Financial Domination – Humiliation POV – I’m Going To Ruin You And I Don’t Give A Fuck – Luna Sapphire

 Humiliation POV  Im Going To Ruin You And I Dont Give A Fuck   Luna Sapphire  preview

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Hey there freak, I just want to remind you exactly where you stand with me. You are nothing to me. Your existence is meaningless. You truly are pathetic. And I think it’s so funny that losers like you worship me. But your only purpose to me is to drain your bank account, degrading you and turning you into my fully controlled human atm.
I’m going to take complete control over your life. And it’s going to be so easy because you’re so weak for hot bratty girls like me. I’m going to teach you to become completely obedient to me while you empty out your wallet. You’re going to be molded into my little cash slut. It’s going to be so degrading knowing that I’m just using you for your money and then I’m going to toss you aside when you’re broke.
You’ll do anything for your bratty princess because you’re weak for me. I want you to jerk your cock knowing that all you’ll ever be to be is a perverted wallet. You’re going to alone and broke forever because of your addiction to me. And that’s what you deserve.
Do you understand how pathetic you are? I mean you’ll never even get to meet me in person yet you can’t stop obsessing over me. You can’t stop paying me. It makes your cock so hard. You live to be a throbbing, twitching fucked over pay piggy. All you do is jerk your cock as I verbally and financially destroy you. You’re so trapped, so fucked.
You love hearing me tell you how useless you are because you know it’s true. That’s why it hurts so bad and that’s why it makes your cock so hard. You know that you’re a loser. Your entire life is going to be jerking and paying and then doing it over and over again. You’re going to be my little worker drone. You go to work just so you can pay me money. You know it’s true loser. Now thank me for giving you purpose and this addiction is going to take over and ruin your life and I don’t give a fuck. And I love it, I love destroying you idiot.


Femdom – Brat Princess 2 – Brianna – Dominatrix Wife Emasculates her Ex Husband Part 1

 Brat Princess 2  Brianna  Dominatrix Wife Emasculates her Ex Husband Part 1  preview

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Brianna is an internationally famous Dominatrix and her ex-husband is a serious loser. When they were married, Brianna’s husband sort of had his life together. But since the divorce, he has really let himself go. Brianna decides it’s time to let her ex really have it. She needs to make it clear to him that his life is falling apart, and that she doesn’t want him anymore. Brianna scolds her ex-husband for being so slovenly. She grabs his rumpled shirt collar and thrusts her knee solidly into his balls. He used to be a man, but now he’s just pudgy and sloppy. And he’s late with alimony again. Brianna always gets very angry when he is late with his alimony. She used to love her husband, but now he just disgusts her. Brianna gets the cane. Her ex-husband needs some solid discipline to set him back in line and get him back out in the productive workforce. Brianna welts her ex-husband’s behind, then sends him away. “I still love you, Brianna,” he cries out while crawling away.


Financial Domination – Brat Princess 2 – Becky – Chastity slave Used for Wallet and Worship

 Brat Princess 2  Becky  Chastity slave Used for Wallet and Worship  preview

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Becky is mad at her cuckold slave because he only bought her a new dress in one color. She wanted to get it in all the colors because she doesn’t know yet which color her date will prefer. Becky makes her cuckold slave take off her shoes and worship her feet. The slave has to clean and lick between her toes. Becky smiles. She loves humiliating her cuck. A real man would never suck her toes. The cuck knows it isn’t a real man and is happy to serve its beautiful Goddess with foot worship. The cuck must stay inside the house, locked in chastity, while Becky is out with a real man. Becky makes the cuck put her shoes back on so that she can go out on her date. Then, it must go get its wallet so that he can pay for the date. The cuckold complains. If his Princess takes his wallet now, then how will he be able to make his weekly tribute? That is not Becky’s problem. The cuck will need to figure that out on his own.


Asian – EMPRESS JENNIFER – Now that Santa is My Slave

EMPRESS JENNIFER  Now that Santa is My Slave  preview

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you’ll never guess what happened… I caught some creep claiming to be SANTA in My house! He said he was dropping off presents for Me because men all over the world wrote him about how good I am! I corrected him telling him, he must mean SLAVES. I immediately make “santa” get on his knees for Me. What a perfect situation. Me and santa; same place, same time. I’m about to make him Mine. Having santa as a slave would be PERFECT. Slapping, spitting and riding him around will definitely make him My bitch haha. And just to be sure, I make him pull down his pants and give him a good conditioning. Yup, thats right, I took santa down CANDY CANE LANE! Beat his ass with My very own cane. I mean candy cane lol making him kiss My shoes and yell out “Christmas is cancelled! and all presents go to Empress Jennifer!” is a new one for the books! Now that santa is My personal bitch, him, his elves, and even Mrs Clause are all My working little servants. So I sending him back up into the chimney to go get the rest of My presents.


