Financial Domination – ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – I WANTED A HORSE! Starring Princess Jennifer

ASIAN MEAN GIRLS  I WANTED A HORSE Starring Princess Jennifer  preview

192.7 MB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:08:03

When Princess Jennifers financial submissive flounders! When he fails to provide the horse that she was promised. He is humiliatingly reduced to the horse that he didnt provide. Further more by the time that she’s done with him he will be her personal slave too. This Princess is not going to deal with the pathetic man for he is no man and Jennifer is making it perfectly clear! Yes the Princess assuredly knows how to punish him as a man. But from psychological perspective he cannot possibly feel like a man. He can only hurt like one. Jennifer literally beats him down until he agrees to be her slave and signs a slave contract.


Slave Training – ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – CAGED PAY PIGGY! Starring Goddess Mena

ASIAN MEAN GIRLS  CAGED PAY PIGGY Starring Goddess Mena  preview

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Goddess Mena takes the word pet literally! Some Goddess’s have slaves, Others pets or critters. In this case Goddess Mena has found herself a little Pay Piggy! His off work hours are confined to a small cage that he has rapidly outgrown. But that’s ok there’s no need for a bigger cage when smaller rations of food will serve the same purpose and leave more money in Goddess Mena’s purse!


Public Humiliation – Brat Princess 2 – Raven – Cuck Gets a Quick Ass fuck Mistress gets a Nice View

 Brat Princess 2  Raven  Cuck Gets a Quick Ass fuck Mistress gets a Nice View  preview

442.9 MB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:06:03

Raven fucks her slave in the ass while outside on the balcony of a penthouse suite. People in the high rise right across from them could see what they are doing from their balconies and windows, but Raven doesn’t care. She wants people to know what a depraved whore she has trained. Raven enjoys the view from the top. She looks out over the beautiful city while fucking the slave’s ass. The slave’s pink chastity device bounces while Raven drives the cock deep. Raven feels like she’s on top of the world, fucking her slave while enjoying the beautiful view of the city below her. When Raven’s done pounding her slave, she wants to go shopping. She has the slave go into the penthouse and fetch its wallet for her so that she can use his ass and his finances as she pleases.


Financial Domination – Humiliation POV – Young Step Mom Manipulates Her New Step Son – Lady Fyre

 Humiliation POV  Young Step Mom Manipulates Her New Step Son   Lady Fyre preview

324.8 MB – 1280×720 – MPEG-4 – 00:09:26

I know that you’re worried about your dad. I mean I just married him and came into your family and I’m much younger than him. In fact, you and I are much closer in age, aren’t we? And I know that you’re concerned that I might only be after your daddy’s money. But I assure you that’s not true. It’s not just money I’m after, I love controlling men. I just really get off on it. I just love manipulating men. I’m so beautiful and seductive, it wasn’t hard to get your dad to propose to me.
I saw in him a weakness, an empty place in his life and I was really eager to fill that empty place. I could have married lots of men with money, but I didn’t, I married your dad because he’s weak and vulnerable to my charms. And he really needs to be controlled. There are a lot of men who need that and I think you know what I mean. Because I think you’re one of them too. And as much as you’ve tried to stand up for your dad and protect him, you see something in me that you like. You see the way that I control him and you want that too.
I know you think I’m gorgeous. I’ve seen you staring at my ass. It’s ok, you can admit it, we’re really close in age so it’s only natural. I know you’re a bit jealous of your father. It’s ok. I just want to prove a point, that I can control you as easily as I control him. I know exactly what I’m doing. You see he made me the sole beneficiary of his will, you’ve been written out completely. Now there is a way that you and I can both get what we want out of this arrangement.
I have here a chastity cage. It goes on your penis and I can lock you up. Then I can control your penis. You won’t be able to masturbate and you won’t be able to have sex. It is one of my favorite ways to control men. Your dad has a cage just like this. So we can both get what we want if you just put this on and let me have the only key. And if you do that, I will see that you get money when he passes. I really didn’t need to cut you out of the will, I’m willing to share, but I did need a way to control you.
So put this on, become my chastity slave like your dad, and I will see that you get what’s coming to you. Are you starting to see how good I am at controlling men? I think you’re a little bit turned on by the idea because I think you’re just like your dad. You need to be controlled by a woman in order to be happy. So I think you’re going to benefit from this as much as I will. Don’t try to deny it. Now if you agree, I want you to put it on and leave the key on my nightstand.


