Femdom – Goddess FootJobs – Manipulating Him – Gabriela Lopez

Goddess FootJobs  Manipulating Him   Gabriela Lopez  preview

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Gabriela Lopez is on the phone with her mother. She’s pleading her case to go on a trip to Key West to no avail. Irritated, she hangs up right as her mother’s boyfriend enters the room. Gabriela knows he’s the only one who can convince her mother. Knowing his weakness for her feet she begins teasing him by rubbing her bare soles on his legs and chest.
Quickly succumbing to her charms, mom’s boyfriend begins licking her feet. He sucks on her toes and runs his tongue between them as she bares her breasts. His cock springs out of his pants and she begins pumping it tightly between her soft soles. Gabriela lays back on the couch and administers an expert footjob as he rubs her sweet pussy and tweaks her nipples.
Mom’s boyfriend has his cock worked by Gabriela’s feet from multiple positions. He then places her on her stomach and starts to fuck her feet faster and faster. Her moans fill the air as she rubs herself and his pace increases. Brought to the brink he finishes all over her feet, coating them in his seed.
Gabriela runs out the door with her suitcase as he’s still catching his breath. Off to Key West for her, explaining this is his problem.


Female Domination – Goddess FootJobs – Family Forever – Lexi Rainz

Goddess FootJobs  Family Forever   Lexi Rainz  preview

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Lexi Rainz can’t wait to show her father-in-law her new tattoo. She got a nice Family Forever inked onto her ankle to immortalize her relationship to his son, Jimmy. Her father-in-law sadly informs her that Jimmy doesn’t like tattoos on women. He even divorced his last wife over getting one. Lexi and her husband’s father hatch a plan to take care of it. She’ll cover it up until they can have it removed. Dad will even pay for it.
With that settled, Lexi notices her in-law seems to be rubbing her foot on his cock! She’s taken aback but agrees that since he’s helping her she can help him. Dad is soon licking her feet and sucking on her toes. Lexi begins milking his cock with her feet as her father-in-law rubs her tits through her shirt.
Old dad groans in approval as Lexi works his cock between her long, sexy feet. She moves through a few positions before the old man has had enough. He lets loose all over her feet and collapses back into the couch totally spent.


Footlicking – Goddess Foot Jobs – Borrowing Step Dad’s Car – Nicole Grey

Goddess Foot Jobs  Borrowing Step Dads Car   Nicole Grey  preview

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Nicole Grey is sitting on her bed when her stepdad comes in. She asks him for money to buy a new car. He’s willing to consider it, that is if she’ll play ball. Stepdad reaches for her feet and begins kissing them and sucking on her toes one by one. He can definitely help her if she’s willing to indulge him.
Stepdad lays back as Nicole starts rubbing his cock with her feet. He groans in pleasure as his cock is worked between her supple, young soles. Nicole works her stepdad’s cock with ease, flipping onto her knees and stroking as he admires her tight ass. He sneaks in a grope of her tits and then erupts all over her feet. Stepdad sighs in relief and agrees to take her to look for a new car.


Foot Fetish – Goddess Foot Domination – Under Pantyhose Feet – Ashlynn Taylor

Goddess Foot Domination  Under Pantyhose Feet   Ashlynn Taylor  preview

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Goddess Ashlynn Taylor is relaxing in her dungeon when a masked slave shuffles in bearing her heels. She has requested her sharpest stilettos in order to dole out an overdue punishment to her waiting trample slut. The masked slave places her delicate pantyhosed feet into the heel and then kneels passively to observe the slut’s punishment.
The slut squirms as his Goddess slowly pushes the heel into his chest. Goddess Ashlynn is delighted to see the marks her heels leave and the look of pain in the sluts eyes. Giggling, she presses even harder, digging deeply into the slut’s tender flesh. She works over the prone slut’s chest, stomach, nipples and balls all with a sadistic smile.
Feeling disappointed at the slut’s inability to take his punishment Goddess Ashlynn removes her heels. She climbs atop the slave barefooted and begins slapping his face with her feet. Goddess Ashlynn sets the slave to jerking his cock for her but he quickly proves himself unable to perform this way as well. Fed up and disgusted she banishes the slut to the corner with his cock locked in chastity.
Seeking to reward the masked slave’s comparative obedience, Goddess Ashlynn has him lay before her. The slave is permitted to wank his cock as she lets the slut know just how poorly he measures up. The slave’s cock rises to full attention, pleasing his Goddess. She glides her pantyhose covered feet all over his face as he worships attentively with his tongue. Soon Goddess Ashlynn commands the slave to cum and he finishes all over her delectable feet.


