Caning – Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – CBT Agony

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  CBT Agony  preview

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I remind my lowly slave just how lucky he is to be locked in steel chastity by showing him all of the awful things that can happen to his cock and balls if they’re left free and unsupervised.
First, I crush his balls with a spiked metal ballcrusher, twisting the sharp metal spikes into his scrotum so tightly he can barely stand.
Then I add electrodes to his cock, cranking up the electric before taking a thin, painful cane to his cock and balls, ignoring his pleas to be locked back up to continue inflicting pain on his genitals until I’m certain he’s learned his lesson.


Corsets – Asian Cruelty – STUCK IN MY WEB OF AGONY – Princess Inari

Asian Cruelty  STUCK IN MY WEB OF AGONY   Princess Inari  preview

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So my unlucky slave, you know that I am, more than anything else a SADIST. Why don’t you worship my glorious, handcrafted, thigh high boots. They are very very expensive and must be treated with the utmost tenderness and care.
Worship them as though you are making love to me, Not that a creature as hideous and unremarkable as yourself would ever stand a chance. But go ahead, make love to my boots and let me find fault in your actions so that I at least feel that Im being fair when I devastate you.
Oh I see that you become entangled in my little web. You will make a nice little appetizer for my sadistic hunger. Do you like the burden that has been placed upon your head? Do your lungs burn? Oh yes my darling pathetic creature, every second of this day will just be torturous for you. I have a full on frontal attack in store for you!
The Princess has covered her slaves head in a latex bag with a small breathing hole. He eventually falls limp from the pain that the princess is imposing upon his nipples and frontal areas, he is too exhausted to even struggle as the Princess does everything possible to wrap him in agony!


Beatdown – Asian Cruelty – SCRATCH ATTACK! Starring Queen Darla

Asian Cruelty  SCRATCH ATTACK Starring Queen Darla  preview

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My Slave looks so pathetic! Like he always does, as all useless men do.
I think that I will teach him a little lesson today, He’s been a little to happy lately and it sickens me. Besides I’m just kind of bored so I may as well put his pathetic ass to and entertain myself.
I have my belligerent piece of man meat strung up, naked and helpless, looking pitiful as always but he will look much worse once I have finished with him! My nails are sharpened and ready. My mouth is salivating in the anticipation of covering him in my goddess spittle.
I give my slave no leeway nor pardon as I slap his face and spit all over his disgusting face. I can see the humiliation mounting in him, he almost seems angry but openly displaying it would only further burden his flesh and mind as my ability to cause him pain would only escalate. He cannot escape my saliva, nor the anguish of my nails digging into his flesh nor the back handed blows slamming into his ugly face!


Cuffs – Asian Cruelty – A VIOLENT BEATING BEFITTING A PRINCESS Starring Princess Inari Kai

Asian Cruelty  A VIOLENT BEATING BEFITTING A PRINCESS Starring Princess Inari Kai  preview

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I am a Princess and I get what I want. And what I want today is to beat my slave. So of course, I will, in any way that I want. In some most sadistic fashion
My slave is most vulnerable at the moment. Completely immobilized on a spanking platform, his hindquarters exposed and so vulnerable. My painful shot loaded paddle in my hand, It’s heavy and it’s painful. My swing ferocious, landing hard on his buttocks and immediately reddening them the welts appear almost instantly as my slave whimpers in sweet agony. I transition to an even heavier, more painful paddle and make him say my name as I strike him so that I may hear the pain in his voice!


Asian Princess – Asian Cruelty – A DILDO IN YOUR MOUTH AND A CANE IN MY HAND – Astro Domina

Asian Cruelty  A DILDO IN YOUR MOUTH AND A CANE IN MY HAND   Astro Domina  preview

103 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:09:31

Oh it’s gonna be a fun day. I have a few slaves bound in my dungeon and I’m planning on beating one of them to a pulp! I have picked out a somewhat stubborn idiot. But I like beating on him because he doesn’t try to run and it makes things easier.
I have many painful implements planned for you my miserable little slave. And you will take all of them for me. You have no choice, you’re bound and helpless. I think that I’ll add a little humiliation and adorn your ugly ass face with a Penis gag. Oh yes a penis gag!!!
I can go at him full strength. I will be tried by the time that I have unleashed on him.
I start with a very painful heavy rubber paddle I swing at him hard and immediately redden and bruise him, before moving on the my leather paddles and then the heavy wooden one that now draws . But this entices me provokes my sadistic lust. So I seek out my canes and beat him savagely until he is welted and , trembling in pain!!!!!