V – THE MEAN GIRLS – Whore Bag – Goddess Tina and Goddess Platinum

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Whore Bag   Goddess Tina and Goddess Platinum  preview

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This slave will literally do ANYTHING it is told. It does not just focus on “its fetishes” or selfish desires, like most slaves. It is truly OWNED PROPERTY and does WHATEVER it is commanded by its Owners. Recently, it has been whored out by The Mean Girls to increase profits and make sure it is “always earning” for its Masters! Platinum cannot wait to show off to Tina what she has done to this freak loser NOW. (As if its dignity could not be stripped from it any more than it already has!)
Platinum explains that since turning tricks is totally legal in Vegas, she just has that “thing” stationed out on a streetcorner, literally begging to suck the cock of any tourist that walks by. Tina asks if the slave is gay? (She hasn’t really used this one much.) And she laughs her ass off when Platinum informs her that he definitely is NOT gay! “So he literally gives BJs to random dudes walking by- just because you TELL him to??” She is amazed…but that is the power we have over these freaks.
And Our slaves want to please us sooo bad, so…why not take advantage of that and push it to the max?? We really believe these freaks were CREATED to be USED by us for OUR profit and amusement! Why else would God make them so fucking PATHETIC and desperate to please us?? (Not to mention let us treat them like absolute GARBAGE and they just take it no matter what. LOL)
This is where the real fun begins. Platinum explains that if this male-whore ever does hesitate to obey, we have had his balls PERMANENTLY HARDWIRED with an electronic shock device!! And with one little touch of a button – from anywhere in Vegas – we can literally drop him to his knees in agony with a debilitating electric SHOCK right to its balls!! Apparently, with this setup it feels pretty much like a cattle-prod directly to the testicles haha.
The slave begs her not to, but Platinum demonstrates how well it works just for Tina’s amusement. Of course, Tina just HAS to try it herself!! (Can you blame her? It looks like SO much fun!) One touch of her little finger, and this bitch goes DOWN! Oh yeah, he would MUCH rather give a BJ to a total stranger than have THIS done to him over & over! (No matter HOW “straight” he is!! Or…was??)
Platinum has even locked his hands behind his back so there is no way he can try to rip the wiring out. And a bag that literally says “Whore Bag” is hung around his neck to collect the $$$ he earns for Us!! Can you imagine being sent out onto the street like this?? But he has no choice.
Now it is time for Platinum and Tina to take THEIR $$$ from their walking whore-bag (literally) and count what their bitch has earned for them. (Of course they get it ALL- the bald bitch with the sore jaw and gaping holes gets NOTHING.) But there is only like $100 and some change in here! After a WHOLE NIGHT of streetwalking for them?? WTF?! This bitch has some explaining to do to its “Mean Girl Pimps”….


Financial Domination – Humiliation POV – Unable To Stop Jerking While I Bankrupt You – Princess Lacey

 Humiliation POV  Unable To Stop Jerking While I Bankrupt You   Princess Lacey preview

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I’m about to take you on a journey where you’ll lose everything. I want your bank account on fucking zero. I know you saw the title of this clip and your cock instantly began to twitch. That’s how I already knew you were fucked before you even pressed play.
You know that every fucking cent you have belongs to me. Don’t you agree? I know you do because you’re jerking furiously to the thought. I know you do because you bought this clip. You want to be ruined so badly. Nothing else makes you this horny. I’m going to take it all and you’re going to beg me to do so. I’m going to drain your savings account, I’m going to drain your checking account. You’re going to need to sell your possessions just to pay me even more because you won’t be able to stop.
All of your money will be going into my bank account, all of it. Until you’re broke. Doesn’t that turn you on? I know it does. I want it all until your bank account is at zero. And I know you’re sitting in front of your computer right now jerking off so hard to my words, to the thought of going completely bankrupt for me.
Soon you’ll have nothing left. You’ll sell your furniture just to give me more. All you’ll have left is your computer and you’ll sit on the floor still unable to stop jerking while I ruin you. You can’t resist this rush. All I’m going to leave you with is a computer, internet and studio apartment to jerk in. You’ll be jerking off alone in your one room, completely broke, until you d.!.e.. I know you want this.


