Female Supremacy – THE MEAN GIRLS – Mean Girls Tribunal Ep5 : Mexican Slave – Princess Bella, Princess Aria and Goddess Raven

THE MEAN GIRLS  Mean Girls Tribunal Ep5  Mexican Slave   Princess Bella Princess Aria and Goddess Raven preview

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***This is being written by the new “clip description slave” that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls’ clips and do all their writeups from now on because they shouldn’t have to do their own writeups. This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor. I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***
The slave was supposed to spend all night cleaning every shoe in the Mean Girls closet. But instead of cleaning the shoes he was caught jerking off to the shoes. A pair of Goddess Ravens $1,500 shoes was actually hit with some of the slave’s disgusting semen. Princess Bella is the presiding judge and she finds the evidence against the slave to be overwhelming. The tribunal is considering issuing the ultimate punishment and dismissing the slave. In the case of this immigrant Mexican slave that means taking him back to the Home Depot parking lot where they originally found him. They allow the slave to plead his case and he begs the tribunal to be allowed to stay. This is obviously the best life an illegal alien could ever hope for and he really wants to stay.
At a minimum the slave will have to suffer some pain so he is ordered to crawl out of his cage and start kissing their feet. They will beat the slave and see how well he takes his beating before reconvening to make a final decision if he should be allowed to stay. As the slave grovels before them they make sure that he suffers the entire time by continually whipping him as he kisses all of their feet. All of the girls take turns whipping the slave passing the flogger back and forth. While Princess Bella is busy whipping the slave Goddess Raven and Princess Aria are busy jabbing him with the stiletto points of their high heel shoes. At one point Goddess Raven is jumping fully up and down on the slaves back with her high heel shoes digging into the slaves back. As a final test of the slaves willingness to take pain Princess Bella has Goddess Raven whip the slave on his balls.
Ultimately the tribunal decides to keep the slave. But they are fed up with his lack of command of the English language so on top of all his other chores he will have to spend at least two hours a night learning English or it’s back to the Home Depot for him. Overall, on a “slave scale” of 1-10, I give it an “8.”


Poor Slave – ClubDom – Stella Liberty Whips – Stella Liberty

 ClubDom  Stella Liberty Whips   Stella Liberty  preview

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Stella Liberty has decided to ready her whip, which is bad news for the pain slave. He is locked up, exposed, and mentally tormented with the upcoming whipping. Stella once again shows the pain slave no mercy. Heartlessly carving up his back, questioning the slave’s desire to be her property, Stella continues her incessant testing of this slave. With the severe flagellation, the slave shakes not only with trepidation, but also due to the merciless beating that pushes his limits. Has Stella Liberty decided which slave to keep yet?


Leather Fetish – Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Cropped Boi Bitch

 Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos  Obey Nikita  Cropped Boi Bitch  preview

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Look at this little bitch boi all locked down on all fours just waiting to get beaten. There’s not much other use for it really. I love to hear it yelp when my thick leather crop smacks its skin. The sound goes so nice with the click-clack of my six inch stiletto heels on the dungeon floor. Funny when it thinks it’ll only be the crop today. Nope. I finish it off with my cane and make count each stroke!


Shoe & Boot Worship – Men Are Slaves – My Friend From Florida, Part 1 – Jennifer and Alex

 Men Are Slaves  My Friend From Florida Part 1   Jennifer and Alex  preview

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Gorgeous Jennifer is accustomed to owning men, as she usually has male slaves around tending to her and funding her comfortable lifestyle. But she always likes to introduce the femdom lifestyle to other ladies, like her friend Alex. And what better way than to use one of her regular pain sluts in front of her so that Alex can see what fun can be had by degrading and humiliating a male slave.


Whipping – Men Are Slaves – No More Feet For Piggy – Jessica and Kayla

 Men Are Slaves  No More Feet For Piggy   Jessica and Kayla  preview

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Bare female feet are already highly desired by male slaves, but female feet in high heels? Now that is a reward worth suffering for. That’s a good thing because Jessica and Kayla insist the he suffer severe pain from their whip just for permission to worship their feet briefly. Then it’s back to more torture to earn more feet. The girls don’t hold back one bit, cutting into his skin mercilessly with the whip while he cringes, suffers and tries to endure just to earn that high heeled reward.


Beatdowns – THE MEAN GIRLS – House-Slave Beatdown Outtakes – Princess Bella, Princess Beverly and Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS  HouseSlave Beatdown Outtakes   Princess Bella Princess Beverly and Princess Carmela preview

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This was hilarious. So we just completed our most recent “slave tryouts” and are just chilling in the room having fun when we basically just decided to start beating the two houseslaves that we brought with us to serve us in the hotel. We were all pretty wasted and feeling extra cruel after beating the slaves from earlier. (Especially since we usually have to “hold back” a little on the newbies.) So we decide to really let these idiots have it- especially since we know we can pretty much do whatever we fucking want to them. (Of course, it didn’t help their situation that the one slave admitted to keeping some of our clips so he could jerk off to them without our permission…)
It’s pretty brutal, so don’t watch it if you wanna see “safe, sane, consensual” sh**tt being done in a “caring manner” to a slave. LOL. But these idiots need to be beaten down regularly so they don’t forget their places- far, far BENEATH us.
The funniest part is at the end when the one slave is literally cowering in the corner of the bathroom, curled up in a ball, with its body all covered in welts and bruises from our beating. It is like afraid for its life haha. And you can hear our “special mystery guest camera Goddess” mocking him from behind the camera. (Can you guess who it is?) OMG it is SUCH a rush to make grown men cower and grovel at your feet like this!! We fucking love it…
***This is a very impromptu type clip and not “scripted” at all. It just happened to be caught on camera. (Some of us didn’t even know it was being filmed!) LOL
FEATURING: Princess Bella, Princess Beverly, Princess Carmela


Female Domination – Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Whipped For Fucking Part 2

Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos  Obey Nikita  Whipped For Fucking Part 2  preview

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This slut doesn’t deserve my big black cock in that boi-hole. Not yet anyway; not after it’s poor performance during the first whipping. I barely wet my sadistic appetite with that light warm-up. My tightly braided cat-o-nine on its flesh, however, might make it suffer enough to make me want to plow into my new fucktoy and give it what it needs to really feel owned. This time I got in some nice hard thrashes so I could hear my property groan in pain and watch it struggle to please me with each consecutive lash. Such a lucky bitch, wouldn’t you agree?