Corporal Punishment – Asian Cruelty – WHIP TESTING DAY! Starring Goddess Gaia

Asian Cruelty  WHIP TESTING DAY Starring Goddess Gaia  preview

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Today I feel like trying out a few new toys. A hard wooden paddle and two new bullwhips. These are some nasty toys and this should make for a very very good time!
I have my unwilling victim tethered in place, his hands shackled above him, I start with my wooden paddle, it has holes for added zeal. I slam it mightily into his buttocks repeatedly as I savor his reactions. Then I move along to my first bull whip, it’s black with a heavy tongue and it is just as vicious as can be. It bites into his skin, bruising him on contact.
The next whip is even more sadistic, it breaks his skin and leaves him screaming, it lacerates his back and tears at his flesh. He recoils in anguish and I just continue on my path to his demise.


Asian Goddess – Asian Cruelty – SAVAGELY WHIPPED TO OBEDIENCE – Empress Kimmy Lee

Asian Cruelty  SAVAGELY WHIPPED TO OBEDIENCE   Empress Kimmy Lee  preview

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Oh it’s going to be a painful day! Not for me of course. But for my slave. Yes it will be splendidly painful! If nothing else he will be able to admire me in my fine leather corset and Latex leggings.
He does not stand a chance. I throw at him with my fell strength from the first blow. I beat him, stroke after magnificent stroke, the pain resounding through my helpless slave, his whimpering and whining music to my ears. I cannot help myself, not that I would try too. I slaughter his nipples and thighs bruise him and leave lines of my loving assault all upon him.


Domination – Asian Cruelty – BULLWHIP TANGO ANTHOLOGY VOL 1 – Queen Darla

Asian Cruelty  BULLWHIP TANGO ANTHOLOGY VOL 1   Queen Darla  preview

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From Queen Darla’s best selling Bullwhip Tango series of extreme bullwhipping clips. We Bring you BULLWHIP TANGO ANTHOLOGY VOL. 1 it presents all of the brutally real footage from “BRUTAL WHIPS FROM THE QUEEN OF CRUELTY” and “THE FULL FURY OF MY SADISTIC WHIPS”.If you are a devotee of cruel and severe corporal punishment and discipline, If you are a fan of REAL PAIN!, If you`re a QUEEN DARLA admirer or just a man who wants to fantasize about being in this Poor Slave’s Position, Then this is the video for YOU!
Heres What you Get: So very Sadistic!
I get a lot of nicknames around the dungeon from slaves and fellow mistresses alike: “The Queen of Mean,” “Goddess of the Whip,” “Cruelty Queen.” I take it as a compliment, and I guess I come by those names honestly. Today is no exception. I have my slave bound up to the ceiling and my short quirt whip in hand, ready for some close combat with my slave. Of course I use the word combat with some qualification. It is his will I intend to do battle with, breaking him down with one heavy handed whiplash at a time.
Needless to say, my victory is imminent. With each malicious and wicked strike of my whip, I crush his spirit little by little as he succumbs to my wishes. I play a vicious head game that rivals the harsh physical pain befalling upon him. I keep him guessing when and where the next whip will land. I can sense him letting his guard down; then I let loose a flurry of whip strikes that obviously drives him to the breaking point. Every mark and welt tells a story, and it’s not a happy ending.
Now I focus on his Ass. He’s crying wet tears, but nothing slows my assault on his backside. I’m testing my aim, hitting the same spot repeatedly, and that’s where the real, deep pain comes in. I use my twirling, figure-eight technique for multiple quick hits, then my windmill windup for a single ferocious slash. His raw-skinned ass is taking everything I have to give.