Female Domination – THE MEAN GIRLS – Worst Slave Ever – Princess Cindi, Princess Carmela and Goddess No

THE MEAN GIRLS  Worst Slave Ever   Princess Cindi Princess Carmela and Goddess No  preview

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OK SERIOUSLY, DO NOT BUY THIS CLIP if want ANY kind of representation of what we want in a slave. It is NOT even a good video- just bein honest. It’s kind of boring. And this is like seriously one of the WORST slaves we have EVER had here at Mean Girl Manor. (But it IS entirely real, unfortunately.) However, if you want to see “What Not To Do” when visiting the hottest, cruelest, Mean Girls on the planet… then go ahead and watch. But we gave you fair warning- the video sucks. Without giving away too much, this lame ass wrote me a bunch of emails about how he was going to do ALLL this stuff for me (Princess Cindi)- he was going to turn over his finances to me (yes, in real life) let me beat him as much as I wanted (as long as I didn’t bludgeon his face, basically- anything short of that he said was fine) and was even going to let me TATTOO him! (He even bought me a tattoo !) I was so excited that I invited Princess Carmela and GoddessNo to join me. (As well as support me cuz I still didn’t know if this guy was some sort of creepo lol!) Then he shows up and barely even wants to kneel before me. Plus he smelled lol. He says he isn’t “sure” anymore about really serving as a slave in real life. Then he says he was “hoping to get peeed on”! LOL! So I am KIND enough to go fill up a cup for him – which I would THINK would be like NECTAR to a loser like him because it came out of ME! – and he only drinks like half of it! (and fucking COMPLAINS about it the entire time too!) This is how he shows his “worship”?? WTF? Then we start to whip him to see what he can take- and let’s just say it isn’t good. He literally stands up and quits – after only a FEW cracks of our whip! – and one of the other slaves needed to kick him out of MGM. (That last part isn’t in the video though- it was too bad to even put in THIS video! LOL) One word: Unacceptable. And that is why we are hesitant to bring new losers here. You make all kinds of promises and then don’t follow through. its all talk. But at least he tributed me, so that was good. Other than that, pretty useless as a slave. No “i Worship Princess Cindi” tattoo, no beating, and no bank accounts turned over to me. I am NOT a happy princess!
Anyway, we have a brand new tattoo now. Any takers to come here and get tattooed by Us for a video?? Will give u a free membership to Our site! LOL!
-Princess Cindi
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Ass Worship – Obey Melanie – Cum Spending

Obey Melanie  Cum Spending  preview

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This Mistress is taking total control of this man. She is manipulating his cock AND his wallet. But I don’t know who’s enjoying it more? As She spends, so does he, and She screams with with joy as his finances and orgasm are both ruined! To add to his humiliation, more shopping will be done as She sits on his face and continues to spend. With his balls and wallet empty, and Her ass on his face, it’s hard to tell who’s happier.


Financial Domination – Humiliation POV – I See Your Clip Order And Then I Delete It – Miss Honey Barefeet

Humiliation POV  I See Your Clip Order And Then I Delete It   Miss Honey Barefeet preview

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Hello order #67890. I don’t know your name, I don’t care about your name, you are just numbers on my screen, numbers in my daily stats. You think that by buying my clips that somehow you are important or that I might notice you. But that’s not true. All I see are numbers when you buy my clips. You’re just another clip buying loser that adds to my monthly total.
All I notice is the title and I know that you’re either just a foot freak, or cum eater, or a pay pig, or a sissy fag or some other kind of wanking freak, but I don’t even think about you. But you obsess over me. I see I got a clip order, then I delete the email and go on with my day while you jerk your brains out to me, imagining that I’m really talking to you while you jerk. You’re so stupid. You fall so easily into my trap.
But you keep buying in clips in hopes that I might notice you. I never will. Even if you buy a lot, I just see a big clip order. I don’t see you, I don’t care about you. You mean nothing to me. You are just a number. You are here to pay and I am here to take your money. There is no kind of personal interaction whatsoever.
You’re a pathetic clip addicted loser whose life is sexless and filled with porn. It’s so sad loser. I know you’re even jerking off right now to me telling you that you are an insignificant loser. You love to jerk it while I look into your eyes, it’s like I’m really close to you, but then you cum and realize you’re still all alone. I don’t give a fuck about your existence. I just like reminding you that you are nothing but a number in my stats. I like reminding you of the reality of how we girls feel about losers who buy our clips.