Humiliation – Mistress Ezada Sinn – Going to bed with Mistress Ezada

Mistress Ezada Sinn  Going to bed with Mistress Ezada  preview

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Tonight is My slave’s lucky night: I will take him to bed with Me. Well… he’s not exactly going to be in bed with Me, he will spend the night tied to My bed (on the outer side) by his hands and genitals. Still, this means he will be able to watch Me sleep, hear Me breathe – what more can he wish for? I can see he is very aroused to be so close to Me in such a private setting, to watch Me go to sleep in My tiny nightgown that doesn’t really cover too much. I know he loves Me and he wants Me, and all this unintentional teasing is not really helping him with his tied up cock that is quickly turning blue. Or maybe not that unintentional, I must admit, I might be quite enjoying this, seeing him so aroused yet so helpless. But, with all this arousal, I don’t want him to cum on My feet during the night. That would be gross! So what should I do? Should I milk him, so that he’s emptied and has nothing to cum, or should I hurt his cock and balls so much that he will not be able to have even a trace of erection? Difficult decision…


Femdom – Mistress Ezada Sinn – Breaking in My miniature stallion

 Mistress Ezada Sinn  Breaking in My miniature stallion  preview

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I’m much stronger and taller than this slave, but he’ll be My pony anyway. No matter how tiny he is, a slave of Mine must be able to carry My Amazon frame and weight. After adding some fancy horse tack and suspending cum milking buckets from his nipples, My pony’s appearance starts to show some promise. Sadly, after a few short trots around the track, his sweaty back is already showing signs of sway and fatigue. Attempting to teach him the dressage pose of “rearing up” proves utterly fruitless as well. My pony needs more endurance training, spurred onward by some strong whip motivation. In time, I’ll surely make a real – even if miniature – stallion out of him.


Female Domination – Mistress Ezada Sinn – Pain or chastity

Mistress Ezada Sinn  Pain or chastity  preview

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As you probably know, I travel a lot, and this slave was lucky enough to be accepted to serve Me when I was visiting the city he lives in. But now I am almost done with him and will soon send him home. I will come back again in 2 months, so he has two options: either he goes home locked in chastity, and stays locked until next time, or he takes now all the pain I want to inflict on him.
Even though he is not at all masochistic, just a latex fetishist, 2 moths is a very long term to be locked in chastity, so he choses the pain, as I expected. Very well. To make sure he takes all the pain I want without trying to avoid it, I strap him tighty to a whipping bench. Now it’s time to chose the implement that will bring him more pain – and what is better at that than the cane? This slave’s ass has to feel the cane, to know what pain feels like. Will he be happy with his choice, or will he wish he stayed locked in chastity for 2 months?..


Faceslap – Mistress Ezada Sinn – Suck yourself, senator – Mistress Sarah

Mistress Ezada Sinn  Suck yourself senator   Mistress Sarah  preview

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This is a custom clip, with no name mentioned. I decided to publish it as We had great fun filming it and I think the result is just awesome.
“Senator H**e visits House of Sinn dungeon to close it, as he leads a campaign to close all BDSM dungeons. When he walks into the reception, he meets Mistress Sarah, who he treats improperly and asks for the dungeon license in order to close it. She leaves him alone to get the papers. Mistress Ezada then walks into the reception and She thinks he was a new slave. She slaps him and when he tries to explain, She ball-gags him, then She pulls him into the dungeon.
In the dungeon Mr. Hyde is humiliated, whipped, put in a chastity, treated like sissy. Then he is left alone.
When Mistress Sarah comes back to the reception, She finds him on the floor horny and She is shocked when he crawls to Her shoes to worship them. She humiliates him, orders him to suck his dick and cum on Her shoes, then lick it clean.”