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[Femdom 2018] MISTRESS GAIA – LITTLE SPARROW COCK [Bootdom, Boot Domination, Femdomboot, Gaia, Mistress, Bootlicking, Boot Worship]
Today I am going to give my slave a little training treat, and if he pleases me I may reward him. He’s going to learn to worship me, and know what it means to be obedient. I put my slave on a collar and leash and I lead him to the foot of my throne. He will remain on his knees at all times, as he’s my bitch and I want only to look down on him. I begin by sitting on my throne and getting my slut to lick my boots, I want to see that tongue of his going. I also order him to suck on my stiletto heels and make sure he cleans them. It’s a great privilege for my bitch to be allowed to worship my beautiful black leather boots. I give him a couple of hard yanks on his chain to remind him to keep licking. As he looks up at me with those pathetic eyes, I know he’s becoming aroused. I tell him he can touch his tiny cock, however he must also continue to worship me and kiss my boots. After a while I notice that although his cock is hard, its so fucking tiny. I tell him if he wants to cum, he must put it between my boots. I place them together jamming his tiny piece of meet, and my slut begins to pant and gasp as he pushes his cock back and forward between my leather boots. I finally give him permission to cum, and he groans as he squirts his mess over my boots. What a filthy slut!! I order my bitch to get his tongue out, and lick up the mess he made of my boots with his tiny little sparrow cock…


Boot Domination – Young Goddess Kim – Servitude

 Young Goddess Kim  Servitude  preview

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Servitude: the state of being a slave or completely subject to someone more powerful.
It is an honor for a male to be taken into ownership and used by a dominant Goddess. Just look at the unworthy slave beneath My boots; I have given it purpose and reason for being. It is another glorious day to serve and worship Me – in any way I command. Today, I am enjoying wearing My thigh high patent boots and this lucky mutt will pay its respects and prove its usefulness before Me. I order it to kiss My superior boots and get to work licking every inch, polishing away eagerly with its tongue. I am not easily impressed and make it work and lick harder. Boot bitch is ordered to lay on its back while I use it like a rug, resting My divine boots on its body and wiping My soles clean on its tongue. Now, let Me see if it has shined every inch to My satisfaction while I enjoy smoking a cigarette and scrutinizing the slave’s work. Since this bitch is completely subject to My power and control I will use its tongue to discard My ash and consume My cigarette butt. I let it play with its useless tiny dick and enjoy tormenting it further at the end of My boot soles. That useless hard dick could never please a Woman – luckily I find other creative ways for it to please Me. A human ashtray, boot cleaning bitch, carpet beneath My soles. What would you give to be in his position?
Includes: Female Domination, Boot Domination, Human Ashtray, Smoking, Human Furniture, Humiliation, Tease & Denial, Shoe & Boot Worship, Femdom, Female Supremacy, PVC, Glove Fetish, Objectification, Shiny Fetish, Verbal Humiliation, CFNM


Spitting – Young Goddess Kim – Lowly slave fed in the cage

 Young Goddess Kim  Lowly slave fed in the cage  preview

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I am on My way out to a dinner date, but before I leave, the caged slave has a dinner date with My sole! it looks so helpless but I don’t have any pity on it. I have decided to put the bitch on a diet, so it is lucky enough to even get this measly meal. it thinks I will let it out the cage to eat – not a chance! I press My stiletto down hard on the banana, squashing it beneath My sole and making it lick it all off My sole through the cage. To drink, I bless it with My spit and make it lap it from the bowl like the bitch it is. Far undeserving of this honor, if it is hungry when I return I’m sure I will have some dirt on My soles for it to lick off. I lock the cage and leave to My date with My gfs.
Includes: Femdom, Cage Confinement, Stilettos, Female Domination, Humiliation, Shoe Worship, Food Crush, Feeding slave, Spit Fetish, Female Supremacy, CFNM, Pantyhose, Leather Skirt, Verbal Humiliation, Degradation, High Heel Domination


