Ass Worship – Humiliation POV – Jerk Yourself Into A Mindless Spending Frenzy For My Ass – Princess Macey Jade

 Humiliation POV  Jerk Yourself Into A Mindless Spending Frenzy For My Ass   Princess Macey Jade preview

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I know it’s been awhile since I’ve paid attention to you, since I’ve given you a dose of my humiliation that you crave so much, since I’ve made you weak with desire and arousal. And I know you can’t wait to get back at it. I know your weakness. I know your little fetish for my ass and it looks so hot in these cut off jeans shorts. I know my ass makes you so weak. It makes you want to worship me. It makes you want to pull your cock out and jerk.
So fucking stroke it loser until it’s throbbing in anticipation of my perfect ass in your face. Pump it. Jerk your brains out loser for my perfect fucking ass. I know how badly you need my ass. But if you want to see it, you have to pay. You know that you are undeserving and that losers like you have to pay to see an ass like mine. And I know you want to. Paying while you jerk to my ass makes your cock throb.
Click click click loser. Click, jerk, and worship like an addicted ass loser like you should. Click and jerk, click and jerk. My ass owns your mind, your cock and your wallet. Jerk yourself into a mindless spending frenzy for my ass. You fucking love this. It feels so good. Stroke and pump your cash out for my ass. I make you weak. You don’t stand a chance.
The more you stare at my ass and jerk the dumber you get. And the dumber you get, the more you spend. You’re lucky I even let you pay my ass, aren’t you loser? I know you’re on the edge but don’t cum yet. I don’t want you cumming until your brains are leaking out and your wallet is empty. Allow your arousal to take over, don’t think, just obey. Now let go of your cock and send another tribute. Good boy. I’ll bet it’s twitching in the air. Click and twitch loser. Now jerk it again. Hard and fast while you stare up at my ass from your knees thinking about all the cash you just blew. You’re going to explode so hard aren’t you loser? Only paying and worshiping my ass makes you cum that hard.


Femdom – Brat Princess 2 – Kat – Never Say No to Me

 Brat Princess 2  Kat  Never Say No to Me  preview

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Kat is so mad that her idiot embarrassed her in front of the sales girls. She wanted an expensive dress and her idiot said, “no.” Never say no to Kat. She is a girl who is used to getting what she wants. Kat slaps her idiot in the face over and over. That will show him. Princesses should always get whatever they want. Kat tramples her fool, literally walking over him. This is to remind him that he is just her doormat. Kat fucks her losers face with her foot. She can use him for whatever she wants, and he can’t say no. Doormats never say no and girls can walk all over them. Losers are nothing and pretty girls are everything. Kat tells her loser that they are going to go back to the mall and he will get her the dress. And now she wants it in not just one, but two colors. Princesses always get what they want. One more, hard, slap to the face, “Now don’t ever say ‘no’ to me ever again.”


Femdom – Mistress Ezada Sinn – Loser pig stays chained in the bathroom

Mistress Ezada Sinn  Loser pig stays chained in the bathroom  preview

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Tonight I want to go out with My friend Mistress Lilse to have a wonderful dinner, enjoy Ourselves and possibly meet some men. Some real men, that are quite the opposite of the loser We now have chained up in Our bathroom. This wanker is a total failure, an underachiever with a small chastised cock. The pig is good at only three things; to make fun of, to spit on, and to use the credit cards in his wallet to pay four Our fun. What a disgusting sow he is, a sub-human covered in Our spit and maybe later Our piss. he is just a total loser, a pig in Our bathtub.
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Ass Worship – Brat Princess 2 – Raven Hart – Lick Me While I Enjoy the View

 Brat Princess 2  Raven Hart  Lick Me While I Enjoy the View  preview

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Raven is seeing her new boyfriend, Marcello’s penthouse for the very first time. The view is incredible, and Raven is starting to get an idea for just how wealthy her date is. The opulence of Marcello’s penthouse balcony, and knowing how loaded he must be, is a real turn on to Raven. Marcello doesn’t know it yet, but the financial succubus can’t wait to dig in and drain his funds dry. Raven asks her date to get on his knees and start to worship her ass while she enjoys the view from his penthouse. While Marcello’s face is buried in her ass, Raven asks her new boyfriend to take her shoe shopping. Marcello is so turned on by the beautiful woman that he agrees to buy her some nice things. Raven gets more turned on and tells her date to worship her pussy. Rave fantasizes about hotter men while Marcello eats her out. Raven climaxes on her date’s tongue, then pushes him away to go inside. She wants to see the rest of his beautiful home.


