Femdom – House of Sinn – Find an ashtray or become one – Miss Sarah

 House of Sinn  Find an ashtray or become one   Miss Sarah  preview

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Miss Sarah has Her slave look for an ashtray as She wants to relax and enjoy Her cigarette. The silly slave gets so flustered that he is unable to do more than panic as he cannot find one, thus managing to give the sadistic Mistress a very good reason to use his filthy mouth as Her ashtray. The desperate slave is so eager to please that he obeys instantly and the mere torment as he is played with and taunted shows on his face as he swallows the ash and inhales the smelly smoke. Needless to say he is not a smoker so that is as disgusting as can be but the mere thought of being in service to his Mistress makes him do anything to stay in Her good graces, eat the ash and swallow the butt of the cigarette. The question is, will that be enough?


Whipped – Mistress Ezada Sinn – From butler to whipping boy

 Mistress Ezada Sinn  From butler to whipping boy  preview

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I am very unhappy with the work My personal butler has done for Me lately. The tasks I have assigned to him are not that difficult, yet this simple-minded male seems incapable of performing them. he is plainly too stupid and useless as My butler, so I should just fire him immediately. The only hope for him is proving he can fulfill the position of “whipping boy” in My business. The test is simple: if he asks for mercy as I beat him, then he shall be immediately fired. My chattel must take every ounce of pain I administer upon his white ass if he wishes to remain in My world. Now it’s time to see how badly My ex-butler wants to keep a job in My Femdom empire.


Femdom – Humiliation POV – Eat Your Cum All Alone In Your Bedroom You Lonely Virgin Loser – Princess Mika

 Humiliation POV  Eat Your Cum All Alone In Your Bedroom You Lonely Virgin Loser   Princess Mika preview

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You are a virgin and that is never going to change is it? No, you’re going to be a virgin for the rest of your life. So go on and stroke to my perfection, I know that’s all you do as you never get laid. I know lonely virgin losers like you will do whatever I say when you’re jerking your stupid cock. This is the most attention a virgin loser like you gets from a hot girl.
As a virgin you’ll never get to experience sex, you’ll never cum in a pussy and no girl will ever eat your cum. So I think you should eat your own cum, that’s what virgin losers like you deserve. You are going to eat your own cum for me as my virgin slave. Stroke to that thought.
Look at me, look how hot I am and know that you will do anything for me. Losers virgins like you have no choice, you’ll do anything for my attention, no matter how degrading. And virgin losers like you deserve to eat their own cum and you’re going to thank me for making you do this. You’re going to eat it for me as my virgin fucking bitch. Stroke hard and fast to me and my perfect body, prove to me that you want to be my good boy and obey.
You’re my addicted virgin loser, you live to please me. You need me, I’m the only one who pays attention to you, isn’t that right? You’re such a good little stroker, I mean you must be, it’s the only way you ever get off. This is your life, you really are a virgin and watching my clips is your real sex life.
Get yourself to the edge loser, I want you to blow your virgin loser load in your hand on my command. Then lift your hand to your mouth and eat it. Lick up every last drop of your lonely load while you sit in your bedroom all alone. Good boy, you love being my cum eating virgin slave.


Female Domination – Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas – Superior Cock ! Where

Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas  Superior Cock  Where  preview

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So this was a fun custom video! I was paid to judge an Asian Cock & a White cock but I couldn’t find EITHER superior!
Custom: Who has the biggest, most superior cocks? Black guys, obviously. But who has the smallest wimpiest cocks? We’re here to find out.
Today you are pitting a white guy vs. an Asian guy to see who has the smaller cock. Asians are known to have tiny eggrolls but white guys can definitely be pretty mediocre too.
You start off by introducing each cock (only their bodies & cock show) and telling the camera what you think of them and how their bodies and cocks look.
You are sitting in between the two men, as they stand naked on each side of you. You show off your amazing chest and body to excite the two losers. You take out a measuring tape or ruler and measure their length and girth.
You decide which cock is more pathetic and one you would never ever consider fucking. Once you decide the loser and winner and explain why you chose that way, you punish the loser by crushing his cock and balls. You tell the winner you will be having more fun with him as the scene ends.


Financial Domination – Humiliation POV – I See Your Clip Order And Then I Delete It – Miss Honey Barefeet

Humiliation POV  I See Your Clip Order And Then I Delete It   Miss Honey Barefeet preview

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Hello order #67890. I don’t know your name, I don’t care about your name, you are just numbers on my screen, numbers in my daily stats. You think that by buying my clips that somehow you are important or that I might notice you. But that’s not true. All I see are numbers when you buy my clips. You’re just another clip buying loser that adds to my monthly total.
All I notice is the title and I know that you’re either just a foot freak, or cum eater, or a pay pig, or a sissy fag or some other kind of wanking freak, but I don’t even think about you. But you obsess over me. I see I got a clip order, then I delete the email and go on with my day while you jerk your brains out to me, imagining that I’m really talking to you while you jerk. You’re so stupid. You fall so easily into my trap.
But you keep buying in clips in hopes that I might notice you. I never will. Even if you buy a lot, I just see a big clip order. I don’t see you, I don’t care about you. You mean nothing to me. You are just a number. You are here to pay and I am here to take your money. There is no kind of personal interaction whatsoever.
You’re a pathetic clip addicted loser whose life is sexless and filled with porn. It’s so sad loser. I know you’re even jerking off right now to me telling you that you are an insignificant loser. You love to jerk it while I look into your eyes, it’s like I’m really close to you, but then you cum and realize you’re still all alone. I don’t give a fuck about your existence. I just like reminding you that you are nothing but a number in my stats. I like reminding you of the reality of how we girls feel about losers who buy our clips.