Real Life Goddess – Young Goddess Kim – Broken toy

 Young Goddess Kim  Broken toy  preview

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It has finally sunk in to this objects head that it is nothing but an unworthy, literal toy. A toy that has been played with over and over and over again and is now programmed into an inanimate object. I left it overnight and while I have been out all day it just lays on the floor like a forgotten toy. So when I arrive I just laugh at its pathetic immobile state and naked body begging to be played with. Once I start using My toy, the only thing that moves is its twitching dick, that is how I like it – completely pliable and puppet-like. But I know I can break it even more. These boots were made for breaking boys into toys – and that’s just what they’ll do! Edging and swopping between My PVC gloves and boots until I see a glimmer of desperation… And then a cum countdown with an ultimatum. Is the toy truly broken? Is there still cum in those balls? Will it shoot and drip in devastation? Aww too bad broken toy! I will have to put it away in My dark closet – dragging and kicking it to fit inside just like you would any other piece of junk.
**This clip includes POV angles…..Become My broken toy!
Includes: Female Domination, Boot Domination, PVC Gloves, Bootjob, Handjob, Edging, Verbal Humiliation, Cum Countdown, Cumshot, Ruined Orgasm, Objectification, Mental Domination, Femdom POV angles, Shiny Fetish, Jeans Fetish, CFNM, Female Supremacy


Lecken – Boot Heel Worship Cbt Humiliation – WorshipUnderTheTable – Lady Iveta

 Boot Heel Worship Cbt Humiliation  WorshipUnderTheTable   Lady Iveta  preview

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The beautiful Lady Iveta is sitting on a chair having her devoted footslave laying under the table at her sexy high arched feet. She wants him to worship her feet while doing some messages with her smart phone. Lady Iveta doesn’t give her slave attention ignoring him while resting her sexy feet on his chest right in front of his face. Her slave is giving much effort to please his Mistress licking all the tasty sweat off the soles and toes. Watch it with great toe wiggling and pointing, nice POV scenes and close ups. 1280×720 WMV.


Femdom – Asian Cruelty – THRASHED FOR HIS IMPERTINENCE – Empress Jazmin Wu

 Asian Cruelty  THRASHED FOR HIS IMPERTINENCE   Empress Jazmin Wu  preview

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This is the follow up to Empress Jazmin Wu’s extremely popular Slave Punishment clip “Feel The Wrath Of Empress Wu”. Enjoy!
With my slave helplessly bound to my steel bondage frame, I can and will do pretty much anything I wish with him. And what I wish to do, is make him suffer for his impertinence. An attitude adjustment is long overdue for this unruly slave, and so a good thrashing is in order with one of my most lethal whips, which I fondly refer to as The Twisted Thrasher.
This unique whip combines both leather and rubber tails, twisted and bound into one very painful instrument of torment. Each strike is like a thousand needles cutting into the flesh, and with every strike, the twisting motion serves to lacerate the soft flesh further. In mere seconds, his back is ravaged with welts, cuts and bruises, while he helplessly screams for mercy. But my twisted thrasher whip shows no mercy!
After having shredded his back, I turn my attention to his fully exposed cock and balls. It is here, that I demonstrate my pure and absolute power over my male subjects. Over and over, I relentlessly thrash his family jewels, until they are one enormous mass of welted and bruised flesh.
Oh how I do love the sound of my whip as it slams into the flesh of my slave’s private parts. Perhaps second only to the sound of his guttural screams, trapped deep in the back of his throat.



 Asian Cruelty  THE DIVINE PRIVILEGE OF EXQUISITE SUFFERING   Goddess Luna Li  preview

270 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:06:12

If you have been accepted into my world, you are among the chosen few that will truly live the life you so desperately crave. That of a slave. Working and serving to please me, and only me. All day, every day. For the rest of your life.
Among the duties expected of you, is to surrender your mind, body and soul to my sadistic nature. For it is a supreme privilege to lie helpless beneath me and feel the eternal sting of my whip. Strike after excruciating strike, I can beat the very soul out of a man, until I hear it leaving his lips in a deep, guttural gasp. It is his tribute to me. A sign of appreciation. His life is complete receiving the divine privilege of my exquisite pain.
The pain that I can bring upon my slave’s flesh can be overwhelming. Some may shy away from the challenge of submitting themselves to such extreme sufferance, but those brave enough to surrender will benefit tremendously. This is because the greater the suffering, the greater the ecstasy of your release. Your release of power…of your selfhood…of your boundaries. When you can let go of these things and give yourself to me, I will show you true elation.
You wonder where I will strike next, as the sound of my sharp heels circle you in my dungeon. My whip strikes are excruciating and relentless, but you live for the moment when I look deep into your eyes and make you smell your own burning flesh off the leather of my whip.