Human Ashtray – Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Rubber Goddess Worship – Cybill Troy & Mistress Tangent

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  Rubber Goddess Worship   Cybill Troy  Mistress Tangent  preview

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Cybill Troy & Mistress Tangent have decided that they deserve a relaxing smoke break & what better way to enjoy this than with Miss Troy’s gimp serving their every need.
Their summoned gimp has the pleasure of being used as a human ashtray for the two stunning Mistresses. Between the lungfuls of smoke he must breath in, their gimp also receives generous portions of spit into his lucky mouth.
Noticing how well lubricated their gimps mouth now is, Miss Troy & Mistress Tangent decide to task the gimp with a very, very lucky task……using his mouth & tongue to clean & shine their boots & outfits.
The super fortunate gimp is commanded to begin his tongue cleaning duty at his Mistresses boots, so begins working diligently away at Cybill Troys heels & boot soles.
As the gimp progresses with the pleasurable cleaning task, his fortune also increases. After polishing her boots to a good shine, the gimp is directed to lick & shine Miss Troys wonderful legs, then amazing ass before being commandeered to render the same tongue shining service to Mistress Tangents boots & outfit.
With their gimp giddy from the honour of the tasks they have set him, Cybill Troy & Mistress Tangent round off their pleasurable torment of their shiny pet by allowing him to further shine their latex clad asses in combination with smothering him until the gimp is almost overcome.


Female Domination – Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – How Deep Is Your Love …LUNG DEEP

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  How Deep Is Your Love LUNG DEEP  preview

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True devotion and love are things that, at times need to be tested. Cybill Troy has decided its high time her gimp undergoes a test in his obedience and adoration for her.
Restrained, dosed & utterly at her mercy, Miss Troys gimp experiences a taster of the new role she is considering for him. That of existing, at times, solely as her shiny, hollow, fuck-toy, yet one with body heat.
In a merciful gesture Cybill Troy begins fucking her secured gimp-come-fuck-toy, with one of her wide selection of big black cocks. As the intensity of the pounding increases, her test of her gimps devotion and love, also increases.
Tiring of fucking such a lucky fuck-toy with a cock that, in her own words “is barely nine inches, its embarrassing” Miss Troy decides to upgrade her choice of cock and her testing of her gimp.
Returning with a much, MUCH larger strap-on, its time for her gimp to really prove how much he is devoted to her, how much he lives to please her.
Telling her gimp “If you love me you’ll take every last inch of this” Miss Troy begins feeding in the huge 24″ long black cock. She cajoles and coerces her fuck-toy, making him back up onto her huge strap-on. Her fuck-toys protests that he can feel it in his lungs only encourage her to fuck him more.
Her toy is not out of the woods yet though, he will be shown a truly gargantuan item that is to be his next challenge in proving his love & devotion for his Mistress.


Humiliation – Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – FUCKED UP CBT with Cybill Troy & Mistress Dometria

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  FUCKED UP CBT with Cybill Troy  Mistress Dometria  preview

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Cybill Troy & Mistress Dometria lack even the slightest glimmer of mercy as the Dominas descend upon their prey. Cuffed to the floor, their slave soon realizes he’s in over his head as two of the most sadistic omen on the planet electrocute, clamp, crush and otherwise destroy his nipples, cock and balls.
They laugh as he screams in agony, his pain and suffering only exciting them further.


Rubber Sleepsack – Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Bagged Like a Burrito & Ass Fucked

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  Bagged Like a Burrito  Ass Fucked  preview

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Sleep sacks are wonderful. As well as making a neat little package, their other great purpose is….. total and utter control over contents of said sack.
With this in mind, Cybill Troy has bagged up her gimp. She loves that her gimp is going nowhere. Totally at her mercy, wrapped up in immobilizing latex, she has made him into her very own shiny, black, latex burrito.
However, this particular burrito is, its not for eating. Instead Miss Troy is going to pound the hell out of her helpless, squirming, rubber bundle.
Cybill Troy thoroughly enjoys her gimps helpless state. All he can hope for is that his asshole can withstand the impending strap on invasion.
Miss Troy gives her gimp a close up view of what will soon be deep in his ass. She has him lick and worship her cock with his helpless mouth while sitting astride him. With an evil laugh she then flips her bagged victim over before unzipping & loosening the gimps worried hole.
Satisfied at the negligible resistance shown by her targets hole, Cybill Troy commences going to work, hammering away at her helpless gimps ass.
She enjoys a thoroughly satisfying drilling deep into her rubber burrito. His cries and limited struggles only serve to spur her on to go harder and deeper.
With her appetite for this odd snack sated, Miss Troy’s final gift is a huge conical plug, which she uses both hands to drive deep into her gimp.With huge plug finally rammed home, Cybill Troy zips up the gimps bag and cruelly flips him onto his back once more. Fully impaling the plug into him under his own weight.


