Smoking – Brat Princess 2 – Chloe and Sasha – Sissy Slave Fed Cigarette Ash

 Brat Princess 2  Chloe and Sasha  Sissy Slave Fed Cigarette Ash  preview

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Chloe and Sasha enjoy a beautiful sunset while Sasha smokes a cigarette. The girls have a very pathetic sissy slave in service to them. They have humiliated her by dressing her in a ridiculous outfit. The ridiculous sissy must allow Sasha to use its mouth as Her ashtray. Chloe spits in the sissy’s mouth. The girls plan a night out together. The sissy will have to follow them around all night in her ridiculous garb and serve as Sasha’s ashtray whenever. Sasha puts her red-hot cigarette out right on the sissy’s tongue. Chloe and Sasha are very disgusted by the pathetic sissy and can’t wait to take her out and humiliate her in public.


Humiliation – THE MEAN GIRLS – Worship Our Lazy Asses – Princess Bella and Princess Aria

THE MEAN GIRLS  Worship Our Lazy Asses   Princess Bella and Princess Aria  preview

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“Slaves get in here!” shouts Princess Bella as she sits next to Princess Aria on the couch at Mean Girl Manor. The slaves walk into the room and are immediately admonished for walking when they should have been crawling into the room from their cages. Princess Bella and Princess Aria are lounging on the couch relaxing and eating snacks. They casually throw a few chips onto the floor allowing the slaves to eat them off the dirty floor. The slaves aren’t usually fed very much, not so much as a punishment, but simply because they forget to feed them anything! When the slaves are out of sight in their cages it’s easy to forget all about them and they aren’t ever allowed to walk around freely so they can’t ever feed themselves. And when they are fed they are usually only given cat food to eat. Princess Bella throws more chips onto the floor this time crushing them to bits under the heel of her shoe. The slaves desperately lick the mess up off the floor like scavengers. When they are finished feeding the slaves scraps Princess Bella and Princess Aria use the slaves as human foot stools kicking up their feet up and relaxing. They talk about how great it is being a Mean Girl and how all they ever do is sit around and relax all day and party all night! They never have to do any work because they have slaves to do everything for them. Princess Bella and Princess Aria talk about how much fun they are going to have out at the club later tonight!


Female Domination – THE MEAN GIRLS – Serving Your Superior- 18yr Old Princess Amber

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Serving Your Superior 18yr Old Princess Amber  preview

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Princess Amber is Goddess Platinum’s niece and just turned 18! Now that she is “legal”, she is absolutely ready to follow in her aunt’s footsteps and start owning her own SLAVES! Download this clip to hear her tell you about the application process for serving her, how to make yourself stand out among the many applicants she is sure to receive, and what she will want to use you for if you are accepted as one of her “peasant minions”.
This clip includes Princess Amber’s personal email contact info!!! And she WILL contact you (either by phone or email) if you follow the instructions in this clip!


Female Domination – Brat Princess 2 – Natalya – Sniff My Cheese Farts

 Brat Princess 2  Natalya  Sniff My Cheese Farts  preview

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Natalya ate cheese and it makes her tummy gurgle. That’s not her fault! She doesn’t want to have to smell the gassy result. Natalya’s got her slave tied up really good and he’s about to suffer the consequences for her. She sits right on his face and lets em rip. One ripe cheese fart after another. Natalya really makes sure that her slave sniffs it in. A Princess does not smell her own farts. That’s a slave’s job. The slave must get it’s nose right in the Princess’ asshole so that it doesn’t miss a thing. Natalya lectures this slave on doing a good job for her. She reminds the slave that it could easily be replaced. Inhaling a fart takes almost no skill. Regardless, a slave should always seek to impress its Princess and do it’s very best. Being fired from the task of toilet slave would be very humiliating. There pretty much isn’t any lower a slave can go. The slave tries harder and does his best to breathe in every stinky cheese fart. Natalya still isn’t satisfied. She decides to put this slave on fart duty all week long so that he gets better at inhaling stench. With ample practice, this one might become the best fart slave in her stable.


