Boot Worship – The English Mansion – Red Hot Boot Sex – Part 1-2 – Mistress Sidonia and Mistress T

The English Mansion  Red Hot Boot Sex  Part 12   Mistress Sidonia and Mistress T  preview

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Mistress T and Mistress Sidonia look amazing in their thigh high red boots. Sidonia is sitting on the queening seat, using the slave’s tongue to lick her cunt as Mistress T teases his cock, edging it until it is super hard and then mounting and fucking it until she cums. They then give him a slow handjob, the four hands quickly making him shoot his cum.


Sperm – Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – You Are Just A Fucking Thing To Me

Mistress  T  Fetish Fuckery  You Are Just A Fucking Thing To Me  preview

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Chained to my bed, ready to be at my service, this well-hung rubber slave is my play thing. Completely encased in latex & a mask, leaving only his cock & balls exposed, it is clear what his use is to me. I enjoy that cock whenever I like, however I like. I control his orgasm & collect his semen at the end for my own diabolical purposes. His cock belongs to me, his balls belong to me & his cum belongs to me. I’ll do with it as I please.


Ed – Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Clinical Cum Control-Chastity

Mistress  T  Fetish Fuckery  Clinical Cum ControlChastity  preview

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The good Doctor introduces an unusual technique to assist a patient struggling with extreme premature ejaculation issues: A silicone/rubber chastity device which reduces the sensitivity of the penis. First application of this new device allows the patient to last longer than usual but he ejaculates in the chastity device anyway. The Doctor’s medical gloved hands prove to be too much for the poor guy.


Femdom – Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Bound Ruined Orgasm

 Mistress  T  Fetish Fuckery  Bound Ruined Orgasm  preview

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Tied down on a bondage table, my slave is helpless, putty in my hands…well, not putty really, he’s rock hard & desperate for release. I’ve kept him on edge for awhile, teasing him to the point of near insanity. His cock has a hair trigger. It dances & twitches wildly at the slightest touch now. Feeling my body against him, my pussy right over his face, poor thing can’t help himself. I won’t let him an enjoy that spontaneous orgasm though. It won’t be a fulfilling, satisfying release. It will be abandoned & frustrating, which amuses me to no end….


Femdom – Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Therapist Reveals You Are a Cuckold With Gay Tendencies

 Mistress  T  Fetish Fuckery  Therapist Reveals You Are a Cuckold With Gay Tendencies  preview

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Custom vid, no name mentioned. Includes a jerk off instruction while talking about cuckolding & aggressive gay cock sucking, rimming, anal sex…cum eating & cream pie cleaning.
Outline: You’re my therapist and give me advice on my marital problems. But, unknown to me, you also talk to and are in cahoots with my wife. And you two finally manage to turn me into a cuckold fluffer for her and a whole bunch of guys. And as suspected by you, I actually like it (even though I don’t want to admit it).
In more detail:
We have a session. You note that I seem a little “mopey” and ask why. Oh, I don’t think we are making enough progress and your last advice led to a disaster? Really, what happened? You draw it out of me and repeat it, making sure you understand what happened:
Your advice was to spice up our sex life by having my wife dress slutty, go to a seedy bar and “seduce” me. She was into it. She wore a short leather dress and started to dance quite seductively. But then it all went downhill. Not only I but also a whole gang of bikers were turned on by her. They cornered us, put their dirty hands on her, lifted her dress up and then fucked her aggressively. She enjoyed it. Most of them had quite big cocks, and when they bent her over a table and fucked her from behind and put dicks in her mouth, she didn’t put up a fight. But I did. And they punished me for it. They tore off my clothes and had me kneel naked while they took turns fucking her, making me watch. Two guys even fucked her in the ass. And she let it happen and even moaned like a slut. And then some of the guys waiting for their turn had the idea to make me fluff them. So they put their flaccid dicks in my mouth and made me lick and blow them hard. And it got even wilder: A couple of them bent over and had me rim their assholes. They even gave my wife a little rest so that she could watch it. I could hear her laugh while I went from ass to ass. And in the end they made me lick their cum out of her pussy and ass and clean their cocks, even the ones that had been in her ass. It was horrible!
Really? You doubt that it was indeed “horrible”. My wife told you a different story when you talked to her on the phone earlier. Not only did she like what they did to her and me. But she also noticed that my little dick got quite hard when I was fluffing all those cocks – and even harder when I was made to rim these assholes. Well, of course you’re in contact with my wife. No, that’s not violating any rules. You had me sign a waiver right at the beginning of my therapy allowing me to discuss everything with my wife. Well, it may have been hidden in the small print, but that’s my problem. And what woman would give a man marital advice without talking to his wife, too? Anyway, you two had a good laugh when she told you about our experience at the bar. It must have been so funny how these alphas turned me into a cuckold and slut. And my criticism of your methods is wholly unfounded. We’ve just made a serious breakthrough. It turns out that I’m a case of questionable sexuality, a cuckold with gay tendencies – exactly like you presumed. That’s why you and my wife came up with the plan to visit the biker’s bar in the first place. And that will be just the first of many sexual encounters with other men. As it turns out, not only my wife is turned on by and needs lots of big cock, but I need them too.


Public Humiliation – Club Stiletto FemDom – Restroom, Elevator, Anywhere – Mistress T

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Restroom Elevator Anywhere   Mistress T  preview

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We dug into the vaults and painstakingly took the best parts of three older WMV clips and made it into one kinky, hot MP4 clip, so now you can view all the action in the highest possible quality! This clip features Mistress T and her ass licker slave, along with some interaction from her girlfriends, Mistress Bijou and Goddess Samantha along with a random woman that happened to be on one of the elevator trips. Watch as Mistress T makes initial contact on the elevator with a creep who is following her, and turns him into her full-time ass licker.
She uses him during three separate trips on the public elevator and also in the restroom of a restaurant, where he kneels while he waits for her to finish using the toilet so he can lick her clean. When he’s finished, Mistress T tells him remain kneeling and to wait until she returns, which might cause some issues when the next woman comes in. But who knows? She might need her ass licked, too, and this slave seems all too eager to lick asshole whether it’s clean, sweaty, or just plain dirty. If you’ve ever dreamed of such a life, you won’t want to miss this clip!