Chastity – Mistress Ezada Sinn – Meeting “horsie”

Mistress Ezada Sinn  Meeting horsie  preview

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My pink poodle has been training for one year for this moment; he has been using bigger and bigger butt-plugs to stretch his man-pussy, to make it able to take My “horsie” – a huge horse cock strap-on. And this is the moment of truth: has he trained enough, will he be able to walk away after being fucked by this monster? I know he must be mentally prepared for this, he knew this will happen since long ago. I know that seeing Me dressed in tight latex, towering him, makes him aroused and willing to do anything for Me. Yet I can see the terror in his eyes when he realizes the real size of My cock: the length that could apparently penetrate him from the ass almost up to the throat, the weight in his hands when he holds it. Incomparably bigger than his tiny locked clitty. And this monster will make him My bitch tonight, My pink poodle bitch. For his sake, I hope he’s ready…


Orgasm Control – Mistress Ezada Sinn – Ruined in the scorching sun

Mistress Ezada Sinn  Ruined in the scorching sun  preview

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My slave has been outside, hanging in bondage all day, with the hot sun beating down on his burned back. That is nothing compared to the torment his poor cock has been through, being locked in the steel chastity for the last month. Maybe he deserves a real orgasm after such a long period of total abstinence, but why should I let him have it? That tiny dick of his is totally flaccid, even in the presence of a beautiful voluptuous Woman such as I. his cock is so tiny and impotent, maybe all he’s worth is having some fun teasing and denying him any pleasure whatsoever. Yet like all weak males, he soon gets aroused and starts to whine and whimper, begging Me for a release. What a fool, he should know by now that this cock is really Mine, not his. And I’ll do with it whatever I want.


Balls Busting – Mistress Ezada Sinn – Totally ruined by My feet

Mistress Ezada Sinn  Totally ruined by My feet  preview

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My city break vacation is nearly over, and My slave has served Me admirably. I know how much he craves to be near Me, to be touched by Me, and even to kiss Me. At the end of this long day I shall introduce him to the only part of My body he will ever intimately touch: My feet and My feet only. This slave will never feel the caress of My hands, the firmness of My breasts, or the tenderness of My lips. I’ll tease him, dominate him, trample and torture him, using just My bare feet. I’ll control his cock using only My toes, I will make it hurt and bruise, but I will also make him cum purely with My soles, ruin his orgasms in the high arches of My divine feet. Why not, for he is just a slave at My disposal, an inferior under My feet, in the place he belongs.
This clip shows a part of a private play and was filmed with the camera on a tripod.


Bondage Male – Mistress Ezada Sinn – Human cushion for My royal ass

Mistress Ezada Sinn  Human cushion for My royal ass  preview

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I haven’t even started using My slave, I just tied him up in My bed and his cock is already pushing so hard on that metal chastity cage that it just must hurt. I know full well that My presence, the touch of My long sharp nails and spit I feed him with turn My slave on, yet I get far wetter and even more aroused when I sense his submission and surrender to My devastating Feminine power. To feel the slave struggle and suffer as I drop My voluptuous nylon covered ass over his face, his whole head fitting perfectly under My butt-cheeks and muscular thighs. I don’t care one little bit if he can breathe or not. he is here for My pleasure, unable to escape, bound by thick ropes spread eagle on My bed. Like any slave, he is just a tool for My enjoyment, today a human cushion for My royal ass to sit on.


Spitting – Mistress Ezada Sinn – A challenging worship

Mistress Ezada Sinn  A challenging worship  preview

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As a Goddess I like to be worshiped, yet the slave should remember that he’s worshiping Me for My pleasure, not his. I enjoy making this task difficult for him, making him suffer and strain to prove his devotion and adoration for Me. Securely bound, with a heavy collar and chain weighted around his neck, I shall test just how badly this slave craves to worship My leather clad ass. Starting at the soles of my leather boots, he will lick, kiss and worship his Goddess all the way up to My beautiful big round ass. his tongue just one smooth layer of buttery Napa leather away from My skin. Will he beg to clean and consume My Domina kisses, My spit running down the sleek black leather? Will he stretch his tiny tongue to reach My heavenly shaped ass? Will he prove worthy of worshiping Me as his leather Goddess?