Femdom – Bratty Foot Girls – Inhale my stinky HUGE size 16s – Mikayla Miles

 Bratty Foot Girls  Inhale my stinky HUGE size 16s   Mikayla Miles  preview

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The Amazon Goddess Mikayla Miles is back again! Bringing her very fragrant size 16s out in full force. After wearing her sneakers all day, she has them nice and ripe and she is going to enjoy the hell put of making Ninja sniff them. The slightly pungent, vinegary soles make his eyes water as she starts off rubbing them on his nose as she lays next to him. She presses her massive solesonto his face grinning knowing how bad they stink. She then sits back and lets him do the work of getting between her toes and up and down the long length of each foot. She finally sits behind him and puts his face in a giant face vice between both soles so he can get the full smell in 3d! Another classic!
Starring: Mikayla Miles, Jason Ninja


Foot Licking – Bratty Foot Girls – My friends secret foot fetish – Luna Lain

 Bratty Foot Girls  My friends secret foot fetish   Luna Lain  preview

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Luna has her friend Jason over to help her study for exams. He has precariously taken up a position near her sweaty feet while she reads chapters from their class book. He can’t help but stare at her perfect size 8;s planted right in front of his face. The sweaty aroma hits his nose and keeps in his a trance. Soon Luna notices him looking at her feet and the brat takes full advantage! She asks him if he likes feet as she grips her stinky toes over his nose. he can’t resist any longer as his super bratty classmate is fully onto his little fetish. she forces him to stick out his tongue as she aggressively rubs her soles over his tongue and mouth. Luna starts to completely dominate him with her perfect peds. He makes him worship her feet, gags him and turns him into her complete foot bitch! Whilst being SUPER hot in the process!
Starring: Luna Lain, Jason Ninja


Cuckold – Subby Hubby – Gaping Gabriella Worships Lexi Luna’s Feet

 Subby Hubby  Gaping Gabriella Worships Lexi Lunas Feet  preview

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Lexi is getting ready for dinner with her boyfriend, but prior to that, she would like to have some fun. She has her slut kneeling at her and her boyfriend’s feet. After reviewing her list of demands, and of course agreeing to every single thing Lexi wants, Gabriella is allowed to worship her feet. Lexi twists his fetish against him again, and he is willing to do anything in order to worship her feet, including worshipping her boyfriend’s feet as well.of course. Gabriella is left alone while Lexi goes to dinner with her boyfriend, and he is left with multiple things to do. Gabriella agrees to wash her boyfriend’s car, to do everything that Lexi asks, and to put it in writing. There will be no going back at this point, Gabriella has signed his life over!


Subbyhubby – Subby Hubby – The Pathetic Husband Worships Lexi’s feet

 Subby Hubby  The Pathetic Husband Worships Lexis feet  preview

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Lexi has her bitch husband, on the floor, in chastity, at her feet. Where he absolutely belongs. Lexi knows that as a husband, he is absolutely worthless when it comes to sex. His pathetic 2″ dick will please nobody. His tongue is also useless, unless it’s used to clean dirty feet, and she has no problem telling her bitch husband this. Every day she is breaking him down further n further. Lexi is extremely pleased that she found something useful in her marriage.he can clean her princess feet with his pathetic slave tongue. Lexi puts her slave husband to work, allowing him the privilege of cleaning her feet from every angle. She was so pleased with his tongue cleaning, she walks out saying I am going to change, and when I get back we will fuck.is she going to free him from chastity???


Ass Smother – Club Stiletto FemDom – Kick Under My Latex Covered Ass – Miss Xi

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Kick Under My Latex Covered Ass   Miss Xi  preview

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“How much have you been dreaming about my ass?” Miss Xi asks her pathetic slave. “Every day, Princess” he replies, as she slowly lowers her ass to his face. He gasps with excitement, although she doesn’t sit down completely, but moves up and down in order to torment him first. Finally, she sits down and you faintly hear a mumbled ‘thank you’ from underneath her ass. She drapes her legs across his body and seals his mouth and nose with her skirt. As the slave kicks, he turns his head sideways and Miss XI nearly falls right off his face! She dismounts and slaps his face hard for being so careless. She sits forward on his face and reaches back to yank on his nipples. If you like armpits, you get some great views of her pits throughout this clip.
Miss Xi lifts her skirt and has the slave lick the sweat from her ass cheeks before she pulls it back down and sits on him again. This time she tells him she’s not going to get up and he really starts to thrash underneath her. She shows little concern, however, as she takes him to his limit before she sits back down on his chest and teases you with her beautiful, dainty feet, right in front of the camera. Once more, she tantalizingly pulls up her skirt, and this time she sits on him flesh to flesh, with her ass actually touching his face. Lucky bitch! She flips around and wraps her legs around his neck, to show how muscular and powerful they really are. The slave’s face turns red as he frantically kicks, eventually pawing at her legs with his hands. Rather than let loose, XI suggests that maybe she should just snap his neck with her legs instead.