Glasses – Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Anal Hook Whip Lashing

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  Anal Hook Whip Lashing  preview

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Cybill Troy knows how twitchy and terrified her gimp is of her whip, so for this round of whipping she has come up with a real sting in the tail solution.
Miss Troy has secured her gimp firmly to the St Andrews cross, ensuring any struggles are wasted energy.
In a cruel twist, knowing how much the gimp flinches, she has impaled him onto an anal hook. With every flinch her gimp will suffer further as the deeply embedded hook pulls into his tortured ass hole.
With every strike of her whip, Cybill Troy is more and more amused at the struggles and futile efforts of her gimp, in his efforts to remain still. Spurred on by her gimps struggles and entertained by his predicament Miss Troy delivers strike, after accurate strike to the gimps quivering, terrified flesh.
With every crack of the whip causing a severe “gimp flinch” and each strike coming in quick succession, Cybill Troy’s gimp is soon a befuddled amalgamation of hurting flesh, jangled nerves & stretched asshole, exactly how Miss Troy likes him.


Fetish – Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – ANAL ARMAGEDDON (Cybill Troy, Mistress Dometria, Myrina Delour)

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  ANAL ARMAGEDDON Cybill Troy Mistress Dometria Myrina Delour  preview

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It truly is the End of Days…. at least it is for this rubber fuck-toy’s doomed asshole.
In Mistress Myrina Delour’s FIRST ever movie, her Domina friends Cybill Troy and Dometria certainly make sure she debuts with a BANG!
43 straight minutes of NONSTOP extreme anal abuse from 3 of the world’s most sadistic Mistresses makes for some of the most merciless FemDom painal ever committed to film.
As his ass is violently fucked and stretched to take unbelievably huge cocks and more, even two at a time, his face and mouth are also abused with the Mistress’ smoke, spit, cocks, and even their full latex gloved hands gag him to tearful wretches.
These three ultimate Dommes, have their gimp secured, terrified & utterly at their mercy, as they set about abusing & expanding almost every orifice that they can assault and destroy. Their gimp is face-fucked & his ass obliterated by each Mistress, in a terrifying whirlwind of ceaseless cock confusion. Taking no heed of the incoherent noises their gimp emits during their cock-assualt, all three Mistresses upgrade to their largest, heaviest cocks before embarking on a truly amazing & shocking attack to the very core of their gimps body & soul, signaling what can only be the end of days for their latex fuck-target as he’s brutalized to the very brink of what the human body is capable of.


Sounding – The English Mansion – Rubber Clinic Penetrations (Complete Movie) – Cybill Troy

The English Mansion  Rubber Clinic Penetrations Complete Movie   Cybill Troy  preview

515 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:15:22

Looking amazing in her transparent latex, Cybil Troy is going to us and stretch her anal sluts eager asshole. She opens him up with her latex fingers, bringing out the fucking machine and putting a giant red dildo, which is soon pounding him, as she controls the speed, while taking care of his stiff dick with a steel rod. Once she feels he is ready, she puts on her massive black strapon, bends him over and fucks him hard and intensely, enjoying his moans of overwhelming enjoyment.


Pussy Licking – Rubber-Empire – Condom Slut – Lady Blackdiamoond and Bizarr Lady Alice

RubberEmpire  Condom Slut   Lady Blackdiamoond and Bizarr Lady Alice  preview

467 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:19:50

In the second part, it is even better for the rubber toy, he may lick extensively rubber pussy and there are at the end of the wellness program also several round facesitting. Completely detached from reality, he registers how his “little dick” is slowly but tenderly driven to orgasm, well, and then is over with funny as the condom is full of sperm held over his mouth, unfortunately now his lust is gone but swallowing is announced, whether he wants or not! That this was his final training session for his future job in the mistresss studio, as a condom disposal object understand the poor slave in this moment!