Verbal Humiliaton – Asian Cruelty – WHEN THE BALLS BREAK, MY PUPPET WILL FALL – Princess XI

Asian Cruelty  WHEN THE BALLS BREAK MY PUPPET WILL FALL   Princess XI  preview

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Having grown irritated with my slaves constant whiney requests to be released from his incarceration in my steel pagoda cage, I decide to grant him a moment of temporary freedom. But its not without a price, I assure you. Upon his release, I immediately replace those cold, steel bars with an even colder steel chain leash and collar around his throat, to better control and manhandle him to my whims.
I order him to his knees, and immediately soccer kick him square in the nuts to take him down even lower, bringing him eye level with my gorgeous feet and stilettos. I order him to KISS AND LICK MY SHOES, which he does eagerly in between him choking and gasping for his next breath. I drag him back up by his leash, and control his every movement as I dig my dagger like stilettos into his most prized possessions. He cant move a muscle. His only option is to stand there and take my delicious agony.
Over and over I kick, stomp, slap and crush his cock and balls relentlessly, until he comes to realize that in the future he should shut the fuck up and take his punishment without complaining or whining. Because I have the power to make him whine far more loudly, squeal actually, with a good swift kick to my puppets family jewels.


Financial Domination – ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – TRAINED TO BE A PAYPIG FOR PRINCESS (FULL VERSION) Starring Princess Jennifer


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“We have another full version release for you guys! This is the Full version release of TRAINED TO BE A PAYPIG FOR PRINCESS. A full 15 minutes of financial domination. Watch as Princess Jennifer charges this poor nitwit for his every move. If financial Domination (Or Princess Jennifer) is your thing , Then this is the video for you and at the bargain price of $11.99”
It’s Friday, and you know what that means? It’s Princess Pay Day! Friday is the day Princess’ stable of MONEY SLAVES get their paychecks, and line up one by one to give Princess Jennifer their hard earned cash. This particular Asian loser has been busting his ass all week long for minimum wage at a local Chinese Restaurant, hoping and praying for the opportunity to surrender his entire paycheck to his one and only Princess. Princess has specifically instructed him to bring only singles, because she has devised a diabolical game of financial domination for this flunkee, intended to not only to remove him from his own money, but also TRAIN AND CONDITION him to be her pay piggie…to need and want to come back and bring her more…again and again and again.
As he kneels below Princess Jennifer, he presents a large, thick stack of ONE DOLLAR BILLS as instructed…Three Hundred of them In fact! She then allows him the supreme privilege of touching her leg for just a quick second…That will cost him ONE DOLLAR! Now, that’s not so much for the opportunity to touch his Royal Princess, right? But like an alcoholic, gambler, or drug addict, he is hooked in and simply cannot stop. He must have another, and another, and another.
From there, she takes it up a notch and allows him to lick her gleaming leather booties… and then to kiss her exposed perfect toes…and then to kiss her perfect ass. TEN DOLLARS A KISS! He is completely intoxicated by his beautiful Asian Goddess, MESMERIZED, irreversibly trained and conditioned, as his huge stack of bills quickly disappears before his very eyes. She escalates her game even further, extorting TWENTY DOLLARS for a hard slap across his pathetic face…and another, and another. For FIFTY DOLLARS, she will spit her hot, salty saliva on his face. PAY UP PIGGIE! HAHA!
In a mere 7+ minutes, Princess Jennifer has drained this slave’s entire wallet dry to the bone and sends him off to another long, hard week of working for his Princess. And he will be back next Friday, same time, same place. Because this is what Princess Jennifer wants and demands. And he is powerless to resist her.
The pay piggy’s are sticking around for round two of princess payday. Princess Jennifer is teaching her money slaves a new word today, it’s called INFLATION. It’s defined as the price of goddess worship just keeps going up, and going up fast. It now takes huge wads of cash to do the same thing that cost a few dollars minutes ago. The cost of kissing her feet, legs, ass or even getting smacked in the face, or spat on now cost mountains of cash. Our money slave is oblivious to the cost as he is in a trance like state following any and every expensive command of his goddess and even promises to bring more money next week for a princess payday.


