Foot Humiliation – Foxy Footdom and Trampling – EXTREME Footsmother In Pantyhose – Lady Veronica

 Foxy Footdom and Trampling  EXTREME Footsmother In Pantyhose   Lady Veronica  preview

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Sexy Veronica looks more sexy than ever! In her summer dress, black pantyhose and classic black high heels, she is a young Goddess, ready to be worshipped. After having her slave licking her shoes clean, she commands him to remove them, as it is time for some breath conrol! The tattooed beauty sticks her sexy feet on her slave’s face and smothers him hard, with one or both feet, pulling the leash so his face goes as deeper as possible under her soles! She throws on the floor and presses hard his face underfoot against it. She even smothers him standing on his face in positions that he cannot breath! Sadistic Veronica stops footsmothering her slave just when she feels that he is on his limits!


Subbyhubby – Subby Hubby – Sully Savage Trains a Cuckie Part 1 – Foot Worship

 Subby Hubby  Sully Savage Trains a Cuckie Part 1  Foot Worship  preview

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Sully Savage has had enough of her pathetic, small cock husband. She has decide to take control of her relationship with her bitch husband. He is no longer her husband, but her cuckold slave. Sully Savage changes the dynamic of the relationship immediately, forcing her now cuckold husband on his knees, worshipping her feet. Relegated to his new role, her cuck falls to his knees, at the feet of his superior Goddess wife.


Footlicking – Subby Hubby – Raven and Alyssa’s New Hire Part 1 – Foot Worship

 Subby Hubby  Raven and Alyssas New Hire Part 1  Foot Worship  preview

698 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:08:06

Raven Eve n Alissa Avni need a new slave. They`re sitting around the house waiting for applicants to interview for an ad they put in the paper. The 1st 2 victims.. or prospects as they say, are about to arrive. The 2 men meet each other outside the house and discuss how desperate they`re for a job. They are about to find out exactly how desperate soon. Raven n Alissa sit the 1st prospective “boss” on the couch and explain that he must obey them completely and do exactly as he is told. He is then ordered to get on his knees, in his proper position, under the feet of his new Mistresses. Raven orders the slave to worship her high heel shoes. Licking them and sucking on the heel like a good boy. The new slave is told to worship Mistress Raven and Mistress Alissa’s bare feet. The slave does a good job licking and sucking their feet and toes. He is then told that his name is not Cameron anymore. The sissy slut will now be known as Cami. He needs this job bad and he will learn to be a proper foot licking sissy bitch now!


Foot+worship – Subby Hubby – Goddess Tangent and the Panty Sniffer Part 2 – Proper Foot Bitch

 Subby Hubby  Goddess Tangent and the Panty Sniffer Part 2  Proper Foot Bitch  preview

557 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:06:28

The new sissy bitch is now kneeling on the floor naked n collared at the feet of Mistress Tangent. She commands her bitch to worship her bare perfect feet. He begins to kiss, lick n suck her beautifully manicured bare feet and toes. He sucks each one of her toes and licks the bottoms of her sweaty feet. He knows that if he doesn’t do a good job then everyone will find out how much of a weirdo he is. Tangent pulls him by the collar with one foot while filling his slut hole mouth with the other foot. Mistress laughs and enjoys herself while her bitch chokes and gags on her sweaty feet. She tells her new sissy slave to lie down on the floor while she pushes and kicks his little pathetic cock with one foot while stuffing his face with her other foot. He now realizes that he has no choice but to accept this new humiliating life.


Footlicking – The Mean Girls – Foot Worship Til Dusk – Princess Amber

 The Mean Girls  Foot Worship Til Dusk   Princess Amber  preview

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This is a very simple clip. Princess Amber demands that two house slaves massage n worship her feet – one slave for each foot – while she relaxes n simply enjoys being a spoiled Princess. Princess Amber is only 18 and LOVES that she can use these old, Fetish Femdom org pathetic losers for whatever she wants! Admittedly, it is an awesome feeling to make losers that are literally twice your age bow down, kiss your feet, and worship you at the snap of your fingers! This clip is like 30 minutes long, as the slaves are made to massage their Princess’s feet until the sun literally sets in the distance.


Socks – Czech Soles – Teacher-student foot worship session

 Czech Soles  Teacherstudent foot worship session  preview

632 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:16:52

It’s hard to teach sexy girls with pretty and big feet which smell so nice…bu until now Charlie handled it well. He’s teaching Eliška English language and she also takes some private sessions at her home with Charlie. She’s wearing these long knee-high socks and she looks so innocent. While Eliška is reading another lesson, her teacher leans forward and tries to smell her feet. “What are you doing with my foot?” she asks noticing something is up. But Charlie does not admit anything. This goes several times around but then, Eliška sees it all – her teacher was smelling her feet. For sure! She confronts him and he admit to have a foot fetish. But he only likes to massage and smell feet. Nothing else. Eliška lets him massage her feet, they really need it by the way, but after some time she figures that if he don’t want her to say anything, she can control him and he’ll have to obey. So she makes Charlie to lick her feet and suck her toes and sometimes he’s allowed to smell her feet. “That’s so great! I put my foot in my teacher’s mouth! Hahaha, I love this!”. No need to say she really enjoys her power now. “It’s gonna be so much fun to control my own teacher! :)”