Slave Training – ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – CAGED PAY PIGGY! Starring Goddess Mena

ASIAN MEAN GIRLS  CAGED PAY PIGGY Starring Goddess Mena  preview

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Goddess Mena takes the word pet literally! Some Goddess’s have slaves, Others pets or critters. In this case Goddess Mena has found herself a little Pay Piggy! His off work hours are confined to a small cage that he has rapidly outgrown. But that’s ok there’s no need for a bigger cage when smaller rations of food will serve the same purpose and leave more money in Goddess Mena’s purse!


Humiliation – ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – THE BUTT EATING BIDET! Starring Mistress Lucy Khan

ASIAN MEAN GIRLS  THE BUTT EATING BIDET Starring Mistress Lucy Khan  preview

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Miss Lucy Khan is not only a Mistress but she’s also a humiliatrix who takes great joy in humiliating any man who tries to creep his disgusting way into her good graces. But there are no good graces with this Mistress. Every man is, and will always be a loser slave in her mind to be treated accordingly! Lucy will not let a man carry an ego! He will instantly bow naked at her heavenly feet and do as he’s told! For the time being Lucy is just lounging around and relaxing, she craves a cigarette and puts her slave to good use as her human ashtray. He is forced to inhale the vile smoke and take the ash upon his tongue. Inevitably he is even forced to swallow the cigarette butt as any good ashtray should. Fully relaxed she feels that she need relieve herself, the drinks that went down so nicely earlier in the day will be her slaves only reward! The only offering to cleanse his palate after the disgusting cigarette ashes! He better enjoy it!
He’s already getting more than his pathetic ass deserves in Mistress Lucy’s opinion.


Femdom – Humiliation POV – You’ll Spend The Rest Of Your Life Jerking Off To Small Penis Humiliation Videos – Goddess Jolene

 Humiliation POV  Youll Spend The Rest Of Your Life Jerking Off To Small Penis Humiliation Videos   Goddess Jolene preview

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Why don’t you take down your pants and show me your little, tiny dick? LOL! Oh My God! That’s it? It’s even smaller than I expected. You know there’s seriously something wrong with you if you’re seeking out videos for girls to make fun of your small penis. You’re pathetic! That thing is smaller than my pinky, it’s not even a penis. That dick is the smallest, most pathetic, insignificant, worthless excuse for a cock I have ever fucking seen!
I know why you don’t have a girlfriend, because every time you take out your dick they must laugh in your face and leave you! You are fucking worthless. You’re not even a man. It doesn’t matter how good looking you are, how much money you make, how powerful you may be, you will never be a man because of your little tiny dicklette!
It must be heart wrenching to know that you’re never going to have a relationship or please a woman. Even if you win a girl over with your personality, no girl is ever going to stay with you with a little penis like that. She might use you for awhile if you can benefit her in other ways but eventually you’re always going to get tossed out for a guy with a bigger dick. You’re a pathetic dickless loser. You’re a worthless piece of trash.
I mean what kind of loser spends his time jerking off to small penis humiliation? YOU! You’re that kind of loser. You’re absolutely pathetic! But you need this humiliation because it’s the only way a hot girl will even acknowledge you. You’re so pathetic you’ll take any attention you can get. I want you to know that any girl that has ever seen your cock has been telling her girlfriends about it for years. It’s just too funny not to share.
A penis is pretty much what defines a man and your penis is pathetic. You will never please a woman, you will never be a man. Just face it loser. You shouldn’t even be gender identified as a man. You’ll spend the rest of your life jerking off to small penis humiliation videos. You’ll be so sad and alone, LOL! I hope I’ve made you feel like a pathetic loser with a small dick because that’s exactly what you are.


Foot Humiliation – Club Stiletto FemDom – Pathetic Foot Slave – Princess Lily

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Pathetic Foot Slave   Princess Lily  preview

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We open with sexy Princess Lily sitting on Her throne. “My legs are so sore” she complains, “and my feet are just aching and so sweaty and smelly.” She explains it’s from trampling and kicking another slave for hours but she’s happy she has a second slave at hand who will eagerly attend to her feet and make her feel better. As she speaks the slave crawls in and starts kissing her feet and licking the soles of her stilettos. She wonders out loud where these shoes have been but smiles and says “But you don’t care do you?” as the slave sucks and licks like it’s his last meal. Now she has the wretched beast remove her shoes and rubs her stinky feet in his face as he lays on the ground.
She pulls out her phone and tells him she is taking pics of him in this position and is going to send them to her boyfriend so they can laugh at how pathetically hard he adores her. She sticks a big toe in his mouth and reminds him that her pleasure is all that matters. “You don’t deserve any pleasure, EVER” she tells him. As he sucks her toe he reaches up and massages her legs. “My boyfriend just sent me some hot pics of himself, with his big dick exposed” Lily says as she starts to run her hand over her own body, her breasts, stomach and pussy. She mocks the slave for not looking like her boyfriend or being hung like he is. Now Lily is getting aroused and she starts to focus on her pussy. She rubs it and moans from the pleasure of her touch as well as that of the beast touching her legs and worshiping her feet. She tells the slave that if he does a good job she will let him smell her fingers after she has played with herself. Now Lily sets one foot across the slaves body to tease you. “I should have a second slave to attend to my other foot” she says. She curls her sole and spreads her toes and you can see her feet are as perfect as the rest of her. She runs her fingers through the toes and tells you how she would have you attending to her feet. Now the slave is told to stick his tongue through the toes of her other foot and Lily now pulls her panties to the side and really starts to rub herself. She moans in ecstasy.


