Caning – DomNation – SADISM TIMES TWO! Starring Mistress Stella Liberty and Astro domina

DomNation  SADISM TIMES TWO Starring Mistress Stella Liberty and Astro domina  preview

283 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:06:34

We continue welcoming Stella Liberty to the DomNation family of feminist sadists. Stella is a very well versed in dominatrix who has built a solid reputation and following! She operates in the LA area and is an excellent and most welcome addition to our line up! She also holds the honor of being Voted 2017 Sexiest Feet by Footnight International Fans! An extra bonus for those admires of very sexy feet!
You can easily find more information regarding Miss Stella Liberty at
Mistress Stella Liberty and Astro domina just like to have fun! And in this next sequence you can voyeur in and watch as they destroy their innocent victims. From one form of impact to another and from one slave to the other. Stella and Astro find plenty of sadistic reasons to wear huge smiles as they beat these two slaves into the ground.


Extreme Domination – DomNation – THE WORST IS STILL TO COME – Goddess Tangent

 DomNation  THE WORST IS STILL TO COME   Goddess Tangent  preview

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Goddess Tangent may have led her helpless slave to believe that shredding his back with her lethal bullwhips was his worst and last punishment of the day. She lied. It gets worse. Much worse.
In part 2, Tangent continues to use her lethal bullwhips on her helpless slave’s back, ripping and tearing his baby soft flesh until the claret is flowing freely. And just when slave boi thinks the worst is over, Tangent flips him around and turns the focus of her painful whips on his cock and balls. She does, after all, want a matching set, front to back.
With the precision of a surgeon, Goddess Tangent hits her mark again and again, as her pain pet screams with every blow. His cock and balls are swelling quickly, but not in a good way. Effortlessly, Tangent transforms his testicles into a bruised and blooody mess. Will the torment ever end? Only Goddess Tangent knows if the worst is still to come.


Corporal Punishment – DomNation – LEATHER CLAD ABDUCTRESS, PART 2 – Stella Liberty

 DomNation  LEATHER CLAD ABDUCTRESS PART 2   Stella Liberty  preview

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This is the follow up video to Stella Liberty’s top selling clip “Leather Clad Abductress”!
Having her inconsiderate neighbor from her parking garage, Stella Liberty takes him back to her private dungeon. Clad from head to toe in body hugging black leather chaps, shirt, gloves and boots, Stella incarcerates him in a steel cage, binds him to the bars with his own neck tie, and forces him to watch as she torments one of her many personal slaves.
The neighbor looks on in horror, as Stella whips and canes her helpless slave until he is begging for mercy. Strike after excruciating strike, Stella’s whips hit their mark again and again, leaving the slave’s back bruised, welted and lacerated. Little does her neighbor know, that he too will be soon be one of Stella’s personal pets, living a life of slavery and servitude.


Female Domination – DomNation – A SHOCKING REVELATION – Mistress Synful Pleasure

 DomNation  A SHOCKING REVELATION   Mistress Synful Pleasure  preview

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Mistress Synful Pleasure has her helpless pet bound into a leather suspension sling, which just so happens to be hanging inside of a massive, locked, 8′ steel cage. So suffice to say, this slave has nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
From outside of the cage, Mistress first torments him with a long single tail whip, primarily directing the attention of her painful whip to her pet’s genitals. Hanging in the sling, with his legs spread wide apart, his cock and balls are an easy target for her venemous whip, and she takes full advantage.
Next she introduces her slave to a 50,000 volt, crowd control style electro stun baton. The look of horror on her slave’s face is priceless, as she waves the baton closer and closer to her victim. He screams, he begs, he pleads, but nothing is going to deter Mistress Synful Pleasure from breaking this pet both physically and mentally.


Humiliation – DomNation – SLAPPED SILLY – Janira Wolfe

 DomNation  SLAPPED SILLY   Janira Wolfe  preview

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Goddess Janira Wolfe has her slave helplessly pinned beneath her as she straddles him full weight, thus making his demise inevitable. Powerless to do anything other than simply lie beneath this breathtaking Goddess, this pet is about to receive a motivational face slapping.
Indeed, his irreverence is in need of an attitude adjustment. And what better way to cut a man down to size, than via a hard, stinging, cheek reddening face slapping from a beautiful, petite woman half his size.
His body flails and flops around like a fish out of water, but resistance is futile. He bucks his body uncontrollably in an attempt to avoid the blows, but Goddess Wolfe’s powerful ass and thighs hold him in place, keeping him prisoner as she slaps him relentlessly and without remorse.
Smack after stinging smack, she pounds his face and chest until he is begging for mercy. But the only mercy she grants him, is a momentary reprieve just long enough to spit a huge wad of saliva in his face.
After she is done with him, he will truly know his place of inferiority and servitude to The Wolfe.


