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Posted: December 6, 2021
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Reality Girls Scissors  Brutal and Naked   Maria Jade preview

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Maria Jade is the hot, wild, and powerful girl with the powerhouse legs. She starts the match fully dressed, locking Thin Man in a headlock, and making him scream. While the elite gymnast’s power has increased over the last summer, her strength and determination have not changed. He follows her around, and she stalks him. She whips him as if she doesn’t like him. The combination of a brutal bodyscissors/trachchoke sees him blowing through his trachea, causing his breath to squeak and wheeze. Maria looks so attractive here, she is tanned and lean. Maria is tanned and lean. Her ass worth almost everything just to be there — there are a few around here — legs and asses, faces and faces — and deep cruelty as Maria mocks him for his own screams with her headscissors which threaten to pull the head from his shoulders. She presses him hard against the mat. He’s down, and she kidney punches. Maria has a lot of power when she uses bodyscissors. She puts her side headlock on him and says she will hurt him. He tells her, “I just wanna push your head through this fuckin’ doors.” Maria takes off her bra and slips it on Thin Man. Then, she makes Thin Man take off her panties and makes him wear them as well. His bra and pants are no match for his naked headscissors. He suffers from a wild neck-crashing headscissors. She pushes him across the mat, her ankles snapping as they draw him into a front headcissors. He’s covered in her pussy and ignored his taps. He is now in severe pain and another trach choke is applied.


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