Smother – ScissorVixens – ‘RIOT THE SQUEEZE QUEEN’S SAVAGE SCISSORS!’ Full Video Download featuring Riot Starter

ScissorVixens  RIOT THE SQUEEZE QUEENS SAVAGE SCISSORS Full Video Download featuring Riot Starter  preview

1.64 GB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:22:45

Well…there isn’t much to say that the preview video clip already makes clear…this was one BRUTAL and torturous SAVAGE SCISSORS featuring the ridiculously HOT Riot ‘The Squeeze Queen’ Starter!
We’ve known about Riot for a few years now and have finally been given the opportunity to work with her during our latest visit to Florida.
But what we didn’t realize is just how tall and incredibly leggy this red-headed beauty is!
Standing at 5’8″ tall (and easily over 6′ in heels)…one look at her ‘legs for days’ meant we were in for a world of hurt and a world of vicious scissors!
Her first question to us before the video even started was…”So, are you ready for me to squeeze your brains out!?”.
As if we weren’t already a little concerned for our physical well-being…that cocky and confident question had me fearing the painful moments to come even more!
It’s hard to believe that such a pretty woman can be so powerful but trust us…Riot can fuck you up with her thighs and that she does in this video over and over again!
And one thing becomes very clear from the start…she absolutely gets off on it smiling, taunting and flicking her hair around while watching you struggle to survive.
But her favorite of all, and with good reason, is her reverse head scissors!
What man wouldn’t want to be trapped in such a position with Riot but there’s only one problem…she can end it any second she wants to by scooping your head up high and tight, locking her ankles and pouring on the PAIN!
And just when you think you might survive…oops…she has one more gear left and that’s when you see her gorgeous glutes clinch together and you are left with two choices…tap-out or pass-out because you simply cannot breath!
We’ve worked with over 500 ScissorVixen models over the years but when it comes to the TOTAL PACKAGE in every way imaginable…Riot ‘The Squeeze Queen’ Starter is without a doubt one of the very best!


Handjobs – Goddess Alexandra Snow – Hitchhiker Victim – Part 2

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Hitchhiker Victim  Part 2  preview

763 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:13:01

This is the continuation from my wildly popular Hitchhiker Victim Part 1 clip.
My unlucky hitchhiker is beginning to come to consciousness after my special drink had him out for several hours. Honestly, I’m surprised he’s even survived at all to this point. No matter. I’ve decided to have a bit of my own fun with him before he meets his end. See, I have a thing for beautiful places. With all the waterfalls around I’m sure I’ll be able to find a nice spot to get my souvenir from him before sending him to his demise. I’ll jerk him off to get his seed, and then I’ll put him down with my breasts. He should be thankful though. His last glimpse of light will be the lovely waterfall, and then my beautiful breasts.


Whip – Femme Fatale Films – Slave Thirteen – Mistress Athena

Femme Fatale Films  Slave Thirteen   Mistress Athena  preview

829 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:22:39

Lucky slave number thirteen gets some personal treatment at the skilled hands of Mistress Athena. He simply can’t get enough of his very special Mistress and will endure anything to please her and that includes swallowing her ash, her spit and making his face useful as a cushion for her perfect posterior.


Wrestling – ScissorVixens – ‘THE PYTHON!’ Full Video Download featuring Megan Jones

 ScissorVixens  THE PYTHON Full Video Download featuring Megan Jones  preview

714 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:21:28

When it comes to playing the role of a female assassin, enforcer, fixer, muscle or any other character that requires hunting down and ruthlessly torturing her target before putting him out of his misery, few can do it better than Megan Jones in ‘The Python’!
And never has Megan Jones looked more SEXY and LETHAL dressed in here python patterned leotard wearing black pantyhose underneath finished off with knee-high latex boots!
Stealing is never a good idea but when you steal from the boss, the boss wants to make sure that you not only pay the ultimate price but you suffer long and painfully!
And when that’s what the boss wants…he sends his most lethal enforcer known as ‘The Python’ to use her superhuman thighs to extract information before extracting your life!
Poor thief…thinks one of his buddies booked a room in a remote hotel to hide out for a few days but little does he know it was booked by the boss!
He asks his buddy who booked the room but when his buddy tells him he doesn’t know…he gets nervous and tries to leave.
But lurking behind the heavy window curtains is ‘The Python’ and she’s got a little problem to take care of….HIM!
Just as he tries to stand up, she sneaks up behind him wrapping her powerful arms around his neck and begins to squeeze while grabbing his phone at the same time.
Then she tells him…”You took the bosses money!” right before thrusting her thighs out straight nearly snapping his neck in two!
Listen to her boots creak as she tightens her SQUEEEEEEZE delivering a nearly lethal dose of eye-popping pressure one leg scissors after the other!
Her reverse head scissors are simply amazing to watch as her thighs and ass swell up into huge, muscular skull-crushers rendering him paralyzed and often barely able to make a sound!
At one point she tells him she’s just toying with him then shows him just how quickly she can end his life if she wanted to in a vicious across-the-throat scissors!
And in one of the SEXIEST scissor scenes ever, she lays his limp body across the desk hanging his head off of the edge and warning him…”Don’t you pass out on me because when you wake up, it’s going to be even worse for you!”.
Too bad for him as he takes a nap and is then subjected to her reverse head scissors again, this time standing up!
Watch as he knocks the phone onto the floor as his body starts to convulse uncontrollably from ‘The Python’s’ lethal grip!
Finally, and perhaps mercifully, she decides he’s suffered enough and tells him…”You’re finished!” as she wedges his neck between her thighs standing up and completes the job the boss sent her to do!
She calls to let the boss know he suffered a whole lot and then asks for her next assignment finally proclaiming…”I love my job!”.
For fans of our female assassin videos and fans of Megan Jones…this is one LETHAL combination you don’t want to miss!”


