Cbt – chicks-vs-balls – KICK THE SEXUAL DEVIANT – Sophie

 chicksvsballs  KICK THE SEXUAL DEVIANT   Sophie  preview

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Sophie’s been getting a lot of complaints about a fat loser who’s been a bit of sexual deviant so his been requested to see a counsellor to overcome his perverted ways. The stupid fucker thinks his about to talk about his issues and hopefully leave a new man. Little does he know his about to leave less of a man. Sophie has a very peculiar way of dealing with sexual deviants, she likes to get straight to the cause and annihilate it. The cause of this pathetic guys behaviour is the cock and balls between his legs so it’s only right Sophie destroys them. The poor fuckers balls take a hell of a beating! Sophie seems to be enjoying it a bit to much, I’m sure your not supposed to laugh at and mock the person in counselling. Oh well, sucks to be him I guess


Forced Orgasm – VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Edging Restraints – Edging Restraints

 VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE  Edging Restraints   Edging Restraints  preview

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Brandi Love’s slave has given her 20 orgasms this week and with being a fair Mistress she keeps the ratio even by allowing him one. She takes her time playing and edging with her special toys as she doesn’t just use them up and break them right away. She want’s to watch him squirm, whimper and beg in frustration before allowing him the pleasure of his one and only chance to cum.


Cbt – chicks-vs-balls – KICKING THE REJECT – Honour May

 chicksvsballs  KICKING THE REJECT   Honour May  preview

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Honour May has ordered a play toy to have some fun with. She becomes overjoyed when she hears the postman’s knock, she knows her toy has arrived. What she didn’t expect was this poor specimen of a man! She’s used to the finest and this guys a fat tub of lard. Oh well, might as well have some fun with him I guess. Honour May gets to work kicking, kneeing and slapping this loser right where it hurts, straight between the legs. The stupid reject eventually starts leaking the red stuff and continues to stand there like a good boy. Honour may seems half impressed by this, maybe just enough to keep him. If not he’s getting sent straight back after she finishes pulverising his balls. Probably permanently damaged


Ivy Lebelle – VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Caged Desires – Mistress Ivy

  VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE  Caged Desires   Mistress Ivy  preview

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[Femdom 2018] VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Caged Desires. Starring Mistress Ivy [CBT, Chastity, Femdom Empire, Locked Dick, Cock Locked]
Mistress Ivy’s slave has been dreaming of having his cock locked in chastity for as long as he can remember. He has begged to experience his chastity desires and Miss Ivy finally feels he has proven himself enough to explore his caged fantasy. But now that the day has arrived and his cock is tightly locked away he isn’t as thrilled as he thought he would be. Mistress Ivy is a cruel and sadistic tease who shows her chastity slut exactly what it means to have no control over his cock. His manhood now officially belongs to his Mistress and he will suffer the days, weeks and months of sexual frustrations to come!


Cbt – Club Stiletto FemDom – Eat Your Banana While I Destroy Your Cock And Balls – Miss Xi

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Eat Your Banana While I Destroy Your Cock And Balls   Miss Xi  preview

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As Miss Xi enters the house with groceries we see her slave bound to the discipline bench awaiting her return. “Oh you’re still here” she says with disdain which quickly turns to rage when the slave replies “Yes Mistress.” She calls him an idiot and asks him how many times has she told him that she hates that word? She pulls bananas out of her bag and as she sets her foot on his face she threatens to stick them all down his throat or maybe up his ass before giving him a kick to the head.
She peals one of the bananas and after slapping his face repeatedly she sticks the banana down his throat making him gag and cough. She strikes his cock and balls repeatedly and then scissors his head making his breathing even more difficult. She yanks on his nipples, letting go only so she can strike his cock and balls again. When she gets up she forces the rest of the banana into his mouth with her shoe and laughs as he struggles to eat it especially as she hits him in the balls again. She wipes the banana goo off her soles onto his cock and then just jumps up and walks all over it. One foot on his balls and the other on his cock. Serious mistakes by a slave call for harsh discipline and this slave certainly gets what he deserves. Now she makes him lick the rest of the banana and his ball sweat off of her shoe. She tells him that she might have his junk removed all together as it serves no purpose. As his final punishment she sits on his face, laughing as he kicks to breath.