Face Sit – DatesGoneWrong – Cheating Husband Tricked By Wife’s Friend – Chloe Kennedy

 DatesGoneWrong  Cheating Husband Tricked By Wifes Friend   Chloe Kennedy  preview

569 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:10:36

After Chloe Kennedy made this cheating husband get off by rubbing her stinky feet all over his dick, she locks him in chastity and with out any further notice sits right down on to his face. Being strapped and not able to move, this loser has no choice but to lay on his back locked in chastity as his Goddess in golfs his face with her ass causing him to fight for his air. He try’s to beg for her to stop but time and time again she plops her butt cheeks right down blocking his air flow. While Chloe continues to sit on his face in all different positions, she explains that this`ll be his new life and his wife will now be holding the keys to his caged up dick. Just when this loser thinks it can’t get any worse, Chloe informs him that she heard a car door and that it must be his wife. This cheating husband had no idea that his quickie would turn out to be the 1st day of his slave training.


Jeans Face Sitting – Club Stiletto FemDom – Jeans To The Face, Punch To The Balls – Miss Xi

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Jeans To The Face Punch To The Balls   Miss Xi  preview

550 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:07:29

What hurts more, the jean seam on the face or punches to the balls? Miss Xi in her own sadistic way makes this a difficult question to answer for her battered and bruised slave. If you love sexy and cruel Asian Domina’s, this Miss Xi clip is a must have. Ass smother, facesitting, jeans, kicking, punching, butt drops, feet!


Female Domination – The Laughing Latina – First Aid FaceSitting – Jasmine Mendez

 The Laughing Latina  First Aid FaceSitting   Jasmine Mendez  preview

783 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:15:28

Custom: You are out walking & you see a guy lying still on the ground. You are first aid trained and go over to see if he is ok. He is not moving so you decide to give him your version of CRP.
This involves sitting on his chest in the squatting position and bouncing ( to the beat of the Bee Gees `Staying Alive` I believe).
This brings him out of what is really a deep sleep. he is at first startled and then angry to find you sitting on him and tells you to get off. This in turn makes you angry as you were tying to save the guys life!!
You move forward and sit on his chest pinning his arms below your legs. As you have the guy trapped you tell him how you were trying to help him and there is no need for him to be angry.
As you sit there you realize that he is embarrassed to be out in public with a girl sat on top of him. You ask him how it would look if someone walked by with you sat on his face so you try it.
You realize you like the thrill of facesitting in the open so sit on him longer on both squatting and schoolgirl pin positions all the while telling him how much you love to sit on his face and wondering what would happen if someone saw you facesitting him.
You would tell them that he tried to rob you and you are pinning him down until the Police arrive. Towards the end you feel in only right to leave him as you find him so you tell hime that you are going to sit on face until he pas-ses out, which you do before getting up and carrying on with your walk.


Ass Sniffing – Mistress Luna – Facesitting in trousers

 Mistress Luna  Facesitting in trousers  preview

170 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:04:39

The title says it all! In this clip, I wear tight trousers – but no pants -and leather boots over knees ! The slave gets a gag from my nylons and then I enjoy a cigar sitting on his face! Feel? .. the exciting scent of my femininity? because I dont heave underwear, my intimate perfume passes easily through the fabric of my pants…and you get high on this fragrance! From time to time you get some fresh air … when I allow you that…but it’s not enough and you have to inspire deep, deep…all my intimate scent…what a paradise for a lower creature like you!! You will take with you this fragrance, deeply embedded in your brain! You have permission to jerk for me as you look at this clip!