Mental Domination – ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – YOU WILL PAY EITHER WAY! Starring Kimmy Lee


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We have another great deal! This is the Special edition of PAY FOR MY SPIT AND CUM, OR ELSE! Starring Kimmy Lee. This is all of the combined and arousing footage of “Pay For My Spit” and “A Double Spanking” A bargain at this discounted price of only $11.99 For 15 minutes of collectors footage
It’s been 31 days of chastity for my slaves, and it’s their milking day. I live with the philosophy anything good comes at a price, so I inform my slaves to show up to their milking with wads of cash. I have them stroke their pathetic cocks, but they must payfor the privilege of touching themselves. After a short time they ask me if they can have some lube, so I offer my spit, but again they have to pay for it.
I demand wads of cash as I turn to them and spit on their loser cocks, and they start stroking away. Soon their hands go dry again, and they ask me for more spit. Well, I know how stimulated they are now, so I ask for more money. This goes on a few times, and before you know it they’re paying me hundreds of dollars for my spit. I just hope they cum before they run out of cash!
You would think they would appreciate being the slaves of a sexy, demanding, Asian beauty like myself, but no, they have to screw it up! I let them out of chastity, and both were unable to cum at my command, and now they’re going to pay. This month I’m putting spikes in their chastity devices; maybe that will motivate them to follow my command.
Still, they need to answer for their poor performance, so I give them a good hand spanking. Like two little boys, I bend them over a bench and give them a brutal hand spanking till their butt cheeks turn a rosy red. In seconds, they both start crying like ; they are such wimps. I alternate between slaves, giving them a series of hard slaps to their asses. Their cries get louder and louder with each turn. Of course, I have no sympathy for them; I know it’s all for their own good.


Duct – Christina QCCP – Babysitting: It’s EASY

 Christina QCCP  Babysitting Its EASY  preview

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I LOVE when I get to babysit. I go to Home Depot, get all the duct tape in the world, say bye-bye to the parents, and for the next few hours my charge doesn’t move or make a peep (although he tries).
Although I will say, sometimes I get bored, sometimes I do stuff babysitters shouldn’t do…. like rub on his lil manhood to see how hard I can make him, how embarrassed I can get him. It’s not like he can escape…. sometimes I even make my little duct-taped victim cum (it’s REALLY easy), but like, what’s he gonna do? Tell his parents? Doubtfulllllll…..


Shoe Worship – Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Shiny Seamed Stockings

Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos  Obey Nikita  Shiny Seamed Stockings  preview

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My new rubber full fashioned seamed stockings are to for! I love how smooth and soft the thin transparent smoke latex feels on my legs and the solid black contrast is simply gorgeous! This little latex hooded whore was very lucky to be allowed to buy them for me. Now it’s even more lucky I’m allowing it to get its greedy paws on them, albeit lubed up paws as I do enjoy having a slave polish my rubber to a glossy sheen. A nice lick-shine is always amusing as well. Poor thing that cock that I own is so excited to be touching my new stockings its straining to get out from its little plastic prison. There’s nothing it can do but beg to be released from chastity as I alone decide when and if that thing gets to cum. Not today! It goes back in its steel cage until I can find some other use for it.


Fetish – Elegant femdom – efcl666 foot smother – Princess Lucy

Elegant femdom  efcl666 foot smother   Princess Lucy  preview

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Poor slave is foiled totally, helplessly lays under his goddess feet. Even his head is covered with foil with only a hole at his mouth to let him breath. He can breath until the princess let him to do. She is towering above her and enjoy the power how she can manipulate his breathing with her perfect sexy feet. She puts her stockinged feet on his mouth and check her watch how long is he able to keep up without air. She gloats over him as he struggles and writhes like a worm.


Submissive Slave Training – Mistress Blackdiamoond – Nipple torture and boiled balls – Lady Chanel

Mistress Blackdiamoond  Nipple torture and boiled balls   Lady Chanel  preview

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Lady Chanel and I have some fun torturing the slave with electricity today. I roughly clamp his nipples with the machine and increase the voltage afterwards. While he has to suffer really bad we relax, smoke a cigarette and use him as our human ashtray. But that’s not enough and so we are also going to punish him with our heels. While doing so he moans because of the intense pain – and the further increased electricity! Then we decide to test the electricity at another part of his body… his balls! We are going to boil his balls with electricity! Lady Chanel takes care of it and puts the amplifiers right at his pathetic bag. The slave isn’t very amused but this just let us have more fun! We torture his balls with electricity and dig our spiky high heels deep into his skins and nipples at the same time… with more and more power after time! I’m sure his nipples and balls won’t ever forget this session…


Femdom – Mistress Blackdiamoond – Defenseless beneath our asses

Mistress Blackdiamoond  Defenseless beneath our asses  preview

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We fixated both our slaves inside the carpet like a roll and me as well as Lady Chanel can use a slave for facesitting now perfectly. We wanna take away their air and order them to collect our ass scent at once. The two losers shall feel honoured that they’re at least useful for something – they’re allowed to be the personal, living seating cushions of the two mistresses of their dreams! Come on – ass sniffing is on!