Female Domination – Tease And Thank You – “Frustration High” by Mandy – Mandy Marx

 Tease And Thank You  Frustration High by Mandy   Mandy Marx  preview

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I am having a super week here, and discussing some exciting ventures for the future, including an intense category that has never been done here at the dungeon. I think you will like it. I just feel like this is a really smooth time. Boys are behaving, or taking their training as you can see, and there are some amazing people coming in to get some treatment. ��
I am happy for you all and hope you get as much out of this as I am. Is it wierd, I am already looking forward to the next time I am taking a block of sessions. Best guess right now is January?


Brat Girls – Humiliation POV – My Orgasms Are More Intense Knowing You’re Being Denied – Chastity Mindfuck – Princess Grace

 Humiliation POV  My Orgasms Are More Intense Knowing Youre Being Denied  Chastity Mindfuck   Princess Grace preview

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My Orgasms Are More Intense Knowing You’re Being Denied – Chastity Mindfuck
From: Humiliation POV (8891 Clips)
Princess Grace
I know you want to know how to please me. Ever since you saw me you can’t stop thinking about how to please Princess Grace. Well money is a very good start. But you know what else makes me happy? Chastity. I love seeing cocks locked away in a chastity cage. There’s nothing more exciting than knowing that a man can’t jerk off or get any sort of release without my permission.
Now maybe you’ve never considered chastity before so let me explain why it’s fun. First of all think about how good it will feel to please me. Think about how it will feel to be tormented while you watch all of my videos and to not be able to jerk off. You’ll have waves of pleasure filling your body and you won’t be able to do anything about it. But the great thing about it is that your torment and your frustration really please me and isn’t that what you really want?
Your suffering, your cock locked away in that cage are making me really happy. I’ll think about your locked cock while I’m getting fucked by a real man. I get to have orgasms, you don’t. I get to know that I’m just controlling you, controlling every aspect of your life. I’ve got your cock locked away, you can’t orgasm. Nothing for you. Just pleasure that you know you’re bringing me happiness. And I know that you want to make me happy.
So I’m planting seeds in your brain so you can start thinking about how good it will feel to put your cock in a cage for a powerful woman and how you can make me happy that way. Knowing that you’re not going to be touching yourself. You’re going to be a good boy, locked away in chastity.
I know that whenever I talk to my slaves about chastity, they’re always begging me to lock them up. They want me to be their key holder. They want to make me happy. They like knowing that it will make my orgasms more intense knowing that you’re not getting one. That’s a real turn on for me, it’s a rush for me, knowing that I’ve got your cock locked away.


Female Superiority – Asian Cruelty – WHIPPED AND HUMILIATED FOR MY AMUSEMENT – Goddess Mena

 Asian Cruelty  WHIPPED AND HUMILIATED FOR MY AMUSEMENT   Goddess Mena  preview

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This particular slave is overdue for a much deserved punishment session for his overly inflated opinion of himself. Tonight I will surely take him down a peg or two…or ten. He had it coming.
First I strip him naked, leaving him only in a locked chastity cage and his neck tie, to mock his apparent revered standing in the corporate sector. His position in the business world is of no significance to me. This is MY WORLD, and he is but one of a countless number of slaves willing to devote their lives to serving my wishes and desires. A fact he will better realize after tonight.
First I pin him to a vertical bondage board and use a rather intense leather whip to tenderize his ass. My agonizing whip strikes rip into his ass flesh until he proudly proclaims that he is my pathetic shoe slave and financial servant. Good, we are making progress. Ha Ha!
Next I take him to the floor, force him to lie on his stomach and secure his wrists tightly behind his back. I order him to crawl on his belly and chase after my stilettos in the hopes of catching a momentary sniff or lick of the leather. But I do not make the task an easy one, as I saunter around the room leading him by a collar and leash as he slithers frantically behind to catch up. Surely at this moment, he is painfully aware that his apparent importance and ego have no place here.
To further drive home the point, I grab another unpleasant whip and put it to his thighs, back and hindquarters as grovels at my shoes. With each strike, his position of inferiority sinks in deeper…deeper…deeper. He begs for freedom from his steel cock cage and the opportunity for an orgasm. But there shall be none. In fact, little does he know that his genital imprisonment will be a long term commitment, starting right now.
Say goodbye to the world, prestige and freedoms you once enjoyed slave. And say hello to MY WORLD!


Pussy Worship – VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Pussy In Charge – Goddess Demi Sutra

 VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE  Pussy In Charge   Goddess Demi Sutra  preview

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Goddess Demi Sutra has locked her slave’s cock into chastity reducing him into nothing but a mouth for her sexual pleasure. After reminding the chastised bitch of his new place in her stable she rides and grinds away on his face making his tongue lick exactly the way she desires. His cock may be completely useless now but that doesn’t mean he can’t service his Goddess in ways he never could’ve imagined.