Mesmerize – THE MEAN GIRLS – Reprogrammed Gay – Princess Bella

THE MEAN GIRLS  Reprogrammed Gay   Princess Bella  preview

1.8 GB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:16:06

A slave is handcuffed to a chair naked, with his wrists & ankle scuffed to the chair, wearing only a high-voltage ball shocker strapped tightly to his tender, vulnerable balls. Princess Bella has decided that this slave needs to be “reprogrammed” to be gay. That way she can it out and use it to make more $$$ for her! She laughs in the slaves face that she has “ways” of reprogramming slave’s brains- she can even reprogram their sexuality if she feels like it. The slave BEGS her not to. He does NOT want to be gay! He is afraid of Princess Bella. She laughs that he has no choice- and then shoves a penis gag into his mouth and STRAPS it on his TIGHT so no one will here his screams. Then she explains her diabolical plan…
Princess Bella looks her helpless slave right in the eyes and taunts him with the ballshocker remote control she is holding in her delicate little hand…she sadistically LAUGHS about the high voltage she is going to be sending coursing through his little slave testicles with just a simple push of a button. She explains that she plans on using a brainwashing video reel to MAKE the slave like cock- whether he wants to or not. (She laughs that this will end with either the slave LIKING and WANTING cock- or IT’S cock getting FRIED!)
She begins playing the video on the screen in front of the chained slave…picture after picture of BIG COCKS scroll by on the screen-nothing. Suddenly, there is a picture of a hot girl that pops up, and-ZAPPP!!!! Princess lays on the JUICE!! The slave screams and writhes in pain. This is done over and over again….every time a picture of a hot girl appears, Princess ZAPS HIS BALLS with the max voltage!! When pictures of cock appear, it actually provides a welcome relief for the slave. Princess verbally torments the slave and explains that she can take this “training” of hers as far as likes. With enough time and voltage, she can basically make him do ANYTHING. And it is actually FUN for her. She starts laughing in his face about how his “holes”should be “open for business in no time” based upon his reaction so far…If the slave tries to look away from screen, Princess grabs him by the hair and FORCES him to keep watching the screen! He NEEDS to be reprogrammed for HER maximum income potential!
*This is princess Bella writing. I LOVED doing this clip.It was fucking HILARIOUS. Especially when I REALLY cranked up the “juice”to a LEVEL 15 and made the slave literally flail around in the chair like a fish! Haha! He was actually DROOLING through his cock-gag from the pain at one point. LOL! He really WAS legitimately BEGGING for cock by the end of this clip! It was awesome!! ��


Foot Worship – Brat Princess 2 – Mia – Rejected Date Continues its Financial slave Training with Chastity Enforcement

 Brat Princess 2  Mia  Rejected Date Continues its Financial slave Training with Chastity Enforcement  preview

723.7 MB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:09:54

Mia is continuing the training of her rejected date. She’s already gotten him complying nicely with worshipping her feet. Now, Mia has started with digging into her rejected date’s wallet. Mia wants him to start paying for her gym membership. At first, the reject complains that he can’t afford the added monthly cost. Mia does not like the idea of working. It’s the male’s responsibility to work for her, even if it means getting two jobs to pay for all her wants. If a male wants any involvement in her life, it needs to understand that it has to contribute to her lifestyle. Mia has brought some tools to help make her rejected date’s mind and wallet more pliable to her. She wants him totally under her control.
Mia strips and collars the male then fits him into a chastity device. From now on he will have to seriously consider the consequences of ever saying no to her. Mia smiles happily as she locks up her rejected date’s tiny penis. Collared and in chastity, the male is subdued. It finally complies with Mia’s demand to pay her monthly gym membership. It doesn’t know how it will get the extra money, but it will find a way for it’s Princess. Satisfied, Mia relaxes and uses her rejected date’s mouth for some foot worship, as she has trained him to allow her to do.
Mia wants the male to get some idea of how difficult chastity will be for it. She teases him with her cute butt in her cut off jean shorts. He has to kiss her butt and feet. The rejected date is turning into a financial slave nicely for Mia. She’s pleased. Mia has decided that she is going to make her rejected date’s life as difficult as possible, to her benefit. He will be expected to sacrifice in any way, great or small, to improve her life even just minutely.


