Bootlicking – Club Stiletto FemDom – Lick My Sweaty Pussy – Lady Bellatrix

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Lick My Sweaty Pussy   Lady Bellatrix  preview

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Lady Bellatrix is wrapped in latex and recounts her day and how she has brutalized her slave and how it has caused her to sweat heavily. She decides to reward her slave by letting him lick her boots, the ones that she just busted his balls with. He’s literally licking his own precum and sweat from them. She tells him she has busted other slaves with the boots so he’s really licking many men’s balls as he cleans her boots.
“One of my lovers has jazzed on these boots too” she tells him, taking great delight in making him lick every inch of both boots. She loves humiliating him and reminds him how she has also turned him into her cocksucker. Now he has to work all the way up her legs and then she directs him between her thighs where her pussy is sweating just below the fabric. She tells him a real man would undo the zipper and fuck her. She then unzips herself and tells him to lick her. The slut licks eagerly shocked at this good luck even though it’s dripping with her lovers cum. Bellatrix zips up and sends him off saying he did a good job licking his boots but the pussy service was only enough to make her want a real man.


Face Sitting – Asian Cruelty – YOU WILL ONLY BREATH MY ASS – Goddess Pepper

 Asian Cruelty  YOU WILL ONLY BREATH MY ASS   Goddess Pepper  preview

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Oxygen is an extremely valuable commodity, and so given my sadistic nature, I enjoy denying my slave all that is of value, thus making myself the most important thing in his life. As I should be. To prove my point, I first wrap my victim from head to toe in body hugging plastic cling wrap. It may look flimsy, but once he is fully encased, I assure you he can not move a muscle. An added layer of duct tape and he is all wrapped up, snug as a bug in a rug.
Once he is properly positioned on my bondage table, I proceed to sit on his face with my gorgeous ass, until he is begging for his next breath, never knowing if his next will be his last. Over and over again, I lower my latex clad ass firmly over his nose and mouth, creating an air tight seal that prohibits even the slightest breath of air into his lungs.
This is such an amusing game of cat and mouse, as I deny him the very air he needs to exist. His life is in my hands, and I can giveth or taketh away, as I choose. And he can not move a muscle to stop me. I straddle his face and crush him beneath the full weight of my ass and thighs as I clamp down over his nose and mouth. This truly could be the end of him, if I chose it to be. But not yet. Not yet.


Extreme Domination – Asian Cruelty – THE CANES OF HIS EXISTENCE – Astro Domina

 Asian Cruelty  THE CANES OF HIS EXISTENCE   Astro Domina  preview

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Today is definitely not this slave’s lucky day. Quite the contrary. He will be the recipient of a much deserved punishment caning for his indiscretions. Did I mention that this particular minion dreads the wrath of my canes more than any other form of correctional discipline I choose to bestow upon him. Deathly, deathly afraid indeed. One might say my canes are the bane of his existence.
After applying a dozen or so extremely painful weighted clamps and hemostats to his genital area to reinforce the insignificance and my ownership of his useless manhood, I feel inclined to entertain myself at his expense with my lethal canes. First a short rattan cane to soften him up. Strike after searing strike, my cane leaves an excruciating impression on both his body and psyche. Harder and harder I strike, with precision accuracy up and down the length of his ass and thighs, leaving him welted and bruised.
Next an 8′ long Cambodian Pain Cane will escalate his torment exponentially. A cane of this length, when applied with the expertise, leverage and accuracy which I possess, will deliver excruciating agony, as he is well aware. His butt cheeks are now black, blue and blooody red. And last but certainly not least, a slightly shorter and slimmer Singapore Staff is used to finish him off, inevitably breaking this cane on his thick leather like ass, scattering the air with bamboo splinters, gore and flesh.


Discipline – Asian Cruelty – PERFECTLY RED – Goddess Pepper

 Asian Cruelty  PERFECTLY RED   Goddess Pepper  preview

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I am perfection in my skin tight red latex dress. Accompanied by my lethal cane, which also just so happens to be red. His ass cheeks will follow suit shortly.
With my pain pet helplessly secured and vulnerable to my sadistic whims, I use one of my most intimidating canes to break him down both physically and mentally. With each searing blow, he falls deeper and deeper into a mindless, obedient state of mind, willing to suffer for my pleasure. Perfect. As it should be.
When I have turned his ass cheeks to an appropriate color red worthy of being in the same room as my glorious latex, I escalate his torment with an even more severe cane capable of unimaginable pain. Also of the red variety. I typically prefer my canes to be red, so that when I rip his flesh, and of course I will, his splattered bloood will blend into the cane perfectly. As a true Goddess, I will not tolerate imperfection.
And so on this night, I will continue to terrorize the baby soft flesh on his derriere until it is perfect and to my liking. And with his punishment, he too will fully comprehend the privilege of serving perfection, Goddess Pepper.


Handjobs – Mistress Ezada Sinn – Huge ruined cumshot

Mistress Ezada Sinn  Huge ruined cumshot  preview

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I hold the key to this slave’s chastity; thus, I control his cock. he never know when he will get a release, and he can only dream it will be a full one, and not another ruined orgasm. And I know he is dreaming about that, with all the constant teasing and denial I subject him to.
Today, I am going to edge him at least ten times or more, just to see if he can take any more. Look at how weak and excited he is, I know he craves a real, pleasant orgasm, does he think this time he’ll get one? It’s hard for him to deny the slippery sensations of My ultra-lubed latex gloves. I’m sure it feels just like a real pussy to his over-denied dick. he’s so physically close to Me, whimpering like a baby. How many times have I heard the word “Please” in just the last few minutes… I can tease and deny him for as long as I want, but when I decide to let him cum – I block and ruin his orgasm. As soon as I remove My hand, I am aghast at the rivers of cum that spurt far out from his abandoned cock. No pleasure for him, I am sure. And now its time to lock him back into chastity and make him lick up all the thick puddles of sticky cum he spewed out on the floor before Me.
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Whipping – Dirty Trans Dolls – Rubber nuns redemption part 1

 Dirty Trans Dolls  Rubber nuns redemption part 1  preview

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Mass has finished and we already saw him, the pervert was watching us the whole time. We decide to make him pay for his mistake but not with prayers. He gets captured n dragged in to our car. He can wake up in our wine cellar that functions as a torture dungeon. Now he finds himself tied to the cross, dressed up as a rubber slut n doll. He has no idea what is going on but we have plans for him! 1st he needs to be punished with our flogger.