Small Penis Humiliation – The Mean Girls – Pigboy Learns To Worship – Princess Cindi

 The Mean Girls  Pigboy Learns To Worship   Princess Cindi  preview

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So this slave just does not quite know how to WORSHIP us Mean Girls the way we deserve to be worshipped. We need him to GROVEL and show that he understands how BENEATH us he is. I inform my girlfriend (who is behind the camera fiilming all this and laughing her ass off) that the best way to instill true humility and devotion in a loser slave is to make it lick the dirt off your shoes. Especially the bottoms. LOL. It should lick the dirt we STEP on off the bottom of our shoes and SWALLOW it to make it understand how beneath us it is. -Princess Cindi


Tease – Brat Princess 2 – Cali – Office Bitch Intern Dominates Coworker

 Brat Princess 2  Cali  Office Bitch Intern Dominates Coworker  preview

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Cali took a long lunch and went on a little bit of a shopping splurge. Nobody at the office seemed to notice her absence except for her co-worker, Danni. Cali shows off to Danni the new dress she just purchased while on her lunch break. Danni is kept locked in chastity by the women in his office. This week, Cali is holding his key, even though she’s just an intern. Cali makes her co-worker admire her body in her new dress. Danni wishes the women in his office did not insist on keeping him in a chastity device. Plus, he must work naked so that all his female co-workers can see that he’s kept locked. It’s humiliating, but Danni needs the job.
Cali checks in with Danni to make sure that he did all her work for her while she was on the long lunch. Danni did all of Cali’s work, and he let her buy some new things for herself with his credit card, so Cali’s pretty happy with Danni at the moment. Danni is happy that Cali’s in a good mood and decides to take advantage of it by asking her if he can come out of chastity. Cali is very offended. Boys should do nice things for girls without expecting anything in return. Danni asking for things in exchange is really offensive to Cali and makes her feel like a whore. Cali is now mad. She is a class act, and as such, cannot be bought with money. Cali does things because she wants to, not because she’s been manipulated or swayed by something as slight as a new dress.
Cali teases Danni with her ass and convinces him to contact HR to arrange for funds from his check to be direct deposited straight into her bank account every payday. Danni complains that he feels like Cali is trying to take advantage of him. Cali is outraged. She understands that she earns more than Danni, even as an intern, but it’s not fair that girls are expected to look hot all the time and spend so much of their earnings on clothes. Cali thinks it’s only fair that Danni, who enjoys looking at her in sexy clothes, contribute to paying for more of them. Cali doesn’t just want one new dress, she wants new dresses every week to wear to the office. What can Danni do? Cali is his keyholder and he must do whatever she wants.


Edging – Brat Princess 2 – Valora – Edge for your Goddess

 Brat Princess 2  Valora  Edge for your Goddess  preview

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Princess Chloe had sent one of her slaves to Goddess Valora for some additional conditioning. Today, Valora wants Chloe’s slave to devote five worship edges to its Princess. Valora toys with the key to the slave’s chastity device. The slave must worship Valora’s beautiful ass in spandex leggings before being allowed to touch itself. Finally, Valora grants its release and the slave jerks eagerly. It must edge for Valora in devotion to Chloe. Valora intends to reprogram the slave’s mind. She wants to deepen and reinforce the slave’s psychological connection between physical pleasure and debt. Valora aims to build a very strong connection in the slave’s mind between the two. The slave must listen to Valora and edge exactly as she instructs. The slave must stroke when she tells it and stop when Valora commands. When the slave doesn’t listen carefully, Valora gets mad and slaps it in the face. While the slave is on the edge, Valora talks seductively about it going further and further into debt for women. The slave must admit that it is a pay pig. Pay pig is its’ new identity. The slave begs to be put back in chastity so that it can be a good pay pig and take Valora and Chloe straight to the mall. The slave obediently locks itself back up and presents Valora with the key. Valora snatches the key from it and off to the mall they go. (13:15)


Money Fetish – The Mean Girls – Gimme Your Money Loser – Princess Adrianna

 The Mean Girls  Gimme Your Money Loser   Princess Adrianna  preview

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This was a real-life slave-member of Our site. He wanted to be used and abused by us in our clips. So after making him jump through all the necessary hoops, Princess Adrianna shows up at his hotel door in Vegas – and he immediately drops to his knees in awe of her beauty – and with money in his teeth for his Superior, of course. LOL
This was the 1st part of Adrianna’s session with him where she basically takes all his money, makes him sign a a waiver (literally on the floor at her feet) and then proceeds to verbally abuse him for being such a pathetic loser that he will let her treat him like this. And nobody tears a slave apart with just her words like Princess Adrianna! ��
***So what “hoops” did this loser have to jump through to earn the privilege of groveling at a Mean Girl’s feet in person? Well 1st of all, he joined Our American Mean Girls Members Site! (If this is like “too much” for you to do – then we figure you aren’t very serious about serving Us.) He also sent a nice deposit, his cell phone #, and proof of his travel to Vegas – as well as a clear picture of his ID so we knew who we were meeting. (Do you honestly think we will meet some random stranger off the internet without knowing who you are???) He did it all – and therefore earned the privilege of crawling to us on his hands and knees in person with more $$$ in his teeth to show his TRUE worship of Adrianna.***
***(And YES, this is all REAL!!!!!!)***


