Female Supremacy – ScissorVixens – FRIDAY THE 13th CRUSH – Alexa Nova

 ScissorVixens  FRIDAY THE 13th CRUSH   Alexa Nova  preview

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We first noticed Alexa over a year ago when she caught our attention on a social network showing off her petite but very fit body and in particular, her muscular thighs!
As a former gymnast and cheerleader, it’s no wonder Alexa Nova has the kind of thighs built for SQUEEEEZING the daylights out of her victims!
Alexa is no stranger to scissor holds, having shot for a popular female vs. female website, where although often facing opponents larger and heavier than her, she knew her best chance was to get her POWERFUL LEGS around her opponents and make them pay!
And that’s exactly what she does to this poor man who should have known better than to even get out of bed on Friday the 13th!
He’s on the phone complaining to a friend that his car broke down while having to pay for a tow since his AAA membership had expired and to cap things off…his employer seems to have forgotten to deposit his check into his account!
So he decides the only way to turn his bad Friday the 13th around is to hire some friendly female companionship.
Petite but muscular redhead Alexa Nova shows up in a short pink dress and high heels wearing a sexy black and pink striped thong underneath showing off her incredibly fit ass and legs.
“Wow…so you must be Alexa! Looks like my day is about to get better!?”, or so he thinks.
Oops…guess he forgot to read the fine print instead of only looking at the pictures from her website because she informs him that she’s a dominatrix and then draws his attention to her thighs while flexing them saying…”You see these thighs, well I like to CRUSH men with them and choke them and that’s what I’m gonna do to you!”.
Then the Friday the 13th TORTURE session begins as Dominatrix Alexa wraps her muscular thighs around his neck and begins to squeeze him full force telling him…”And you thought these thighs were for fun…no…these thighs are for PAIN!”.
On and on it goes, one BRUTAL SCISSOR HOLD after the other as she tells him…”I can CRUSH you all night!”.
She then informs him that his employer didn’t forget to deposit his check, she emptied out his account after he called for her services!
Then she proceeds to empty him out with one last vicious across the throat neck scissors!
So check out SEXY, athletic Alexa Nova in her debut ScissorVixen video titled ‘Friday the 13th CRUSH!’.


Nelson – Fabulous Laylas Fighting Clips – Double Teamed by Angry Amazons! with Layla Moore & Amazon Annie

Fabulous Laylas Fighting Clips  Double Teamed by Angry Amazons with Layla Moore  Amazon Annie preview

335.6 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:09:07

This guy! Thinks he can take on Annie, but Layla too?? What was he thinking?? Thinking with the wrong head led him to the wonderful world of submission holds! Steve thought this was going to be a fun time, but instead he gets a vicious beating at the hands of Layla and Annie!! They pounce on him, and Layla softens him up with a nasty choke, and Annie keeps him still, by laying her 220 pounds right on his slender frame!!! Clearly having too much fun, Annie wants a turn to choke him for a bit, so Layla tangles him up and crushes him with a vicious bodyscissor! Annie has fun choking him, but would rather punish him with her very powerful thighs… so she decides to crush his head with a nasty head scissor!!! The amazons have hi all wrapped up in their strong legs! Soon they are sitting on his chest and face, smothering him out with their weight!! Just for the hell of it, they put him in a double boston crab!!! That has to hurt!! They have more fun with him, just punishing him with their thighs and overall strength! These ladies are not playing around! A full nelson with body scissor is very painful, but when Annie has him all wrapped up that gives Layla full advantage to work on his exposed legs and ankles!! She works a nasty leg bender in there, just to amp up the PAIN!!! Layla squashes him some more sitting on his stomach and chest while Annie school girl pins him… Annie moves to sit on his face for a nice bicep flexing victory pose, and decides she isn’t quite done, yet.. Layla holds him in a nice camel clutch choke while Annie gives him a nice and personal view of her sexy sweaty ass… with a Stinkface!! How sweet! What a beatdown!
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Femdom – Scissor Foxes – Intruder Alert – Death by Scissors – Alexa Fire

Scissor Foxes  Intruder Alert  Death by Scissors   Alexa Fire  preview

248.5 MB – 1280×720 – mp4 – 00:10:57

Breaking into Alexa’s house n robbing her has HUGE consequences! She may look like your typical model but this girl has crazy muscle definition and has been mastering her scissors for quite some time. Without skipping a beat, she attacks the robber, throwing him to the ground n snagging his neck between her dangerous legs. He looks completely terrified! She laughs at her prisoner while threatening to do many things to him, including knocking him out. He begs her not to but she’s already made up her mind. She knocks him out with a reverse headscissor. Upon waking up from a long scissor nap, the girl he foolishly tried to rob is standing over him, slapping his face with her feet. He then realizes that he’s all tied up. This can’t be good as she forces him back in her leg jail. She tells him that she has called the police and that he isn’t going anywhere until they arrive. In the meantime, she decides to have some fun with him, making him scream between her scissors. She eventually grows impatient n breaks his neck with her thighs, leaving his body there until the cops arrive.


