Foot Fetish – Humiliation POV – You’re So Fucked For My Feet, You Stupid Braindead Footboy

 Humiliation POV  Youre So Fucked For My Feet You Stupid Braindead Footboy  preview

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I’m going to oil up my perfect feet for you. They’re going to look and taste so delicious. I know you obsess over my feet loser. You fucking worship them. I know how desperately you crave to be beneath the soles of my feet. Kiss them loser, it’s what you’re here for. You were born to lick my feet. That is your only purpose loser. And aren’t you so grateful that you have a purpose?
My feet give you purpose. You live to serve them. Your cock twitches and throbs uncontrollably as you worship them. That’s how I know you’re fucked. Fucked for my feet. You’re just a stupid horny footboy who becomes braindead at just the sight of my perfect feet. My feet are going to scramble your weak little brain until you’re a puddle before me.
You’re such a sucker for my toes. Just look how sexy they are. Every part of my feet is pure perfection. My toes, my soles, my wrinkles and my arches. They are flawless, aren’t they loser. Keep staring as your brain continues to leak out. Kiss them and thank me for this opportunity.
I am God and you worship me. You worship at my feet because that is exactly where a loser like you belongs. You live for my feet. You’re a little foot slave for me. You adore me. You just keep paying me while I degrade you more and more. You can’t stop, can you? You live to worship the feet of God. There is no other way for you to live. You will forever be a slave to my perfect toes.


Foot Worship – THE MEAN GIRLS – You Are My Bitch Too – Goddess Saucha

THE MEAN GIRLS  You Are My Bitch Too   Goddess Saucha  preview

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Goddess Saucha enters Mean Girl Manor in her sexy outfit and is greeted at the door by the Mexican slave. Goddess Saucha simply sees another slave that should be serving her because in her mind she can never have enough slaves. The slave tries to explain that he is already taken by Princess Bella but Goddess Saucha doesn’t care. You will start serving me now slave! Of course the slave can’t resist the commanding Goddess Saucha and he finds himself kissing her feet and pledging to serve only her. Goddess Saucha instructs her new slave in how to give her the perfect foot massage exactly the way she likes it done. The slave thought he had a lot of tasks to do for Princess Bella but he will have even more to do now that he is serving Goddess Saucha. She tells the slave he will be getting 2 or 3 more jobs to earn more money that will all go to Goddess Saucha.


Humiliation – Men Are Slaves – Pig, You’re A Good Boy – Ella

 Men Are Slaves  Pig Youre A Good Boy   Ella  preview

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Pig loves Ella’s feet. But if Pig wants to worship her feet then Pig will have to humiliate himself. That means he will have to respond to training at Ella’s command, learning to kneel, grovel, beg, dance, and do any degrading task she asks before he is permitted to worship her feet. Of course Pig is a total fool when it comes to feet so naturally he obeys and performs every humiliating task asked by his female owner, just for the chance to adore her feet.


Shoe & Boot Worship – THE MEAN GIRLS – Supremacy Down To Her Feet – Princess Ashely

THE MEAN GIRLS  Supremacy Down To Her Feet   Princess Ashely  preview

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Princess Ashley believes that all illegal immigrants who come to this country should be here to serve hot girls like her. Hot blond white girls like her are entitled to have as many slaves as they want. The Mexican slave has been begging to serve Princess Ashley so she decides to see if she has any possible use for him. She allows the slave to kiss the bottom of her shoes and the look of pure contempt on her face is perfect. You can tell she knows she is so superior to this slave that she is genuinely doing him a favor just by allowing him to lick the bottom of her shoes clean. She tells the slave she is disgusted by him and his fat hairy ugly body and can’t think of any reason why he should even be allowed to serve her. Princess Ashely thinks it’s absurd that these illegal immigrants come here with no money and no job and yet think they should be allowed to serve her when they nothing to offer. Princess Ashley commands the slave to suck on her high heel like it’s a dick. If he has no money maybe he can make some sucking dick and give it all to her. The Mexican slave says he has no money but he can max out his credit card and give it all to Princess Ashley. Finally, Princess Ashley has at least some use for the slave. He can serve her by cleaning her house every day and sucking dick for money in his spare time, at least until his money is all gone. After that she doesn’t care what happens to him. Overall, on a “slave scale” of 1-10, I give it a “7.5”