Face Sitting – Glamy Anya – Worship My Pantyhose Clad

Glamy Anya  Worship My Pantyhose Clad  preview

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It is the day that you wanted so much. The day when you finally get to worship my nylon perfection. Lay down and earn the privilege to be mine. I will teach you, step by step, how I like to see you, boy! You will start by gazing at Me, at My nylon and leather clad body. Lay down, locked in chastity so you don’t lose control too fast,you start worshiping my ash,worshiping my boots and placing a kiss on the tip of My high heel boot and sucking that heel. From there you will only go higher and higher, sniffing poppers for me, being harder and harder and we both know where you dream to get, which part of My body you desire to worship the most…We both know how much you crave my ass on your face and my silky nylon feet on your…


Sperm – Fucked Feet – This Personal Trainer has Other Ideas – Sarah Brooke

Fucked Feet  This Personal Trainer has Other Ideas   Sarah Brooke  preview

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Sarah Brooke is a traveling personal trainer who goes all throughout the country helping athletes meet their personal goals. I had been at plateau lately with my workouts and some buddies of mine in Florida told me she’d be in the Philly area this week and they highly recommended her. She showed up to my apartment already in her workout gear and ready to go. I had no idea what to expect. It turns out she’s really hot and she has lets just say some rather ” nontraditional ” training methods. At first, she asks me what my goals are. We get settled in and she said she noticed me staring at her feet the whole time and not even making eye contact with her at times. I do have a foot fetish and I can see where this could be going. She then said it might be a good idea if I take care of her sweaty feet as she is wearing sneakers and no socks. I wasn’t sure if this was the right thing to do but hey, she offered right? She even started to rub my cock over my workout pants with one sneaker. Next, she has me pull down my pants and she gives me a sneaker job pointing out the fact, that I do not get a barefoot footjob from her during the first training session. I’ll take a sneaker job any day! Sarah then has me take off one sneaker and orders me to lick her wrinkled soles and high arches and to suck her toes. She also let me oil up her soles, too! She has me so turned on, she continues to play with my cock with her other sneaker, just teasing me enough by letting me lick her barefoot but it’s not going on my cock. My reward, however, is I get to shoot a huge load all over her workout sneakers and a humongous cum shot is all over her sneakers and it keep going everywhere. BIG pop shot here! I’d say she has a personal training client for life!!


Femdom – Fucked Feet – Jamie Elle’s Handjob and Footjob

Fucked Feet  Jamie Elles Handjob and Footjob  preview

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Jamie Elle has always been one of my favorite foot porn girls. She’s back in the biz and I couldn’t be happier! She’s awesome and very skilled with her feet. Jamie has some of the softest soles I have ever felt or licked. Check out how she gets her feet licked and toes sucked. She’s so sensual! When she made a surprise visit to Philly, of course I jump at this opportunity once I hear she’s in town. Her feet are among the softest ever! Great size 5.5 feet with super soft wrinkled soles & she is also very ticklish! Not only is Jamie skilled with her soles and toes but also her hands!! Check it out as she drains me!!!


V – Fucked Feet – Beautiful Asian Feet – Asia Zo

Fucked Feet  Beautiful Asian Feet   Asia Zo  preview

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Meet Asian pornstar, Asia Zo from LA! She’s a hot petite girl originally from Hong Kong with size 5.5 feet. She has excellent wrinkled soles and she loves to tease with her feet, as well. Lots of toe wiggling in this clip and soles in your face. She’s never been to Philly before and she’s loving every minute of it. This is a true foot girl and appreciates people .https://fetishfemdom.org/. who love her feet. Next, she shows you her feet in the pose position and also lays on her stomach. After that is a real treat! A strip tease foot tease show. Asia now takes off all of her clothes and holds up her feet and soles for the camera. She then gets into a doggie style position and spreads her ass cheeks and you can see her feet the whole time! Asia also loves how I run my tongue up and down her super wrinkled soles and size 5.5 feet. She loves the toe sucking and she even tells me what she likes and how she likes it. She’s a real fan of having her feet get all the attention and pampering. Her feet were so soft and the wrinkled bottoms were perfect! She also gets her feet licked in the pose, too. This girl really loves giving footjobs and knows what she’s doing. She’s very verbal and knows what she wants and instantly what you guys like. Asia has size 5.5 feet and a body that is absolutely unreal! You’ll see her stroke my cock in several positions, including reverse footjob while I play with her asshole. A great view, guys! She then proceeds to give me an amazing solejob and toejob! The motion, she applies just enough pressure…….she has this thing down to a science, lol! Watch me explode all over her toes and also her soles, too. HUGE load!




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Today @DungeonRoma I’m joined by my mistress friend, and we have a slave that’s going to experience some painful pleasure. I have him on the floor with his hands bound behind his back, his are legs separated and tightly bound to the spreader bar and raised up on the suspension cable. I have also tightly tied his balls with a cord, and can inflict pain simply by pulling tightly on the cord. There’s no escape for our bitch, and we are going to make him suffer. We begin with some teasing, as I pull the cord on his balls while my friend gives them a few gentle kicks. We then remove our shoes and take turns at footgagging him. It’s amusing as his balls are pulled and he squeals in pain, only to be stifled out with another foot shoved to the back of his throat. We continue to pleasure ourselves making our bitch suffer as we footslap his face and balls. Then it’s time for his reward. I bring out a vibrator and hold it on the edge of his cock. He squirms as we continue to put pressure on his balls, while at the same time getting him to lick my feet. Eventually, I allow him to cum and we both laugh as his cock pulsates and he squirts his mess onto his belly. We leave him in his mess and bound and on the suspension cable while we go shopping…