Boots – FemmeFataleFilms – Serenely Smothered – Part 1 – Mistress Serena

 FemmeFataleFilms  Serenely Smothered  Part 1   Mistress Serena  preview

90 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:06:02

Mistress Serena decides to verbally humiliate her slave, teasing him as to why he doesn’t have a girlfriend n never will. She tells him how useless the pathetic piece of mincemeat is between his legs, how crap he is at boot worship and how he`ll never get to lap his tongue over her bare flesh, flick his tongue over her cunt or in between her ass cheeks. All he ever gets is to be humiliated, to be teased and ultimately denied real female interaction. After making him suck on the heels of her boots and lick the soles clean, she sits firmly over his pathetic face and grinds what he’ll never have over his nose.


Cbt – Club Stiletto FemDom – Eat Your Banana While I Destroy Your Cock And Balls – Miss Xi

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Eat Your Banana While I Destroy Your Cock And Balls   Miss Xi  preview

504 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:06:59

As Miss Xi enters the house with groceries we see her slave bound to the discipline bench awaiting her return. “Oh you’re still here” she says with disdain which quickly turns to rage when the slave replies “Yes Mistress.” She calls him an idiot and asks him how many times has she told him that she hates that word? She pulls bananas out of her bag and as she sets her foot on his face she threatens to stick them all down his throat or maybe up his ass before giving him a kick to the head.
She peals one of the bananas and after slapping his face repeatedly she sticks the banana down his throat making him gag and cough. She strikes his cock and balls repeatedly and then scissors his head making his breathing even more difficult. She yanks on his nipples, letting go only so she can strike his cock and balls again. When she gets up she forces the rest of the banana into his mouth with her shoe and laughs as he struggles to eat it especially as she hits him in the balls again. She wipes the banana goo off her soles onto his cock and then just jumps up and walks all over it. One foot on his balls and the other on his cock. Serious mistakes by a slave call for harsh discipline and this slave certainly gets what he deserves. Now she makes him lick the rest of the banana and his ball sweat off of her shoe. She tells him that she might have his junk removed all together as it serves no purpose. As his final punishment she sits on his face, laughing as he kicks to breath.


Cbt – Club Stiletto FemDom – I’m Going To Break Your Nose With My Ass Unless You Cum – Mistress Irene

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Im Going To Break Your Nose With My Ass Unless You Cum   Mistress Irene  preview

546 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:07:32

Mistress Irene looks incredible, her huge breasts and perfect ass and below it one lucky slave fighting for any air he can get but wanting to be nowhere else but there below her. Irene tells him his cock is an embarrassment and orders him to stroke it. She rubs his balls and asks him if it feels nice. As he is answers yes she slaps them and asks “Does that feel good too?” The slave groans under her ass as she continues to slap them. “I heard the harder your balls are abused the harder you get” she says as she starts to rain even more blows down on them.
While she flails away the camera swings around behind Irene to insure you get an amazing view of her full ass. After the slave is a whimpering mess she resumes sitting full weight on his face while allowing him to keep stroking. She tells him she has no concern for his balls should the abuse even lead to infertility. She sits full weight and then strokes his balls before she gets onto her feet and butt slams her ass into his face. Her ass is powerful and can inflict actual damage on a face. “I’m going to try to break your nose with my ass” she tells him and then says she will only stop if he cums. The slave shoots a massive load!


Chastity Male – Brat Princess 2 – Natalya – Daily Ass Smothering Training with Scissorhold Punishment

 Brat Princess 2  Natalya  Daily Ass Smothering Training with Scissorhold Punishment  preview

581 MB – 1920*1080 – wmv – 00:07:54

Natalya has decided that she will begin every morning by smothering her slave underneath her ass. This is to remind the slave, first thing every day, that it is beneath her. The slave tries to squirm for air and Natalya gets mad. She uses her thighs to lock the slave into a scissorhold. She does this so that the slave realizes that things can always get a lot worse. Natalya is brutal in this clip. She uses multiple methods to deprive her slave’s brain of vital oxygen. Caught in a thigh lock, or trapped beneath her ass, the slave’s life is completely in her hands. When Natalya is finished with the cruel training, she orders her slave to get under the bed and stay quiet. Her boyfriend is always horny in the morning and she wants to fuck him on the bed.