Foot Licking – Bratty Foot Girls – My friends secret foot fetish – Luna Lain

 Bratty Foot Girls  My friends secret foot fetish   Luna Lain  preview

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Luna has her friend Jason over to help her study for exams. He has precariously taken up a position near her sweaty feet while she reads chapters from their class book. He can’t help but stare at her perfect size 8;s planted right in front of his face. The sweaty aroma hits his nose and keeps in his a trance. Soon Luna notices him looking at her feet and the brat takes full advantage! She asks him if he likes feet as she grips her stinky toes over his nose. he can’t resist any longer as his super bratty classmate is fully onto his little fetish. she forces him to stick out his tongue as she aggressively rubs her soles over his tongue and mouth. Luna starts to completely dominate him with her perfect peds. He makes him worship her feet, gags him and turns him into her complete foot bitch! Whilst being SUPER hot in the process!
Starring: Luna Lain, Jason Ninja


Goddess Saucha – THE MEAN GIRLS – Re-educating Uncle Tom – Saucha X

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Reeducating Uncle Tom   Saucha X  preview

119.1 MB – 720×406 – MPEG-4 – 00:14:35

This black slave has a confession for Saucha X. He prefers to serve and kiss the feet of white goddesses. No, no, no, Goddess Saucha X has seen this before. She’s not mad at the slave, she just knows he’s confused, and that he needs proper training, re-education to understand the superiority of worshiping HER smooth cocoa skin. She makes him start by kissing her boots. Usually we’re a lot let merciless on our slaves than in this clip, but Saucha X takes it pretty gentle on him because she wants to teach him rather than punish him. He’ll take her toes into his mouth, and he’ll learn how wrong he was. And every time her toes scrape the back of his throat he’ll get a new lesson on why Her feet are the superior ones.


Beaten By Girl – Czech Soles – Wrestling and foot smother by strong Madam Cat – Madam Cat

 Czech Soles  Wrestling and foot smother by strong Madam Cat   Madam Cat  preview

596.7 MB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:15:56

Jack was having a big mouth in front of his classmate Madam Cat and she decided to teach him a little lesson. She knocked him out, literary dragged him to her apartment, tied him up and woke him out. He’s confused, Cat is sitting on top of him, he’s tied up and he doesn’t know here he is. But Cat pretty soon explains him that she’s in control now and she wants to have some fun. She puts his neck between her thighs and starts to choke him. He’s completely helpless, he’s turning red and then purple and Cat is enjoying the moment. She changes poses, chokes Jack in many different ways, puts her hand over Jack’s mouth (HOM) while having him in scissorhold and laughs at him. Than she puts her big bare feet on his face and start to smother him and she continues until Jack is almost out. This is so much fun for her and every fun has to end at some point. When Jack is laying on his stomach, she goes behind him, wraps her arm around his neck and chokes him out completely. At last she puts her feet on him in a victory pose showing everyone who is the winner here. Madam Cat is!


Shoe & Boot Worship – THE MEAN GIRLS – Grovel Before Goddess – Superior Goddess Brooke

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Grovel Before Goddess   Superior Goddess Brooke  preview

177.5 MB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:02:37

Superior Goddess Brooke sits atop her throne at Mean Girl Manor as three naked slaves crawl before her and bow down at her feet upon command. Each slave is there to grovel before her, hoping to be chosen as one of her personal slaves. She quizzes each of the slaves about what they are willing to do to have the privilege of serving her. If it’s not enough to impress Superior Goddess Brooke, she will dismiss them from consideration as a potential personal slave.
The first slave offers to be her personal little bitch cleaning her house, doing her laundry, washing her car, and running all her errands. The second slave offers to do all of that as well, PLUS sign over his entire bank account to Superior Goddess Brooke. In addition he will name her the beneficiary of his life insurance policy. The third slave is absolutely pathetic and begs to serve her, but doesn’t have enough to offer The Superior Goddess, so she literally laughs in his face and he and is immediately dismissed.
Superior Goddess Brooke accepts the offers from the first two slaves and as a reward they are each given one of her high heel shoes and allowed to begin worshiping the inside of them- after they have just been on her divine feet! The slaves enjoy their reward as Superior Goddess Brooke casually reads a magazine- it is like nothing to her to have inferior males like this literally licking the foot-sweat from the inside of her shoes like it is the most delicious thing they have ever tasted.
The worship continues as Superior Goddess Brooke commands the slaves to kiss, lick, massage, and tongue-bathe her actual feet. Superior Goddess Brooke informs the slave with the life insurance policy he will need to himself within the next 24 hours so she and her boyfriend can live a great life with the insurance money! And she thinks nothing of it. So he better enjoy his last 24hrs on earth by worshiping her to the max!
Superior Goddess Brooke is so cruel in this clip! She literally expects her slaves to be willing to dye for her!