Face Slapping – Club Stiletto FemDom – Creep Catcher part 6 – Miss XI

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Creep Catcher part 6   Miss XI  preview

441.3 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:06:04

This is the final scene in the six part series. Miss XI catches a creep looking in her window so she surprises him, and the next thing he knows, he’s inside her place, locked in her trample floor. Now that she has him backed into a corner, so to speak, he’s required to come see her once a week to be subjected to her sadistic whims. In this scene, she has the creep on her bed while she sits on his face. “I love smothering you to keep my ass warm and you quiet” she says laughingly to him. “It gives you time to think about your wife out there fucking all those other guys” she adds, reminding him how she orchestrated things so that his wife now gets laid by numerous studs.
Right from the start, XI shows no mercy, settling in on the slave’s face for a good long time. She finally does permit him to breathe, but only for a second, before she plops back down onto his face. XI has real disdain for this creep and laughs at his small penis before she leans forward to put him into a harsh neck-scissor. The creep coughs and starts to turn purple, but XI pushes him further before she moves back up onto his face. “The only reason you have a wife at all is because you’re rich” XI tells him, adding “or you were rich until I started draining your account every day.” She proceeds to ass smother him, slap him, block his nose and mouth with her hands, scissor him, and ridicule him in the nastiest ways possible. Finally spent, the creep blurts out “I should have listened to my dad; he wanted me to be a priest.” XI laughs and says that religion wouldn’t have saved him; he’d probably be even worse and would suck other priests’ dicks. “They’d probably get a group together and cream pie you.” XI sits on his face, and while he kicks to breathe, she tells him she has modified his will so that she and his wife will lead a life of luxury, with hot young lovers every day. “Your days are done.”


Role Play – Goddess Alexandra Snow – Interrogation of Agent 38051 – Part 2

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Interrogation of Agent 38051  Part 2  preview

597.1 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:10:09

Agent 38051 is in deep water still. After a failed mission to retrieve a chip from a competing government agency he was captured in interrogated by the best agent in Europe. After tormenting him with her body in the initial interrogation, this special agent is going to wring out the information from him with her powerful thighs. He gasps and chokes in her grip. She’ll get the information out of him somehow. Totally exposed and alone there’s no one in the world that can help him now.
Either he gives up the location of the chip, or he suffers a slow, breathless demise.


Foot Smelling – Nessie the Bully Girl – Daddy Wants His Face Full of Feet: Jasmine & Nessie Forced Foot Worship

Nessie the Bully Girl  Daddy Wants His Face Full of Feet Jasmine  Nessie Forced Foot Worship  preview

166.7 MB – 1280×720 – mp4 – 00:10:56

This clip includes: Taboo, Sweaty Feet, Nessie Catches Daddy Sniffing Her Gym Sneakers, Forced Foot Worship, Scissorhold, Foot Smothering, Teasing, Taunting, Brat Girls, Femdom, Powerful Woman, Calves, Muscular Legs, Wrinkled Soles, Socks, Sock Smelling, Sneaker Smelling, Sweaty Gym Feet, Nessie Squeeze, Jasmine Mendez, Contains NO NUDITY
Jasmine and Nessie are kicking back on the couch after an intense workout at the gym when they catch Nessie’s dad sniffing her sneakers. He tries to be authoritative and make excuses, but they saw with their own eyes and they won’t let up on it. They can’t believe he has a foot fetish! Since he won’t admit it, they decide to force their feet on him until he does. Nessie puts him in a scissorhold so Jasmine can put her bare Latina feet in his face to torment him. Then Nessie has him remove her socks and smell her feet, too. Their feet are so smelly and sweaty from the gym.
They can tell he likes it, even though he’s trying to convince them he doesn’t, but they catch him taking whiffs of their feet. Nessie grabs his nose with her toes and pulls him closer so they can put all 4 feet in his face at once. They make him lay down like a footstool and lick their feet clean. He sucks on his daughter’s milky white toes and licks Jasmine’s wrinkled soles. When they’re satisfied that their feet have been cleaned, they push him away with their feet and tell him to get on with his “nap.” Haha.


Breath Play – Philly Femdom – Dr. Janira Wolfe

 Philly Femdom  Dr Janira Wolfe  preview

923.7 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:12:40

This is the complete Dr. Wolfe shoot I had with Janira! For everyone who was waiting to get a discount on the whole video. And if you haven’t seen it, don’t miss this completely epic sexy roleplay I did with Janira Wolfe where she coaxed me into a deep sleep twice with her legs in an attempt to help cure me of my insomnia.