Foot Domination – Bratty Foot Girls – Naomi Swann – Rich Brat Foot Slavery

 Bratty Foot Girls  Naomi Swann  Rich Brat Foot Slavery  preview

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In our first one – Rich Brat Naomi is lounging by the pool sippng her drink and texting her girlfriends while the pool boy finishes cleaning the pool.he thinks he’s finished and goes to check out for the day, but the mean brat isn’t happy with the job he’s done and ells him he missed a spot. he gives her attitude and tells her that her dad is the only one who can order him around. She doesn’t take to his atittude kindly and tells him she will have him fired if he doesn’t do as she asks. He goes to clean the pool but it’s too late now. She tells him something else needs to be cleaned – her sweaty feet which have been couped up in her heels all day in the sun! “Get fucking down on your knees and clean my FEET!” She screams at him. He quickly goes to task, licking her sweaty stinky feet as she looks on with a sneer on her face. Thisbrat is not messing around and verbally destroys him as he licks her soles and toes. “LICK between my toes now!” she orders as she quickly starts lapping away all the toejam built up between them. She cruelly starts foot fucking his mouth almost making him gag everywhere. She tells him this will be his new job from now on as she orders him onto the ground to be her foot rest. This is his new life now!
Starring: Naomi Swann, Jason Ninja


Stocking Foot Licking – Mistress Iside – RUTHLESS FOOT GAGGING

 Mistress Iside  RUTHLESS FOOT GAGGING  preview

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My personal slave has a too small mouth, it seems so tender with those little pink lips but this creates difficulties when I decide to use it in some practices. In this regard a Mistress friend of mine advised me a great way to solve this problem, fuck her mouth so fiercely enough to tear it to the edges, obviously the foot must go to a depth much more unusual than normal and this means double suffering. But this is an absolutely necessary training for this young slave who still has so much to learn. With her head resting on the ground and her mouth wide open I will undoubtedly reach up to his throat, but if I move his head to a more appropriate position I will be able to put about half of my foot number 39 !!! A nice goal, nothing to say. The future of this slave will be very interesting !!


Cruel Foot Humiliation – Mistress Iside – FOOT GAGGING SHOCK

Mistress Iside  FOOT GAGGING SHOCK  preview

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Liz my new greedy slave puts in her mouth everything she finds, even what you would never imagine and since this bad behavior is now developing, it’s time to re-educate her properly. Completely chained to a suspension harness and after having forced her to open her mouth I will have fun fucking her greedy mouth with my beautiful feet. This slave today will have to undergo a foot gagging so deep that it will leave her deeply in a state of shock!!!


Toenail Eating – Brat Princess 2 – Mia – Its Mouth is a Trash Can for Pretty Girls

 Brat Princess 2  Mia  Its Mouth is a Trash Can for Pretty Girls  preview

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Mia scrapes the skin from the bottoms of her pretty feet. She has her slave nearby with its balls tied at the end of a rope leash. When Mia has a good amount of foot dust she dumps it into the slave’s mouth. She follows the foot dust with spit and toenail clippings. The slave must swallow everything for her. Its mouth is just her trashcan.


Foot Slave Training – THE MEAN GIRLS – No Breaks For Shine Boy – Goddess Nina and Princess Chanel

THE MEAN GIRLS  No Breaks For Shine Boy   Goddess Nina and Princess Chanel  preview

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***This is being written by the new “clip description slave” that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls’ clips and do all their writeups from now on because they shouldn’t have to do their own writeups. This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor. I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***
Shine boy is a slave that mans the shoe shine station at Mean Girl Manor. He is on call 24/7 to provide shoe shine service so any girl at any time can get her shoes cleaned. Goddess Nina and Princess Chanel sit down to have their thigh high black boots cleaned. The idiot slave has one of those shoe shine kits with brushes and polish but he won’t be using it. I guess he didn’t realize that at Mean Girl Manor boots are always cleaned with slave tongues. Princess Chanel orders the slave to start polishing her boots with his tongue. She wants them so clean she can see her reflection in them. The slave has been at his station so long that the mean girls forget to feed him. The slave is lucky because Goddess Nina accidently stepped on a piece of pizza and a bit of it stuck to the bottom of her boot. The slave is allowed to lick the tiny scrap of food from the heel of her boot. It will be the only food the slave has eaten in days. Overall, on a “slave scale” of 1-10, I give it a “6”