Brat Girls – Brat Princess 2 – BP – 3 Girls Ballbust a Fat Broke Loser

 Brat Princess 2  BP  3 Girls Ballbust a Fat Broke Loser  preview

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The Brat Princesses are having a ballbusting party! The girls have a ton of fun kicking a fat, broke, old loser in the balls. This is a very exciting clip with a lot of great high energy and giggling from the girls. If you like to see girls really enjoying themselves, having a great time together while kicking a loser in the balls repeatedly, then this is a great clip to get. Lots and lots of great kicks! The girls kick the loser until he’s opened up and writhing on the floor. Then, they kick him some more! The kicks in this position are straight up into the loser’s pelvic bone. So painful! He’s a pretty good sport about it, though. The pathetic loser lets the girls kick his testicles up into his pelvic bone as much as they want. When the girls tell him to stand again, he does. The three tittering girls drop their big fat loser over and over. Every time he drops they kick him more and more! Finally, the old loser just simply can’t get up again. The girls leave him cowering on the floor and take his credit card. Time for a nice three-way wallet fuck while the besties binge at the mall.
Production Note: This clip was shot with two cameras.




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Princess Jennifer LOVES to kick, smash, and crush her slaves’ worthless cock and balls. She says it truly serves to remind them how helpless and defenseless they are to her, and how she can do virtually anything she pleases to her property. It also serves to further remind them that their once most prized possessions are of no value to Princess. And so she will systematically bust them whenever and however she chooses until she renders them completely useless, transforming her slaves into EUNUCHS, whose only purpose is to work harder and make more money for her!
Having only owned this new Asian slave boy for a few short weeks; it is already time to formally introduce his nutsack to Princess’ beautiful stilettos and feet. Bent over the kitchen counter, Jennifer starts him off with a few quick kicks to his ball sack, dropping him to his knees. Jennifer looks so seductive and powerful, as she casually keeps her knee and foot up in position, cocked and loaded, and ready to deal the next blow. When he drops to the floor in agony, Princess knows exactly how to add insult to injury by instructing him to lick her shoes, as she asks “how do your balls taste?”.
Entertained with her slaves willingness to suffer for her, Princess then grabs her training paddle and goes to town on his ass, beating him till his butt turns her favorite color, rose red. She then instructs him to get on all fours and prepare himself for more ballbusting. In a state of terror, he cannot control his legs from instinctively closing to protect his nuts but Jennifer simply yanks his head back by his hair and whispers seductively into his ear, “open your legs or I’ll kick you harder!” Recognizing her slave is on the verge of breaking, Jennifer meters out one final blow to his nuts to finish him off and he collapses into a state of unconsciousness.


Femdom – Brat Princess 2 – Mariah – Spoiled Princess Gets Relaxing Ass Worship

 Brat Princess 2  Mariah  Spoiled Princess Gets Relaxing Ass Worship  preview

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Mariah texts on her phone while her slave Worships her ass. The slave kisses her cheeks, licks up and down, and sniffs her ass deeply. The slave must Worship Mariah’s perfect ass exactly how she wants. The slave must also properly care for and lick the Princess’ thong. Mariah buries her slave’s face into her ass with the soles of her bare feet. She is nice and relaxed. Princess Mariah has her slave Worship her ass until she falls asleep.


Foot Smelling – Nessie the Bully Girl – Daddy Wants His Face Full of Feet: Jasmine & Nessie Forced Foot Worship

Nessie the Bully Girl  Daddy Wants His Face Full of Feet Jasmine  Nessie Forced Foot Worship  preview

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This clip includes: Taboo, Sweaty Feet, Nessie Catches Daddy Sniffing Her Gym Sneakers, Forced Foot Worship, Scissorhold, Foot Smothering, Teasing, Taunting, Brat Girls, Femdom, Powerful Woman, Calves, Muscular Legs, Wrinkled Soles, Socks, Sock Smelling, Sneaker Smelling, Sweaty Gym Feet, Nessie Squeeze, Jasmine Mendez, Contains NO NUDITY
Jasmine and Nessie are kicking back on the couch after an intense workout at the gym when they catch Nessie’s dad sniffing her sneakers. He tries to be authoritative and make excuses, but they saw with their own eyes and they won’t let up on it. They can’t believe he has a foot fetish! Since he won’t admit it, they decide to force their feet on him until he does. Nessie puts him in a scissorhold so Jasmine can put her bare Latina feet in his face to torment him. Then Nessie has him remove her socks and smell her feet, too. Their feet are so smelly and sweaty from the gym.
They can tell he likes it, even though he’s trying to convince them he doesn’t, but they catch him taking whiffs of their feet. Nessie grabs his nose with her toes and pulls him closer so they can put all 4 feet in his face at once. They make him lay down like a footstool and lick their feet clean. He sucks on his daughter’s milky white toes and licks Jasmine’s wrinkled soles. When they’re satisfied that their feet have been cleaned, they push him away with their feet and tell him to get on with his “nap.” Haha.