Foot Licking – Bratty Foot Girls – My friends secret foot fetish – Luna Lain

 Bratty Foot Girls  My friends secret foot fetish   Luna Lain  preview

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Luna has her friend Jason over to help her study for exams. He has precariously taken up a position near her sweaty feet while she reads chapters from their class book. He can’t help but stare at her perfect size 8;s planted right in front of his face. The sweaty aroma hits his nose and keeps in his a trance. Soon Luna notices him looking at her feet and the brat takes full advantage! She asks him if he likes feet as she grips her stinky toes over his nose. he can’t resist any longer as his super bratty classmate is fully onto his little fetish. she forces him to stick out his tongue as she aggressively rubs her soles over his tongue and mouth. Luna starts to completely dominate him with her perfect peds. He makes him worship her feet, gags him and turns him into her complete foot bitch! Whilst being SUPER hot in the process!
Starring: Luna Lain, Jason Ninja


Foot Slave Training – Goddess Tangent World of Femdom – Foot Slavery Under Goddess Tangents Boots

Goddess Tangent World of Femdom  Foot Slavery Under Goddess Tangents Boots  preview

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It does not matter who you were in your life before you became Goddess Tangent’s property. What matter is that once you become Her slave, you’d be expected to perform at the bottoms of Her boots…just like the slave in that video. He is mercilessly trampled under Goddess Tangent’s riding boots, forced to lick their filthy bottoms clean. That is not the end of his suffering, once Goddess Tangent gets Her boots out of his mouth, he is made to snort Her colorful, but stinky socks and at the end, of course….lick Her soles and heels clean and suck Her toes.


Foot Humiliation – Bratty Foot Girls – Kendra Heart’s Stinky Toejam Forced Smelling

 Bratty Foot Girls  Kendra Hearts Stinky Toejam Forced Smelling  preview

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Fresh from a high energy work out in her cute pink gym outfit, Kendra can feel her toes and soles feeling very sweaty and greasy in her pink socks. He slave has been tied up and mouth taped with matching pink tape. She slowly removes her sneakers and gives him a nice whiff of her socks. They are wet and smell vinegary and slightly earthy. She rubs them all over his face as she laughs and makes jokes about him. She then peels off her soaked socks and makes sure his nose get buried right up inbetween her toes. They reek and the smell permeates every inch of his nostrils. Kendra is proud of how bad her feet can smell as she grips his nose between her toes. She loves torturing her slave with her stinky soles.
Starring: Kendra Heart, Jason Ninja


Pov – AstroDomina – ASIAN FOOT BRAT feat AstroDomina

 AstroDomina  ASIAN FOOT BRAT feat AstroDomina  preview

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When your date Sydney walks into your house, you can’t help but notice her heels and her feet wiggling in them. She heads over to the kitchen and asks about the fruit bowl you were supposed to make her. As you finish cutting the fruit, she makes herself comfortable in the kitchen table with her feet on top. You bring the fruit bowl to her. She wants you to turn on the TV but instead of watching what’s on, your eyes are glued on her amazing heels and her even more amazing feet. She knows about your infatuation with her feet so she teases you by putting a piece of fruit between her toes. From that point on, Sydney encourages you to pay close attention to her toes, soles and feet. Smelling it all, getting a close up look. After a little while, she tell you to lie on the floor. As she stands over you she puts her foot on your face and tramples you a bit. Before she ends the date, she makes you smell her feet one more time and she’s off…


Foot Domination – Bratty Foot Girls – Naomi Swann – Rich Brat Foot Slavery

 Bratty Foot Girls  Naomi Swann  Rich Brat Foot Slavery  preview

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In our first one – Rich Brat Naomi is lounging by the pool sippng her drink and texting her girlfriends while the pool boy finishes cleaning the pool.he thinks he’s finished and goes to check out for the day, but the mean brat isn’t happy with the job he’s done and ells him he missed a spot. he gives her attitude and tells her that her dad is the only one who can order him around. She doesn’t take to his atittude kindly and tells him she will have him fired if he doesn’t do as she asks. He goes to clean the pool but it’s too late now. She tells him something else needs to be cleaned – her sweaty feet which have been couped up in her heels all day in the sun! “Get fucking down on your knees and clean my FEET!” She screams at him. He quickly goes to task, licking her sweaty stinky feet as she looks on with a sneer on her face. Thisbrat is not messing around and verbally destroys him as he licks her soles and toes. “LICK between my toes now!” she orders as she quickly starts lapping away all the toejam built up between them. She cruelly starts foot fucking his mouth almost making him gag everywhere. She tells him this will be his new job from now on as she orders him onto the ground to be her foot rest. This is his new life now!
Starring: Naomi Swann, Jason Ninja


Taboo – Bratty Foot Girls – Aunt Jolene’s Creepy Foot Obsessed Nephew

 Bratty Foot Girls  Aunt Jolenes Creepy Foot Obsessed Nephew  preview

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Jolene has been asked to look after her creepy nephew as he cannot be trusted. he is obsessed with his aunt’s feet and cannot stop drooling over them. She tells him she;s had enough of this and no longer wants to look after him anymore, tonight is the last time. She gives him one more chance to play with her feet but cannot bare to watch and has him put her out first so she doesn’t have to be aware of what’s going on. Once she is out he starts ravenously licking and kissing her perfect size 8 soles. He can’t get enough of his aunts soft supple feet. He sucks her toes and licks her soles up and down, the whole time she has no idea. He moves her into various positions to ensure he gets all over her feet before she comes around.
Starring: Jolene Hexx, Jason Ninja


Sexiravenrae – Raven Rae and Her Birds of Prey – Kinky Boots Get Worshiped By Slave Too MP4 pt2

Raven Rae and Her Birds of Prey  Kinky Boots Get Worshiped By Slave Too MP4 pt2 preview

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Wow every time Nyxon and RavenRae are in Vegas they go to this club, and every time they go they pull some loser slave! After the hot and wet boot worship session they just had, they needed to dominate and humiliate some random loser. As they enjoy they sight of this pathetic boot licker they realize how much he likes it. This club is just full of foot losers. Is it their feet or are these guys just desperate? Fuck that, spit on that slut, take the money and get a new one! MP4


Misress – Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – 10-Inch Boot Suck

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  10Inch Boot Suck preview

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My new thigh high boots have towering 10-inch heels in need of a shine. My groveling slave is instructed to lick every inch, sucking the heels deep down his throat before being forced to polish the rest by licking thick gobs of my spit off of the patent leather, dragging his tongue up the laces to meet my face so I can spit right in his mouth.xoxo, Cybill Troy


Mistresses Slave – CRUEL PUNISHMENTS – SEVERE FEMDOM TRIBUTE – Feet forced into his mouth – Mistress Zita

CRUEL PUNISHMENTS  SEVERE FEMDOM TRIBUTE  Feet forced into his mouth   Mistress Zita preview

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Mistress Zita forces her feet in various ways in the mouth of her slave while yelling with him. He tries to satisfy his needy Mistress, but it seems like whatever he doesn is not enough for her. So she pushes and forces her toes and her soles into his mouth further.
Features: foot fetish, foot worship, barefoot, soles, foot domination, female domination