Leather – Asian Cruelty – IT’S A COLD DAY FOR YOUR NIPPLES – Goddess Ivy

Asian Cruelty  ITS A COLD DAY FOR YOUR NIPPLES   Goddess Ivy  preview

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Sometimes I really wonder how foolish my slaves must think me. The disrespectful little innuendos that they think slip by and go unnoticed. To reference my nipples while making mention of it being cold is definitely lacking of respect and certainly ungentlemanly. I heard your comment slave! I don’t care that your commentary was not directed to me, but more over that it was in reference to me and it made way to my ears and sadistic mind, you idiotic fool of a man!
Today my slave will learn about nipples, how painful it can be when they are subjected to the cold of heart. Yes my slave It is COLD today, let me show you exactly how cold it is. I think that your howls of agony and pleading yelps will be a good indicator of the temperature in this room as I twist and tug, slap and clamp your sensitive nipples as I pull on the chains and twist the clamps as you struggle in the futility of what you have brought upon yourself!!! Yes It’s COLD in here and now you’re distraught little nipples know it!!!!


Tits – Asian Cruelty – FOR MAKING MENA WEIGHT – Goddess Mena

Asian Cruelty  FOR MAKING MENA WEIGHT   Goddess Mena  preview

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Well I hope that my idiotic slave enjoys the events that I have planned for him today.
Im going to teach him about physics, how every action has an equal and opposite reaction. My inconsiderate and lazy slave thought that it, OK to make me wait the other day. So now I will teach him how miserable weighting can be!
Oh I see that you’re too stupid to get it, haven’t really caught on yet! You thought that this was going to be about impact play for my little pain slut. Oh no darling this is about just letting you stand there helpless and in pain while you “WEIGHT” for me to stop punishing you. Yes I know that just the pinching of the clamps is bad enough, but this lesson is about weighting, so you see sweetie the WEIGHTS ARE FUCKIN relevant you idiot! Oh Yes I know it hurts!!!!
Go ahead moan and groan all that you want! It just makes your punishment all that much more enjoyable to me, Oh does it hurt Poor little baby? Good I can see that it does, Maybe you’ll learn your lesson! Sorry that it’s so painful to be just be left hangin and weighting around, see how it feels. If he ever makes me wait another second I’m doubling up on everything next time


Leather – Asian Cruelty – A SADISTIC DELICACY – Mistress Phoenix Frost

Asian Cruelty  A SADISTIC DELICACY   Mistress Phoenix Frost  preview

72 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:07:58

Sometimes I’m just feeling a little (or very) sadistic. Today would be such a day, I think that I shall dress myself in my exquisite leather pants and empowering red stilettos. Then bind and torment my slave just because it pleases me to watch him suffer and scream!
Oh yes I have my poor poor pathetic slave bound and helpless, he’s really not much of a pain slut, so it’s just all that much more entertaining to my twisted mind. I even blindfold him, depriving him of my beauty as I beseech his every sensitive region with pain, I twist his nipples and watch him wreath in pain as I smile and kick him in the balls when he can’t even see it coming. I bring about his misery and suffering as I beat him ruthlessly with my crop and then with a brutal harsh nitrile rubber whip.
My slave can only scream in grief as my sadism easily overpowers him. He cannot elude the pain that I so cruelly bestow upon him. His tears, trembling, girlish screams and panting breaths are like a gourmet delicacy to a Sadist such as myself. And today I feast!


Sissy Sluts – Alice In BondageLand – FemDom – Fireside Pegging – Sissy Strap-On Threesome With Evadne and Monika

 Alice In BondageLand  FemDom  Fireside Pegging  Sissy StrapOn Threesome With Evadne and Monika  preview

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Enjoy this cozy fireside scene with your kinky family.
Mistress Evadne is in her big armchair by the fire, ready for you to sit on her lap like our good little sissy girl. Since a sitting on a cock for the first time is such a special moment, we want to make sure you do it RIGHT. We wouldn’t trust that special first time to just anyone, so let us guide and nurture you into the world of sexuality.
Our little Monika is clearly ready to blossom when we catch her playing with her clitty. We enjoy exploring her growing body together in this threesome. Evadne’s rigid strapon driving into her might hurt at first, but soon she will learn to sit right down on our dicks and bounce like a good slut. We’re going to raise our little sissy RIGHT.
“If you can take Mistress Evadne’s whole cock in your virgin-tight sissy hole, then maybe I will reward you.” It isn’t often that a mistress gives a blowjob, but this is the kind of day that deserves a celebration. I’ve also found that a little oral pleasure can help make your first pegging a little easier to handle.
Remember, if you get close to cumming, you have to tell me! If you can get that dildo is balls-deep in your hole without crying, then I will let you cum all over my breasts and then suckle your juices off my nipples. They call it sissy milking for a reason! We wouldn’t want those cummies to go to waste…