Smother – The English Mansion – Femdom Crime And Punishment – Nikki Whiplash

 The English Mansion  Femdom Crime And Punishment    Nikki Whiplash  preview

913 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:27:18

After being expressly forbidden to touch his cock, the recruit is now in big trouble with Officer Nikki, who has taken him to the punishment cell and tied him tightly to the interrogation chair. She gets his attention and respect, slapping and cropping his cock, tight traps put on his nipples and dick as she makes him lick her dirty boots. She then puts on her biggest strapon and pegs his asshole with hard, long strokes making him moan in submission as he relearns his place in the World.


Smothering – Asian Cruelty – I CONTROL YOUR VERY EXISTENCE – Takanori

 Asian Cruelty  I CONTROL YOUR VERY EXISTENCE   Takanori  preview

76 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:09:20

Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel kind of breathless? I’m experiencing such a day myself. But I am privileged, I share my feelings when I’m feeling down! If I feel a tad depressed or down. Then my slaves will feel 10 times what I experience simply because I will it.
My slave is secured safely away, he has no means of defending himself, nor defying me. I will take his breath from him. His very right to breathe is mine! He has no rights in my presence! He only has what I allow! And today I allow terror! I grab my slave’s mouth and nostrils and feel the panic set in. I can sense the burning in his lungs and the terror. I only release him when I can feel his limbs falling weak. But terror isn’t enough, I was going to pass on the physical pain today. I was just gonna leave him bound down here for the next several hours. But I’ve decided that I want to witness his torment! I want to be responsible for it. I want to laugh as my galley whip destroys his flesh, and I’m sure that I will


Smoking – Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – At Her Rubber Mercy

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  At Her Rubber Mercy  preview

148 MB – 720*406 – mp4 – 00:07:47

Strapped into the wheelchair in immobilizing rubber bondage, this gimp of a slave is entirely at Cybill Troy’s mercy for even the most basic means of survival: oxygen.
Cybill decides when and if he’s allowed any oxygen in his lungs both by her rubber gloved hands and an airtight strip of latex over his face.


Smothering – Femme Fatale Films – Fatale Attraction – Mistress Heather

 Femme Fatale Films  Fatale Attraction   Mistress Heather  preview

384 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:31:27

Shooting fantasy FemDom stories is always a pleasure, but capturing the chemistry and magic of a real scenario adds another powerful dimension to the viewing experience. The guy was keen to meet a dominant woman, but had no idea what he’d let himself in for when he agreed to meet me socially for a quiet drink. The next thing he knew, he was cuffed and unable to move. He could however feel every bit of pain I delivered up and there was no shortage of that. Feeling a man genuinely suffering beneath me as I grind and smother their face with my cunt drives me crazy with desire. First I had to modify his body to ensure unfettered access to the areas where I was going to focus my torment. His ass and penis were both plugged to make him feel his body was being invaded and with the penis plug it would ruin any orgasm he might involuntarily spurt out. After being hooded, shaved, trampled, caned, plugged and smothered, I used an industrial vibrator on his throbbing cock which imploded an orgasm. an orgasm successfully ruined. That was all the trigger I needed to sate my deliciously sadistic desires.


Milking – MILKED AND BUSTED – Big Guys Ball-Abusing Rough Handjob

 MILKED AND BUSTED  Big Guys BallAbusing Rough Handjob  preview

909 MB – 854*480 – mp4 – 00:22:27

The slave Big Guy has not cum in over a year. Brandy likes playing mind games, and tells Big Guy he can cum today with the help of her hands, but they aren’t going to make it easy for him. Casandra is a petite cutie that is new to tormenting balls. Cassandra and Brandy together bring the pleasure and pain. Big guy is getting teased and jerked by one girl while the other kicks and punches his nuts. They aggressively twist and turn and tug and slap and squeeze his poor bright red balls while stroking him. This is Big Guys one chance to cum – will he do it? Almost, but Unfortunately not. The constant ball abuse probably made his dick go numb. Brandy said maybe she will give him a chance to cum again in a year….. or two. Big guy is left blue-balled, with bruised balls.