Shoe & Boot Worship – THE MEAN GIRLS – Grovel Before Goddess – Superior Goddess Brooke

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Grovel Before Goddess   Superior Goddess Brooke  preview

177.5 MB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:02:37

Superior Goddess Brooke sits atop her throne at Mean Girl Manor as three naked slaves crawl before her and bow down at her feet upon command. Each slave is there to grovel before her, hoping to be chosen as one of her personal slaves. She quizzes each of the slaves about what they are willing to do to have the privilege of serving her. If it’s not enough to impress Superior Goddess Brooke, she will dismiss them from consideration as a potential personal slave.
The first slave offers to be her personal little bitch cleaning her house, doing her laundry, washing her car, and running all her errands. The second slave offers to do all of that as well, PLUS sign over his entire bank account to Superior Goddess Brooke. In addition he will name her the beneficiary of his life insurance policy. The third slave is absolutely pathetic and begs to serve her, but doesn’t have enough to offer The Superior Goddess, so she literally laughs in his face and he and is immediately dismissed.
Superior Goddess Brooke accepts the offers from the first two slaves and as a reward they are each given one of her high heel shoes and allowed to begin worshiping the inside of them- after they have just been on her divine feet! The slaves enjoy their reward as Superior Goddess Brooke casually reads a magazine- it is like nothing to her to have inferior males like this literally licking the foot-sweat from the inside of her shoes like it is the most delicious thing they have ever tasted.
The worship continues as Superior Goddess Brooke commands the slaves to kiss, lick, massage, and tongue-bathe her actual feet. Superior Goddess Brooke informs the slave with the life insurance policy he will need to himself within the next 24 hours so she and her boyfriend can live a great life with the insurance money! And she thinks nothing of it. So he better enjoy his last 24hrs on earth by worshiping her to the max!
Superior Goddess Brooke is so cruel in this clip! She literally expects her slaves to be willing to dye for her!


Mariah – Brat Princess 2 – BP – Three Perfect Bodies Oil up Asses for Jerk Addict

 Brat Princess 2  BP  Three Perfect Bodies Oil up Asses for Jerk Addict  preview

700.3 MB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:09:35

Chichi, Mariah, and Natalya all have perfect bodies, and they know how much you like to jerk to them. The beautiful trio of girls teases you, touching each other flirtatiously. Even though they are playful with each other, they would never let you touch their perfect bodies like they touch each other because they’re all hot and you’re a loser. All you can do is sit behind your screen and stroke while they tease you. The girls rub oil all over each other’s butts. You know your life is so sad compared to theirs. Your life is ruled by girls like this. Totally controlled by the beauty they have. The beauties give you a countdown while you look at their perfect oiled asses. You a slave to hot girls. You’ll do whatever the pretty girls say.


Dildo Sucking – Brat Princess 2 – Alyssa and Chloe – Bikini Babes Teach slave to Suck Cock

 Brat Princess 2  Alyssa and Chloe  Bikini Babes Teach slave to Suck Cock  preview

152.6 MB – 720×406 – MPEG-4 – 00:18:45

Alyssa and Chloe get their feet worshipped by their slave while wearing sexy, shiny, bikinis. Chloe’s boyfriend is planning on taking her to an Italian restaurant. Dinner at a nice Italian place definitely warrants a blowjob, but Chloe doesn’t feel like putting in the work to give her boyfriend the blowjob he deserves. Alyssa gets a great idea. Why not train the slave to give Chloe’s boyfriend the blowjob? That way Chloe gets the dinner at the Italian restaurant, and Chloe doesn’t have to put in any work to keep her boyfriend happy.
It’s such a great idea, Alyssa wants the slave to do her boyfriend, too. So, the slave will have to suck two cocks. The girls are going to get their boyfriends wasted so that they won’t notice it’s a male slave sucking them instead of a hot blonde. But the girls are going to have to train the slave first to suck cock just like they would. The slave starts its blowjob training on the girls’ feet, but soon they move it up to working on dildos.
The girls have three dildos. They want the slave to suck the big black one. The slave is locked up in a chastity device. Its cock is much smaller than even the smallest dildo and significantly smaller than the big black one. Alyssa fucks the slave’s throat with the big black cock. Then Chloe does it. They don’t want any gagging from the slave. Both girls can deepthroat expertly, and they want the slave to be able to do it too. After some training, the slave starts to get pretty good at sucking cock. Why limit his skills to just their boyfriends? The girls think they can whore him out and make a nice business out of this. From now on, the slave is going to have to tribute them more every month, now that they know his earning potential will be increased as a skilled cock sucker.