thinking With Your Cock   Princess Ellie preview

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Some of you are so lucky, you get to stroke whenever you want. You can jerk it any time you like. You see a brat like me, you stroke it, you cum and then you repeat it. But there are some of you who are in chastity. Some of you can’t jerk when you want. Some of you need to pay for your keys back. And some of you enjoy keeping yourselves in chastity for long periods of time.
I want to remove the chance of you ever getting out. Do you know what you’re going to do for me today? You’re going to show me just how fucked you are for me. You’re going to give up orgasms permanently. And do you want to know how you’re going to do that for me loser? You’re going to weld your lock shut.
You don’t deserve jerking or cumming, not even edging and denial. No more touching at all, kiss your key goodbye because you’re never going to use it again. Now snap that lock shut. I know you wanna do anything to please me. So weld it shut. Do whatever you have to, to make sure that lock never opens again.
No sex, no stroking, no pleasure to your cock. This is what you deserve. Your mind will turn into complete mush. The only way you might ever cum again is anally, lol. But I don’t even think you should do that. Live a pure life, for me. Live a life of servitude where all you think about are my desires, not your own selfish ones. Just thinking about me. Pleasing me will be all you think about, and you can’t do that when you’re tugging your dick. Now weld it shut.
Do it for me, it’s hot. Don’t think with that little mind of yours, that stupid brain. Now your horniness will no longer control you. Just a hot, dominant brat. You live for me now. I’m going to deny you forever. Chastity for the rest of your whole fucking existence. I know the thought turns you on.


Brat Girls – Humiliation POV – Lonely Losers Belong In Chastity, Home Alone, While I Drain Their Credit Cards – Princess Candy Glitter

 Humiliation POV  Lonely Losers Belong In Chastity Home Alone While I Drain Their Credit Cards   Princess Candy Glitter preview

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Princess Candy Glitter
You deserve to be at home, locked up, with your wallet out. I am going to go out on dates, and go shopping and I’m going to take your credit card and pay for all of it. I’m going to go out on dates with other men and you just get to sit at home, locked up in your cage, frustrated, while I get pleasure. I deserve pleasure, you don’t.
Get used to being locked up at home alone like the lonely fucking pay pig pervert that you are. This is what you need, this is what you deserve. I want you at home, all alone and pathetic, unable to touch your cock, as you watch your credit card statement at home and see how much I’m spending. You’ll feel so fucking pathetic.
You’re just a locked up wallet to me. I know you love handing over your credit to me while I completely deny you. The thought makes you twitch and throb in your cage. And the more you twitch and throb in your cage, the more your brain turns to mush. And then it just gets easier and easier for me to fuck you over. You love getting drained by me with your cock in chastity, don’t you? This is what you need. You need to be drained and denied and locked up.
You know it’s a privilege to be locked up by me as I drain your credit. You know you’re lucky that I take the time to pay attention to you to do this to you. You love when I use your card, don’t you? You love when I own your cock and your wallet. You want to stay at home alone, night after night, locked up while I go out and spend on your credit card. I know you want this so badly. You don’t even get to stroke! LOL! Just let me drain you, loser. Your cock will be pulsating in your cage every time you get an alert that I’ve just used your card.
You’re a little chastity pay pig addict, this is what turns you on, and I know it. So I’m going to make you beg for it. Because I know it feels good to pay me with your cock locked up. This is where you belong, at home, all alone, locked up as I fuck you over.