Humiliation – Brat Princess 2 – ChiChi and Chloe – Trick or Treat Worship Our Feet

 Brat Princess 2  ChiChi and Chloe  Trick or Treat Worship Our Feet  preview

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Chichi and Chloe love Halloween! Dressing in sexy costumes, stealing candy from pathetic losers who still go trick or treating. It’s the best holiday! The pair enjoys a stash of sweets that they just took from a little dweeb. The girls are very satisfied with the horde of candy. Now they want a slave to worship their feet while they enjoy munching on treats. Male slaves don’t get a share of the girls’ candy. Instead they get to worship stinky feet. The girls make their male slave lay in a pile of candy wrappers while they trample and insult him. Pretty girls are everything and old losers are nothing. The girls make the loser look at their butts in their sexy Halloween costumes while he worships their feet. They order their slave to pick up all of the candy wrappers littered on the ground with his mouth. The slave is very humiliated, but at least be of some use to the beautiful girls while they celebrate Halloween.


Tease – Brat Princess 2 – Cali – Office Bitch Intern Dominates Coworker

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Cali took a long lunch and went on a little bit of a shopping splurge. Nobody at the office seemed to notice her absence except for her co-worker, Danni. Cali shows off to Danni the new dress she just purchased while on her lunch break. Danni is kept locked in chastity by the women in his office. This week, Cali is holding his key, even though she’s just an intern. Cali makes her co-worker admire her body in her new dress. Danni wishes the women in his office did not insist on keeping him in a chastity device. Plus, he must work naked so that all his female co-workers can see that he’s kept locked. It’s humiliating, but Danni needs the job.
Cali checks in with Danni to make sure that he did all her work for her while she was on the long lunch. Danni did all of Cali’s work, and he let her buy some new things for herself with his credit card, so Cali’s pretty happy with Danni at the moment. Danni is happy that Cali’s in a good mood and decides to take advantage of it by asking her if he can come out of chastity. Cali is very offended. Boys should do nice things for girls without expecting anything in return. Danni asking for things in exchange is really offensive to Cali and makes her feel like a whore. Cali is now mad. She is a class act, and as such, cannot be bought with money. Cali does things because she wants to, not because she’s been manipulated or swayed by something as slight as a new dress.
Cali teases Danni with her ass and convinces him to contact HR to arrange for funds from his check to be direct deposited straight into her bank account every payday. Danni complains that he feels like Cali is trying to take advantage of him. Cali is outraged. She understands that she earns more than Danni, even as an intern, but it’s not fair that girls are expected to look hot all the time and spend so much of their earnings on clothes. Cali thinks it’s only fair that Danni, who enjoys looking at her in sexy clothes, contribute to paying for more of them. Cali doesn’t just want one new dress, she wants new dresses every week to wear to the office. What can Danni do? Cali is his keyholder and he must do whatever she wants.


Chastity Male – Subby Hubby – Sheena’s Hubby Slave Part 4 – Chastity

 Subby Hubby  Sheenas Hubby Slave Part 4  Chastity  preview

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Domina Sheena is relaxing on the couch with her sissy hubby slave. She is telling him how she is about to have fun with her lover while he is forced to watch. Twirling the chastity key in front of the locked-up sissy, she teases her slave. Hubby slave cries out in pain as Sheena touches and pokes his tiny cock, locked in the cage. After teasing his balls, Sheena decides to finally unlock the sissy’s cage. However, Dominatrix Sheena informs her slave that he isn’t being released out of her kindness. His little dick needs to be free to see what a real cock looks like! Dommes Sheena ridicules his tiny cock, saying that she should have used her pinky to measure the chastity device that she bought for him. She continues to verbally humiliate her sissy slave as she starts to play with her pussy with her fingers in front of him. The sissy tries to stroke his tiny pathetic cock but it’s no use. He can’t even get hard anymore. Sheena is so disgusted by her impotent slave’s effort that she commands him to stop. She doesn’t want to get out of the mood to be fucked by her Big Black Cock later!


Tease & Denial – VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Chastity Boy-Toy – Mistress Alina Lopez

 VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE  Chastity BoyToy   Mistress Alina Lopez  preview

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Mistress Alina Lopez loves a man completely tied down and helpless especially with their dick locked tightly away. She firmly believes all men’s cocks should be locked in chastity permanently 24/7/365. Of course, this doesn’t mean a Mistress can’t still have her fun teasing and tormenting their caged up cocks making them beg to be free.