Foot Worship – Brat Princess 2 – Mia – Rejected Date Continues its Financial slave Training with Chastity Enforcement

 Brat Princess 2  Mia  Rejected Date Continues its Financial slave Training with Chastity Enforcement  preview

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Mia is continuing the training of her rejected date. She’s already gotten him complying nicely with worshipping her feet. Now, Mia has started with digging into her rejected date’s wallet. Mia wants him to start paying for her gym membership. At first, the reject complains that he can’t afford the added monthly cost. Mia does not like the idea of working. It’s the male’s responsibility to work for her, even if it means getting two jobs to pay for all her wants. If a male wants any involvement in her life, it needs to understand that it has to contribute to her lifestyle. Mia has brought some tools to help make her rejected date’s mind and wallet more pliable to her. She wants him totally under her control.
Mia strips and collars the male then fits him into a chastity device. From now on he will have to seriously consider the consequences of ever saying no to her. Mia smiles happily as she locks up her rejected date’s tiny penis. Collared and in chastity, the male is subdued. It finally complies with Mia’s demand to pay her monthly gym membership. It doesn’t know how it will get the extra money, but it will find a way for it’s Princess. Satisfied, Mia relaxes and uses her rejected date’s mouth for some foot worship, as she has trained him to allow her to do.
Mia wants the male to get some idea of how difficult chastity will be for it. She teases him with her cute butt in her cut off jean shorts. He has to kiss her butt and feet. The rejected date is turning into a financial slave nicely for Mia. She’s pleased. Mia has decided that she is going to make her rejected date’s life as difficult as possible, to her benefit. He will be expected to sacrifice in any way, great or small, to improve her life even just minutely.


Mind Fuck – Humiliation POV – The Chastity Experiment – London Lix

 Humiliation POV  The Chastity Experiment   London Lix  preview

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As you know I am a student of psychology and you are here because you have agreed to be one of my test subjects for my thesis on male chastity. Are you ready to begin? I know you’ve never tried chastity before and it can be quite difficult because you’ve become so addicted to touching your penis that the very prospect of having that pleasure taken away can be really daunting. I am glad you were brave enough to come in here but in order to qualify as one of my participants, you must be ready to follow all of my instructions for however long I decide this process will last. It could take days, weeks, possibly even months of chastity, months of denial. Do you think you’re up for the challenge?
I’m very interested to learn what extended denial does to a man’s brain so I’m going to need you to write down your feelings after I lock you in chastity. I want to know what it feels like, what that aching in your balls feels like, what the stiffening of your cock against that metal cage feels like. I want to know what it’s doing to you in that head of yours. My hope is that it will make you less of a chronic masturbator and more about taking care of a woman and being more productive members of society.
So I’m going to put it on now and I want to know what it feels like the first time as I slip this cage onto your cock. I want to know what it feels like when I close the lock and you realize you can no longer touch your own penis. You know there’s no going back once I click that lock. Feel the cold metal slide onto your cock as I take control of your sex life. I want you to remember all of these feelings. I want you to understand what chastity does to a man.
How do you feel as I dangle the lock in front of your face? The lock that’s going to seal your fate. Do you feel helpless and vulnerable? As I click the lock your freedom has been taken away in an instant. You’re now aware that I’m in control, not only of your cock but even your mind. I control your orgasms and each and every touch of that penis. How does that make you feel in your head? Some men feel emasculated, pathetic, weak, submissive and completely stripped of power. Some men find in comforting that I am completely in control. Some men enjoy the lack of responsibility.
Now how do you feel as I dangle the key in front of your face? Does it remind you of the power that I have over you? I want to know all of your feelings. I want you to write it all down as the days progress. I hope you had a good orgasm before you came here today because I’m going to keep you locked up for a really long time. It’s going to make you so weak and change your entire sexuality. Soon all it will take is the site of your key to get you completely turned on. In time you might not even feel the need to touch yourself at all. I’ll bet your dick is already throbbing inside of that cage and it’s only day one. You’re not used to not being able to jerk that cock whenever you want to. I wonder how you’ll feel in a month.


Theenglishmansion – The English Mansion – Doll In A Box – Pt2 Part 1 – Miss Eve Harper and Natalie Goth TV

 The English Mansion   Doll In A Box  Pt2 Part 1   Miss Eve Harper and Natalie Goth TV  preview

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[Femdom 2018] The English Mansion – Doll In A Box – Pt2 Part 1. Starring Miss Eve Harper and Natalie Goth TV [Sissy Training, Fucking, Machine, Sissy Slut, Sissy]
Natalie has been blanked and turned into a perfect little sissy doll, she lives in her own bondage box, ready to be played with when required. Mistress Sidonia is continuing her training today, wrapped in bondage, mouth opened wide with a gag, Natalie’s deep throat skills are tested with the fucking machine, as it thrusts rhythmically into her slutty mouth. The dumb doll’s chastity device is then removed, the straining cock standing to attention as Mistress starts the ritual humiliation, writing labels and making her repeat the degrading words as her cock is teased until she can’t help but shot her sissy cream cumload out. Natalie is then returned to her box and left until she is wanted again.


Cock Locked – The English Mansion – Nothing To Declare Part 1 – Lady Nina Birch and Miss Eve Harper

 The English Mansion   Nothing To Declare Part 1   Lady Nina Birch and Miss Eve Harper  preview

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[Femdom 2018] The English Mansion – Nothing To Declare Part 1. Starring Lady Nina Birch and Miss Eve Harper [Chastity, Locked Dick, Cock Locked, Cock Cage]
It’s a busy day at the airport, the female security guards are scanning a businessman when they pick up some unusual readings. They decide to strip search him n are shocked and amused when they see the cause of the problem, a chastity device with a metal padlock. The guards then continue to humiliate and punish him in various sadistic ways, before sending him off to catch his flight, with a very sore bottom.