Caning – Brat Princess 2 – Amber – Financial slave gets Caned

 Brat Princess 2  Amber  Financial slave gets Caned  preview

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Amber’s financial slave got her an all expense paid vacation to Las Vegas, just like she wanted. While Amber stays in a Palms penthouse suite, the slave stays in the Super 8 a few miles from the strip. Amber is mad that the slave spent money on a motel for itself. It should be sleeping in its car so that it has more money to give to Amber, and so that it can drive straight to her whenever she needs something. The slave agrees to do anything. It is just so desperate to be near its beautiful, young, Princess. It tries and tries to keep her happy, but all Princess Amber wants from the slave is more and more of his money.
The slave voices that its upset that Amber is going out with another guy in the evening. Amber just laughs at him. She explains that her date is very attractive. Her date doesn’t have a lot of money like the slave, but she has the slave to pay for things, so her date doesn’t really need to be well endowed in every way. Amber tells her slave to give her money so that she can go to a nice place on her date with the handsome man. Amber counts the funds she has just collected from her financial slave while it kisses her feet. She’s upset that the money isn’t enough, but the slave agrees to go get more cash.
While the slave is getting cash, Amber’s room service arrives. She wanted filet mignon as a snack, but the financial slave ordered it at the wrong temperature. Amber likes medium rare but got medium. Everyone knows that overcooking fillet mignon ruins it completely and make it totally inedible. Amber has had it. She decides to give the slave a strict caning before taking its cash and leaving to go out on her date. Amber angrily hits the slave with the cane several times on cold skin. It leaves deep red welts. The crying slave agrees to get Amber even more money to help calm her down.
Amber counts the additional money she has collected from her financial slave while admiring the freshly made cane marks on the slave’s ass. Satisfied with the damage she has done to his body and wallet, Amber contentedly leaves to enjoy her date with the handsome man.


Brat Girls – Humiliation POV – Admit It, You’re Emotionally Cheating On Her With Me – Princess Amai Liu

 Humiliation POV  Admit It Youre Emotionally Cheating On Her With Me   Princess Amai Liu preview

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I know you come here to watch these videos every night. Do you have to sneak away to get privacy? Of course you do. And you need to just admit it, you know that you’re cheating on her with me emotionally, right? You keep checking for my updates or to see what I’m doing when you know you’re supposed to be taking care of her and paying attention to her. But she’s not good for you and she’s never going to compare to me. She is never going to be as pretty as me or as smart as me or know how to get inside of your head like I do. We are just completely different and she can’t fulfill you like I can. She can’t give you what you need, she can’t make you happy.
So you should just leave her and refocus your life because we both know that your heart doesn’t belong to her, it belongs to me, just like your wallet and your mind. You are mine. Not hers. You’re fucking cheating on her right now. This is where you want to be. You think about me during the day. I make your heart race. And you’ve known this for a long time now. You’re never going to be happy with her, you’re always going to end up coming back here. You’re always going to find yourself sneaking off to watch my videos.
You shouldn’t wasting your time and your money on her any more. You’re lying to her and wasting her time and yours. You know it’s true. I’m more important to you. Your relationship is never going to last as long as you keep sneaking off and we both know you’re not going to stop doing that. Your mind is in the clouds, you keep thinking about me, you could care less what she’s doing. Because she’s not what you want.
Your relationship is a sham and you should refocus your life to better serve me. Because I’m what makes you happy. I am your obsession. I’m what you’re really into. Men who are happy don’t run off from there significant other to jerk off to me. She is just a way to pass the time until you can jerk to me again. That’s a sad way of living. You’ll be so much happier once you can focus completely on me. When you don’t have to run and hide any more. With me you will have a purpose and you will feel fulfilled. You’ll never have that with her.
You might be able to build some kind of ‘life’ with her, but you’re never going to be happy. You’re always going to end up coming right back here for the rest of your life. Or until I’m done with you. And even after I cut you off, you’ll still be thinking about me because that’s how fucked up and obsessed you are. She will never be able to do what I can do for you, what I can take from you, she will never have that level of control over your life. Never! And that’s why it’s never going to work for you. Otherwise you’re just going to keep emotionally cheating on her.