Verbal Humiliation – Club Stiletto FemDom – It’s Nice To Have a Cuckold In The House – Mistress Irene

Club Stiletto FemDom  Its Nice To Have a Cuckold In The House   Mistress Irene  preview

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Mistress Irene reclines on the bed and calls her cuck husband over. She asks if he heard her lover fucking her and points down to her legs, which are covered in cum. She scoops some up with her fingers, sticks them into his mouth, then tells him to lick it from her legs. She wears panties because hubby is strictly prohibited from seeing her pussy; she wants him to remember it from their wedding night and only have the memory to excite him now. She mocks him for his tiny cock and instructs him to stand up so she can laugh at it. She holds her little finger up beside it and they’re the same length! She talks about how massive her man is and orders hubby to get back in and eat up the rest of the stud cum. “As I have a lot of boyfriends, you’ll be busy, and my next one likes to be fluffed so you’ll be able to see how big he is as you prepare him for me,” she says.
Irene tells hubby that once her man is hard, she’ll have him stand up so the two can compare cocks and all have a good laugh over the discrepancy. Dutiful hubby continues to lick and accepts the humiliation as well as her orders, without question. Once she’s clean, Irene sends him to the foot of the bed to remove her shoes and practice his cock sucking ability on her big toes. “While you’re doing that, I’m going to close my eyes and play with myself” she says to him. She talks about her previous lover; how beautiful he is, how hung he is, and how he makes her feel so good. “You could never come close to being anything like him and that’s why he’s fucking me and you’re sucking my toes and imagining it’s his cock” she says, and rubs herself more vigorously until she has a mind blowing orgasm. She sends hubby back to the closet as she says with a smirk, “It’s nice to have a cuckold in the house.”


Degradation – Asian Cruelty – SHUT UP AND CRAWL BITCH BOI – Goddess Maya Liyer

Asian Cruelty  SHUT UP AND CRAWL BITCH BOI   Goddess Maya Liyer  preview

103 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:09:23

“I just want some time to myself.Bitch Boi! Quite! Bitch Boi silence. Be quite! I don’t want to hear that wrestling sound! What did I Just Tell You? You pathetic Loser. All I want to do is relax and you keep making that sound! Hummmmm. Piece of terd! BITCH BOI, I’m trying to relax! I don’t want to hear you wresting around, I should lock you up! Now, I’m trying to relax But you, little thing (Slap) just keep making this Rukus! (Slap) YOU PIECE OF TERD!”
“You filthy , Come! Come I said! Head back down, HEAD BACK DOWN! to the ground! Now all you are to do is serve me fruit. Do you understand? LOUDER! That is correct. Now BITCH BOI do you see that? (Slap) That`s not a quick enough response! again!”
“Silence I don’t want to hear your filthy mouth, look at your filthy fuckin face you dispicable little thing. BITCH BOI COME OVER HERE! NOW!”
“Your non existent in my life BITCH! You know what you’re not even better than a terd! You better be afraid! You better be very fuckin afraid of whats gonna happen to you!”


Beatdown – Asian Cruelty – SCRATCH ATTACK! Starring Queen Darla

Asian Cruelty  SCRATCH ATTACK Starring Queen Darla  preview

101 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:08:17

My Slave looks so pathetic! Like he always does, as all useless men do.
I think that I will teach him a little lesson today, He’s been a little to happy lately and it sickens me. Besides I’m just kind of bored so I may as well put his pathetic ass to and entertain myself.
I have my belligerent piece of man meat strung up, naked and helpless, looking pitiful as always but he will look much worse once I have finished with him! My nails are sharpened and ready. My mouth is salivating in the anticipation of covering him in my goddess spittle.
I give my slave no leeway nor pardon as I slap his face and spit all over his disgusting face. I can see the humiliation mounting in him, he almost seems angry but openly displaying it would only further burden his flesh and mind as my ability to cause him pain would only escalate. He cannot escape my saliva, nor the anguish of my nails digging into his flesh nor the back handed blows slamming into his ugly face!


Leather – Asian Cruelty – A SADISTIC DELICACY – Mistress Phoenix Frost

Asian Cruelty  A SADISTIC DELICACY   Mistress Phoenix Frost  preview

72 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:07:58

Sometimes I’m just feeling a little (or very) sadistic. Today would be such a day, I think that I shall dress myself in my exquisite leather pants and empowering red stilettos. Then bind and torment my slave just because it pleases me to watch him suffer and scream!
Oh yes I have my poor poor pathetic slave bound and helpless, he’s really not much of a pain slut, so it’s just all that much more entertaining to my twisted mind. I even blindfold him, depriving him of my beauty as I beseech his every sensitive region with pain, I twist his nipples and watch him wreath in pain as I smile and kick him in the balls when he can’t even see it coming. I bring about his misery and suffering as I beat him ruthlessly with my crop and then with a brutal harsh nitrile rubber whip.
My slave can only scream in grief as my sadism easily overpowers him. He cannot elude the pain that I so cruelly bestow upon him. His tears, trembling, girlish screams and panting breaths are like a gourmet delicacy to a Sadist such as myself. And today I feast!