Foot Slave Training – THE MEAN GIRLS – Foot Worship Team Up – Princess Bella, Princess Aria and Princess Carmela

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Foot Worship Team Up   Princess Bella Princess Aria and Princess Carmela  preview

746.5 MB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:10:43

Hey loser, remember back in school when nobody would chose you for sports? This is kind of like that, but these are all last picked losers that WE are going to pick to worship our feet. I mean how bad do you have to suck to not get chosen to lick dirty feet? You’ve got to be some sort of super loser to get PICKED LAST just to be a foot bitch LOL. Like, where do you go from that? If you can’t get picked to kiss a girl’s feet, you might as well find the nearest cliff- and dive off it, loser! Haha.


Encouraged Bi – Club Stiletto FemDom – Cocks, Feet and A Juicy Asshole – TS Staci, Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy, and Koi Erotica

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Cocks Feet and A Juicy Asshole   TS Staci Miss Jasmine Mistress Kandy and Koi Erotica preview

797.4 MB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:10:58

TS Staci, Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy, and Koi Erotica have all gotten together for an evening of fun. The scene opens with the ladies directing slave one to suck slave G Nasty, whose cock is bound tightly with rope. Meanwhile, a third slave sniffs Mistress Kandy’s ass through her pants. Kandy tells her slave to pull down her pants, and when he does as instructed, he kisses her ass cheeks and licks along the crotch panel, trying to get at her asshole. Staci kneels over G Nasty and stuffs her cock down his throat.
Kandy tells her slave to focus on her asshole as the ladies enjoy watching Staci get sucked. Staci slaps G Nasty’s face with her cock while Jasmine and Koi squeeze his nipples. Kandy tells slave one to move away so the ladies can focus on G Nasty’s cock. They tug on it, slap it, and twist his balls. They decide to untie the rope from his cock and Jasmine wraps her feet around it. She works his cock until he’s ready to explode, and just as he does, she quickly pulls away in order to ruin his orgasm. Meanwhile, Kandy pulls her panties to the side in order to give her slave a clear path to her butthole, which he eagerly devours. Now how would the ladies put you to use if you attended this kinky party?


Female Domination – Club Stiletto FemDom – You Don’t Need A Girlfriend Or Friends Just M0mmy – Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom  You Dont Need A Girlfriend Or Friends Just M0mmy   Mistress Kandy  preview

614.7 MB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:07:41

Sexy MILF Kandy lies sunning in her backyard. Her son is at her feet and her son’s former friend lies underneath her arms, acting as her pillow. Kandy has enslaved them both, and has made them compete for her attention to ensure they dislike each other, even though they were once great friends. They love to rat each other out, or try to outdo the other one so they can be the one licking her ass instead of being locked in a cold dark room. Kandy tends to favor her own boy, but puts him in his place when necessary. She tells him to start worshipping her feet, which he does with great passion, licking her soles, between her toes, and taking her foot deep into his mouth.
After a while, she has him crawl up to untie her bikini bottoms so he can remove them and give her asshole the love and attention it deserves. Kandy looks amazingly hot lying on her blanket. She reminds Junior that daddy would lose it if he knew Junior was her slave, not to mention her toilet. “Speaking of toilets” she says, “I left my ass nice n dirty for Junior.” She makes him lick deeply while he tells her how much he loves m0mmy’s ass. She reminds him that he never needs a girlfriend, or any type of friend, for that matter. “All u need is mommy.”
If Junior ever thinks of trying to date someone, Kandy will simply show the girl videos of Junior eating her ass. She talks about how she loves quality time with her son, how she loves bonding with him, and that she knows the smell of her ass will be up his nostrils all day long. There are some great close ups of Kandy’s ass being licked in this scene. She tells Junior his lunch today will be coming from her ass. “He eats m0mmy’s every day,” she giggles. She asks pillow slave if he’s jealous and if he hates Junior, and smiles when he replies “yes.” The next words you hear Kandy say are “Open your mouth, Junior; it’s time.”