Feet – Club Stiletto FemDom – Hubby Likes It When She Has Men Over – Miss Jasmine

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Hubby Likes It When She Has Men Over   Miss Jasmine  preview

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A good cuckold loves it when his wife has real men over because he understands that her pleasure is all that matters. He might feel a bit jealous knowing she’s pleasuring and touching another man and eagerly spreading her legs to take his cock deep inside her, while he gets nothing… well, maybe some tease and denial at best, but one thing’s for sure – he can’t deny how much it arouses him! He lives to hear the sounds of her sexual bliss, and as a result, he’s always happiest when he knows another man is on the way over. Such is the life of Miss Jasmine and her cuckold, and in this scene, we see her in the tub with hubby massaging her feet, blindfolded as he’s not good enough to see her naked body, as she describes how this helps her to relax before her lover arrives.
This is a candid clip of Jasmine talking to her hubby and to you, too. She describes the way the evening will unfold for hubby, her stud boyfriend, and herself, and talks about the way their relationship started until it evolved into its current blissful state. If you enjoy erotic, kinky cuckold talk and feet, this clip will have you shooting a load before it’s halfway through, so you might want to lock yourself into chastity now to make sure you enjoy it all the way to the end.


Feet – THE MEAN GIRLS – Family Foot Obsession – Goddess Platinum and Princess Amber

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Family Foot Obsession   Goddess Platinum and Princess Amber  preview

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This foot freak is SO easy to control if you have gorgeous feet. And obviously perfect feet run in our family. My 18yr old niece Amber can’t believe how pathetic this foot loser is. We just wave our sweaty, stocking-clad feet under his nose- and he will do literally ANYTHING we say! I start by showing off how desperate he is for my shoes to come off just so he can sniff my nylons. Then I make him inhale my foot scent through those well-worn nylons like the fool that he is- and he is completely under my control after that. From there on, we just make him literally BEG like our personal “foot pet” just to have a few more sniffs and kisses on our beautiful feet. So fucking pathetic. Seriously, we fucking HUMILIATE this foot freak in this clip. Amber can’t believe how pathetic he is. And to be honest, its pretty obvious that he doesn’t want to be like this- but he just can’t help himself. His pathetic, weird fetish literally won’t allow him to resist our feet. Which is just fine by us because we think its hilarious. And you will definitely see that when you watch this clip! Are there any other foot weirdos out there that want to grovel at our feet like this?? Haha. -Goddess Platinum


Foot Domination – Lady Cruellas games – Evil stepsis – Worship my feet bro

 Lady Cruellas games  Evil stepsis  Worship my feet bro  preview

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The cruel stepsis if are alone with her loser stepro she always bullies him like now. She decides she makes him a slave. Poor stepro tries to resist but she takes down him smothers him with her sexy ass. Poor guy screams for some air and mercy. But she not only smothering him she tickling him same time. The stepbro can’t fight long time and finally beg for mercy and agree with that he will be her slave. In this clip she makes him to smell, kiss and lick her stinky, sweaty stockinged feet. When he doesn’t do it she fucks his mouth cruelly with her foot. She very enjoys to humiliate her loser stepbro.


Footlicking – Czech Soles – She loves to have her BIG feet worshiped

 Czech Soles  She loves to have her BIG feet worshiped  preview

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Charlie and his roommate Cat are living together for few months now and everything is going fine until today. Just now Cat has returned from work after 12 hour shift. She’s tired and her feet hurt and they are pretty smelly. She shares that with Charlie and than she goes to bed for a while. The minute she leaves the room Charlie starts to smell her shoes she left there but what he did not expect is that she’ll be back in few minutes. Cat catches Charlie sniffing her shoes and she starts to laugh. It looks like she’s surprised and amused but she’s not mad or anything, she actually does not mind. Great! Cat tell Charlie to continue if he really likes it and he all for it of course. Charlie is having his way with her feet, worshiping them, smelling her soles and toes and turns out in time that she actually enjoys this very much. At first it was funny for her, something to laugh about but now Cat really likes how it feels to have her big sexy feet worshiped. Too bad Charlie did come clean much sooner…but there will be enough time to make up for it since Cat will demand it every day after work. The fun has just begun.