Slave Training – ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – THE OBEDIENT IMPOTENT! Starring Goddess Saya Song

ASIAN MEAN GIRLS  THE OBEDIENT IMPOTENT Starring Goddess Saya Song  preview

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Goddess Saya this poor, woeful slave by the balls! He has been very obedient! Performed every task without flaw and on time. His so called reward is the privilege of relieving himself but this rapidly turns to a punishment as Goddess Saya starts laying on the insults and pressure. He has very little time to perform this SELF gratifying task and it looks like he will fail, the task in hand per say is just too much for him and clearly too little for the Goddess. This pitiful little creature is about to be locked away in chastity for another month and he’s just too weak and pathetic to do a thing about it




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Astro Domina has quickly picked up on her tutor’s fascination with her shoes and feet. He is undoubtedly just another weak willed foot wimp, like so many of the other loser boys at her school. White guys are such desperate fools for the petite, delicate feet of beautiful Asian women, and this professor is no different. BOYS ARE SO PATHETIC!
However, owning her College Professor could offer numerous benefits for a student like Astro. So she has an evil plan, and it all begins with her feet. And why shouldn’t she take advantage of him? She deserves to be treated like the Goddess she is.
So seizing the opportunity, she orders her weak willed professor to his knees and proceeds to shove her feet in his face, with outstanding results. He is in heaven as she instructs him to smell, kiss and licks her shoes and feet clean with his tongue. As the Professor becomes enraptured with Astro’s feet, he grows more and more malleable to her every demand, which of course was Astro’s intention from the start.
After all, Astro really has no need for an old, ugly Professor slobbering all over her beautiful feet. But she will most definitely have him serve her in countless ways this coming semester. For starters, he will be giving her straight A’s, financing her tuition, cleaning her dorm room, paying for her dates with the cute boys in school, and so much more. Oh yea, a little slobber on the feet goes a long way. HA HA!


Foot Gagging – Savage Soles – A Fucked Up Throat Fucking – Olivia Kasady

Savage Soles  A Fucked Up Throat Fucking   Olivia Kasady  preview

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The bully-in-braces, Olivia Kasady makes Fatass immediatley gasp as she puts him on the ground and shoves her foot down his throat, hurting and taunting him. She puts him on his knees before her — the tall girl with the long, strong legs. She throws him back down on his back and gags him like like a fat whore, laughing at his gurgle sounds, calling him a “pansy” and continuing to fuck his face. She buries her big feet down his mouth and into his throat. “Gag on my foot,” she says and grabs her leg, using it to help jam her foot more violently down his throat. Olivia loves hurting people. She once made a girl kiss her feet in return for not meeting her promise of a breaking her jaw. She’s a specific girl — an interesting girl — very bright. She continues forcing inhuman sounds from him. She uses her leg and foot like a plunger that needs the other hand assisting the violence. The fat-tit fuck kneels at her feet as she sits on the couch and she pushes her foot deeper and deeper, fucking his mouth hard and laughing at him. Her big feet are buried down his throat as he gags, but he still dives into her foot until it blocks his sinuses and he roars in acutley labored breath. Olivia loves foot gagging. She looks into his eyes and expresses surprise he’s pushing harder and harder to try to reach her heel in a mashocistic fever. She keeps gagging him, unmerciful, loving his suffering and extremity. She won’t stop even when he bows at her feet. Neither will he. it seems he never will, then that she never will. “Wow, you can fit that whole foot in your mouth, can’t you?” she says. Her lean legs flex as she won’t stop foot gagging him, throat fucking him. “Fit all that foot in your mouth,” she tells him. She is destroying his throat, his tears falling, Olivia laughing as she ramps it up and almost makes him ill with brutal throat fucking. But his illness trigger is way somewhere else. he’s a sick, fat motherfucker who loves having his eyes busted wide and his face expanded and nearly exploded by foot gagging. What a lucky guy. He’s crying accidental tears but refuses to give up until the mean, skinny bully bitch is done. She continues driving her foot down his throat –laughing as he is more and more out of it — all from the time and intensity of the terror she inflicts. In the end, it maybe was wise but unecessary to have professionally evaluated the swelling quickly filling his tonsils and the rips deep in his throat. He’s fine. It’s still not enough. One day he will make a heel will dissapear or go in peace trying. Duration: 19:55




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Dissatisfied with the condition of her expensive Oriental carpet after being professionally cleaned, Lana continues to take out her frustration on the balls of the Manager of the cleaning service. What better way to pound it into his thick skull to do a better job, then by pounding his fragile family jewels. Lana orders him to strip naked, spread his legs and proceeds to pulverize his cock and ball sack with her bare feet. How dare he irritate this Superior Asian Goddess!
In Part 2, Goddess Lana continues to drop kick his fully exposed nutsack again and again with her beautiful bare feet, until he drops to floor coughing and choking from the pain. But there’s no mercy and the moment he hits the floor, Lana orders him back up for more. Lana holds nothing back, as she busts her inferior’s balls until she is satisfied he has learned his lesson.