Slave Punishment – DomNation – MY WHIP IS INESCAPABLE! Starring Stella Liberty

 DomNation  MY WHIP IS INESCAPABLE Starring Stella Liberty  preview

238 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:06:13

This unfortunate slave is about to receive a severe beating for his less than adequate service to his owner, Stella Liberty. For this task, Stella selects one of her most severe leather whips. And to make his demise inescapable, Stella encases her minion from head to toe to in industrial strength cling wrap.
The plastic see thru wrapping may appear less than intimidating, but we assure you after several layers have been applied around his arms, legs and torso, he is completely trapped and immobilized. Unable to move a muscle. All he can do is stand there and accept his fate.
And so, Mistress relentlessly strikes every inch of his wrapped body from head to toe. You don’t see the whip marks beneath the cling wrap, but her pain pet feels each and every blow as the whip bites at his flesh again and again.
Mistress uses her fingernails to remove a small portion of the wrap exposing his fragile nipples, so she can inflict more pain than he can possibly endure. Her whip finds it’s mark over and over again, turning his man boobs a bright shade of red. He begs for a areprieve, but Mistress simply ignores his pleas and continues her assault until he is broken and ready to serve to Goddess’ liking.


Spanking – DomNation – BEG ME TO TORMENT YOUR NIPPLES! Starring Janira Wolfe

 DomNation  BEG ME TO TORMENT YOUR NIPPLES Starring Janira Wolfe  preview

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In this video, Janira Wolfe’s rebellious slave is reluctant to surrender his nipples to Goddess Wolfe’s razor sharp fingernails. His hands may be bound tightly overhead, but his instinct to escape sees him hopping around uncontrollably, which in turn fuels Janira’s sadistic nature all the more.
So Janira plays an evil game of cat and mouse with her over reactive prisoner, and makes him BEG for her to torment his nipples. The look of terror on his face is priceless, as he gives in to her demands and begs her to do so, while Janira waves her long, dagger like nails in front of his face.
Still he continues to flop around like a fish out of water, each time Goddess grabs his nipples in an attempt to avoid her painful grip. That is until she gives him a severe ass beating to calm his ass (and nipples) down.


Extreme – DomNation – DIABOLICAL DUO IN DENIM AND LEATHER, FULL VERSION – Bossy Delilah and Mistress Hannah Hunt

 DomNation  DIABOLICAL DUO IN DENIM AND LEATHER FULL VERSION   Bossy Delilah and Mistress Hannah Hunt  preview

416 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:11:53

“Diabolical Duo in Denim and Leather” and “Diabolical Duo in Denim and Leather Part 2: Cock Tails and Canes”. All 12 minutes of brutal beatdown footage for the reduced price of only $10.99. Buy your copy now!
In this hardcore beatdown not for the faint of heart, Bossy Delilah and Mistress Hannah Hunt double team their bound and helpless victim with a pair of lethal leather bullwhips and a degree of cruelty rarely caught on camera. Stunning in their matching skin tight denim jeans, leather jackets and boots, Delilah and Hannah are ruthless and without a shred of remorse as they alternate whip strikes between their slave’s back, nipples and testicles. Especially his testicles!
In Part 2, Delilah and Hannah turn their cruel intentions 100% on their victim’s testicles. Whipping and caning his cock and balls relentlessly, until there is literally nothing left of him.


Leather Boots – DomNation – THE ENSLAVEMENT OF MR. ROBERTS, PART 1 – Stella Liberty

 DomNation  THE ENSLAVEMENT OF MR ROBERTS PART 1   Stella Liberty  preview

222 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:06:11

Mr. Roberts is a powerful business executive with a dirty little secret. Since the day he hired his personal assistant Miss Stella almost two years ago, he has hoped that she would one day become his Dominant Goddess and enslave him to her whims and desires.
Today, his fantasy shall become a reality, as Stella unveils her evil plan to Dominate her boss. During a late night meeting in Mr. Robert’s office, “Goddess” Stella arrives clad from head to toe in skin tight, glove soft leather leggings, boots, corset, gloves and trench coat. A leather fetishist’s wet dream come true, Mr. Roberts falls easy prey to his beautiful and seductive leather encased Assistant.
Naked and on his knees at her feet, Goddess Stella exploits his addiction for leather, as she flaunts her leather gloves and boots in his face while she informs him of his immediate future as her slave. She further unveils her knowledge that he has an uncontrollable lip gloss fetish, and has been stealing her lip gloss since the day he hired her.
As she seductively brushes her gloss over his lips, he falls into a deep state of submissive euphoria. With each stroke, he grows weaker and weaker. It is only a matter of time before Stella has her boss completely wrapped around her finger. And so the games begin…


Female Domination – DomNation – YOU WILL COME TO LOVE MY CRUELTY – Mistress Synful Pleasure

 DomNation  YOU WILL COME TO LOVE MY CRUELTY   Mistress Synful Pleasure  preview

216 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:06:06

Mistress Synful Pleasure believes in the value of a good old fashioned thrashing, delivered in the most heartless manner imaginable. She wants her slave to decide once and for all, total submission at her hand…or banishment forever. She beats him with this intention, holding nothing back. Her work has only started when her slave reaches his breaking point.
She continues to sadistically beat down her slave, laughing as he tries to avoid each strike. Naturally she only beats his ass harder for this. Broken down and worn out, her pain pet begs her for more and Mistress is so proud of him for making the right choice. But she will continue on with the beating until she is satisfied that he has suffered enough. Beaten down, but still willing to be thrashed another day. Perfect. As it should be.