Theenglishmansion – The English Mansion – Maid Turned Slut – Part 1 – Governess Elizabeth

 The English Mansion  Maid Turned Slut  Part 1   Governess Elizabeth  preview

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Governess Elizabeth is taking her sissy maid in hand, during this weeks appraisal. She wants to improve and teach her to be a better special girl, so after checking her uniform n punishment book, she is put over her knee and given a long correctional spanking. Her oral n anal training is then advanced by Mistress, using her realistic strapon dick to fuck her mouth and then her tight, virgin ass, making the maid moan in pleasure at the delightful experience. Maid is then placed in the bondage chair and Elizabeth uses a vibrator on her chastity covered cock until it empties a months worth of cum, her last reward for a long time.


Slave Training – ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – THE OBEDIENT IMPOTENT! Starring Goddess Saya Song

ASIAN MEAN GIRLS  THE OBEDIENT IMPOTENT Starring Goddess Saya Song  preview

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Goddess Saya this poor, woeful slave by the balls! He has been very obedient! Performed every task without flaw and on time. His so called reward is the privilege of relieving himself but this rapidly turns to a punishment as Goddess Saya starts laying on the insults and pressure. He has very little time to perform this SELF gratifying task and it looks like he will fail, the task in hand per say is just too much for him and clearly too little for the Goddess. This pitiful little creature is about to be locked away in chastity for another month and he’s just too weak and pathetic to do a thing about it


Locked Dick – Dominatrix Annabelle – Smoking Seductress

Dominatrix Annabelle  Smoking Seductress  preview

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Film Noir, Femme Fatale! Hobson sits in my leather chair, wrists shackled. I lean forward while holding my long black cigarette holder in my leather gloved hand. I purse my crimson lips together creating a circular hole, and blow! Perfect smoke rings propel forward into hobson’s face. As I blow another set of smoke rings, I grip his caged cock with my other leather gloved hand and squeeze! Oh yes, a bulging muscle!
Soft jazz plays in the background creating a mellow ambiance, and I’m ready to tease hobson’s throbbing phallus with my sexy fishnet bodice. Crimson lips, my hypnotic voice, leather gloves, and thigh leather boots all combine in making this movie highly erotic n incredibly sensual. In fact, it’s almost too much for hobson to bear, as his cock swells inside his cage, making it almost impossible to remove! Before I pull, twist, wrench, and tug it off, I torment his muscle!
I gyrate my hips, and sink my cheeks over his caged cock, pressing down, and then raising my buttocks back up, gently teasing it again n again. I lean back so my long luscious hair smothers his face, so he can smell my heavenly perfume! I place my used stocking across his mouth and tie a knot at the back of his neck. Oh yes, how I love teasing hobson’s stiff muscle, making him feel every pulsating throb. I love to make him feel the intensity, his balls heavy, ready to explode! As I begin to remove his cage, hobson lets out a deep moan. Oh WOW his cock is too big to budge. I slap it, and slap it again, and again, while his cage grips tight. A little more tugging, a little more pulling, Oh WOW, it’s only half way there! I slap it again, slapping it harder n harder!
Until . . . . finally, I jerk it off and hobson moans again. I wrap his cock nice and tight with my used stocking and wank him hard! I sink my teeth into his very wet head, another deep moan, another intense sensation!
As I continue to wank his throbbing meat, I lean over his body and thrust my full breasts into his face, smothering him! This is one incredible sexy, seductive, erotic and highly explosive Office Seductress movie! And WOW hobson really felt it!!!


Fem – Humiliation POV – Marry Your Hand Sissy Bride, But The Ring You Wear Will Be Around Your Cock – Princess Alix Lynx

 Humiliation POV  Marry Your Hand Sissy Bride But The Ring You Wear Will Be Around Your Cock   Princess Alix Lynx preview

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Oh look, it’s my adorable little sissy boy, and I’m wearing your favorite dress, the one with all the cleavage. It’s the least I could do after turning down your marriage proposal. But I can’t believe you honestly expected me to say yes to you. Seriously? I need a real men and well, you’re girly.
So after I turned you down I did some thinking and decided you did deserve a wedding of sorts. So I’ve decided to turn you into my perfect beautiful sissy bride. I’ve got a wedding dress and I want you to put it on. Ahh look, you’re going to make someone a beautiful sissy bride one day. LOL! I want you to get all glamorous for your very special day. So put on a wig and do your makeup just how you like it.
And do you know, or rather what, you’re going to marry my little sissy bride? Your hand. LOL! You and your hand are a match made in heaven. Unlike me, your hand will always be there for you. Your hand will never do you wrong and will always make you cum, it’s the perfect relationship for you.
Now I want you to hold out your hand and you’re going to say some heartfelt vows. Think about what you were going to say to me, but tell your hand instead. And after you say your vows I want you to kiss your hand. It’s obvious that you two were meant to be and I could not be happier for you!
Now there’s a catch, there’s always a catch. Since you don’t have a ring, I want you to put on this chastity device that I have a key for. There’s your ring sissy boy bride, it’s a ring around the base of your cock LOL! Now even though we’re not married, you now belong to me. So in a way, you get everything you want. Now you can do all the things that a good wife would do. You can cook and clean for me, you can support me and run my errands, but you’ll never fuck me. That’s what you hand is for, that’s why you married it. Only I will decide when you can fuck your hand, LOL! You’re going to be the perfect sissy bride home maker! This is going to be the perfect arrangement.