Female Supremacy – THE MEAN GIRLS – Mean Girls Tribunal Ep5 : Mexican Slave – Princess Bella, Princess Aria and Goddess Raven

THE MEAN GIRLS  Mean Girls Tribunal Ep5  Mexican Slave   Princess Bella Princess Aria and Goddess Raven preview

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***This is being written by the new “clip description slave” that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls’ clips and do all their writeups from now on because they shouldn’t have to do their own writeups. This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor. I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***
The slave was supposed to spend all night cleaning every shoe in the Mean Girls closet. But instead of cleaning the shoes he was caught jerking off to the shoes. A pair of Goddess Ravens $1,500 shoes was actually hit with some of the slave’s disgusting semen. Princess Bella is the presiding judge and she finds the evidence against the slave to be overwhelming. The tribunal is considering issuing the ultimate punishment and dismissing the slave. In the case of this immigrant Mexican slave that means taking him back to the Home Depot parking lot where they originally found him. They allow the slave to plead his case and he begs the tribunal to be allowed to stay. This is obviously the best life an illegal alien could ever hope for and he really wants to stay.
At a minimum the slave will have to suffer some pain so he is ordered to crawl out of his cage and start kissing their feet. They will beat the slave and see how well he takes his beating before reconvening to make a final decision if he should be allowed to stay. As the slave grovels before them they make sure that he suffers the entire time by continually whipping him as he kisses all of their feet. All of the girls take turns whipping the slave passing the flogger back and forth. While Princess Bella is busy whipping the slave Goddess Raven and Princess Aria are busy jabbing him with the stiletto points of their high heel shoes. At one point Goddess Raven is jumping fully up and down on the slaves back with her high heel shoes digging into the slaves back. As a final test of the slaves willingness to take pain Princess Bella has Goddess Raven whip the slave on his balls.
Ultimately the tribunal decides to keep the slave. But they are fed up with his lack of command of the English language so on top of all his other chores he will have to spend at least two hours a night learning English or it’s back to the Home Depot for him. Overall, on a “slave scale” of 1-10, I give it an “8.”


Femdom – Pin Up Domination by Lady Vampira – Tattooed Girls Do It BADer

Pin Up Domination by Lady Vampira  Tattooed Girls Do It BADer  preview

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Nur der Zuschauer darf Lady Vampira im transparenten Latex-Catsuit sehen, whrend der Knecht unter seiner Gummi-Maske vor Lust und Leid jammert und sthnt! Doggystyle wird der gefesselte Sklave von seiner ttowierten Herrin mit dem riesigen Strap On gefickt! Beim Facesitting kann Sau nur riechen und schmecken, was der Zuschauer sieht! Nach der geilen Zwangsentsamung unter dem gttlichen Arsch seiner Gebieterin, gibt es noch einen letzten Domina-Kuss und Maske schliesst sich, mit der Fresse voll herrlicher Spucke. [SM Studio Femdom Empire] / Only the viewer can see Lady Vampira in transparent latex catsuit , while the servant moans in pleasure and suffering under his rubber mask and groans ! Doggystyle fucked by his tattooed mistress with huge strap on the fettered slave! When Facesitting the sow can only smell and taste what the viewer sees ! After horny milking under the divine ass his mistress , there is one last Domina Kiss and the mask closes , with the glorious mouthful of spit . [ SM Studio Femdom Empire ]


Foot Fetish – Humiliation POV – You’re So Fucked For My Feet, You Stupid Braindead Footboy

 Humiliation POV  Youre So Fucked For My Feet You Stupid Braindead Footboy  preview

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I’m going to oil up my perfect feet for you. They’re going to look and taste so delicious. I know you obsess over my feet loser. You fucking worship them. I know how desperately you crave to be beneath the soles of my feet. Kiss them loser, it’s what you’re here for. You were born to lick my feet. That is your only purpose loser. And aren’t you so grateful that you have a purpose?
My feet give you purpose. You live to serve them. Your cock twitches and throbs uncontrollably as you worship them. That’s how I know you’re fucked. Fucked for my feet. You’re just a stupid horny footboy who becomes braindead at just the sight of my perfect feet. My feet are going to scramble your weak little brain until you’re a puddle before me.
You’re such a sucker for my toes. Just look how sexy they are. Every part of my feet is pure perfection. My toes, my soles, my wrinkles and my arches. They are flawless, aren’t they loser. Keep staring as your brain continues to leak out. Kiss them and thank me for this opportunity.
I am God and you worship me. You worship at my feet because that is exactly where a loser like you belongs. You live for my feet. You’re a little foot slave for me. You adore me. You just keep paying me while I degrade you more and more. You can’t stop, can you? You live to worship the feet of God. There is no other way for you to live. You will forever be a slave to my perfect toes.


Foot Worship – THE MEAN GIRLS – You Are My Bitch Too – Goddess Saucha

THE MEAN GIRLS  You Are My Bitch Too   Goddess Saucha  preview

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Goddess Saucha enters Mean Girl Manor in her sexy outfit and is greeted at the door by the Mexican slave. Goddess Saucha simply sees another slave that should be serving her because in her mind she can never have enough slaves. The slave tries to explain that he is already taken by Princess Bella but Goddess Saucha doesn’t care. You will start serving me now slave! Of course the slave can’t resist the commanding Goddess Saucha and he finds himself kissing her feet and pledging to serve only her. Goddess Saucha instructs her new slave in how to give her the perfect foot massage exactly the way she likes it done. The slave thought he had a lot of tasks to do for Princess Bella but he will have even more to do now that he is serving Goddess Saucha. She tells the slave he will be getting 2 or 3 more jobs to earn more money that will all go to Goddess Saucha.


Foot Slave – THE MEAN GIRLS – Using The Deck Slave – Princess Adrianna

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Using The Deck Slave   Princess Adrianna  preview

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We keep this pathetic freak literally locked up in a storage bin on our deck at the Mean Girl Punishment Camp. Must get reeeaaally hot in there when it gets up over 100 degrees in the summer! LOL but who cares…its just a slave. Anyways, I pull him out of his storage bin and command him to literally bow down and worship me like the superior Goddess that I am compared to his loser ass. Then I demand a foot massage…before eventually just casually tossing him back into “storage” like the disposable piece of human garbage that he is.


Shoe & Boot Worship – Men Are Slaves – My Friend From Florida, Part 1 – Jennifer and Alex

 Men Are Slaves  My Friend From Florida Part 1   Jennifer and Alex  preview

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Gorgeous Jennifer is accustomed to owning men, as she usually has male slaves around tending to her and funding her comfortable lifestyle. But she always likes to introduce the femdom lifestyle to other ladies, like her friend Alex. And what better way than to use one of her regular pain sluts in front of her so that Alex can see what fun can be had by degrading and humiliating a male slave.