Bondage Male – Brat Princess 2 – Lola – Desperate Chastity slave cums from Restrained Leg Fuck…

Brat Princess 2  Lola  Desperate Chastity slave cums from Restrained Leg Fuck preview

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Brat Princess 2 – Lola – Desperate Chastity slave cums from Restrained Leg Fucking
A chastity slave is tied down. Lola removes the chastity device. She wears latex gloves and stokes the slave with her hands. Once the slave is hard, she slips a ring over the base of the erection. Now, no matter what, the erection will stay until the ring is removed. No woman would ever allow this slave inside her body. He will never fuck a woman. Instead, Lola presses him against her latex bodysuit and traps him between the latex garment and her thighs. She places her feet on his face and tells the slave to hump her thighs. Her thighs are the closest the slave will ever get to a pussy. The slave eagerly fucks her legs. It’s very frustrating for it to be so near her, but never allowed inside. This slave has been keep in chastity for a long time. It’s become so desperate, it’s sexual gratification almost can’t help but result in a humiliating experience for it. The slave humps her legs until it has a pathetic orgasm. It climaxes right near, but never inside a pussy. Lola quickly slips the ring off and puts the slave right back into its chastity for another month, or so.


Cockbusting – Aballs and cock crushing sexbomb – Huge Load of Cum on Alina’s Legs – Queen Alina

Aballs and cock crushing sexbomb  Huge Load of Cum on Alinas Legs   Queen Alina preview

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Another unique video from Legjob Queen Alina. This time she uses lots of oil until she gets a huge load of cum allover her legs. Bonus: 2 minutes cumshot compilation in slow motion.
After our two bestsellers “Best Legjob between the long Legs of Secretary Alina” and “Legjob Queen Alina milks him twice between her Thighs” we have been asked many times to make another legjob. Now here we are, and we think we have created again something very special and new.
Mistress Alina has oiled her legs. She is wearing a very short dress, which allows some hot views of her sexy bottom, gorgeous high heel sandals and she has painted her toes in red. Her slave is standing on the wall with his legs spread. He is so small compared to his Mistress. Her legs almost reach until his breast.
Alina only needs to lift her leg a little bit to tease his vulnerable parts with her knee. But then she rubs his manhood hard and fast with her knees, shanks and thighs. She pours lots of oil on his cock to lubricate everything and then she continues rubbing her leg allover his cock and balls.
The Goddess squeezes his dick between her thighs and fucks him hard. Soon he is on the edge to shoot out his load, but Alina has him under control.
She lays down on the floor and now she rubs his cock between her shanks – again almost until he cums, but once more she stops soon enough.
More oil – much more. More fucking between her thighs and more rubbing of her endless legs against his cock and balls. “Watsch” She knees him in the nuts, but he takes it thankfully. Faster and faster – harder and harder she rubs him and she looks so seductively into the camera while she makes her slave totally crazy.
Again she clamps his cock between her legs and this time she will take it to an end. She fucks him between her thighs until he cannot hold back any longer. And then he shoots out several big streams of cum right onto Alina’s long and toned legs. His semen runs down allover her thighs, poplits, calves and heels.
We loved this cumshot so much that we decided to show it once at regular speed and twice in slow motion from different camera angles.
After Alina has rubbed the last drop out of her slave, she releases his dick and shows her oily and cummy legs into the camera.
It is just too hard to resist for Alina to perform some post cum torture. In a rough way she rubs her cummy legs against her slave’s body and balls to wipe off the cum on him.