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Now that I have completely dominated the entire nation of Islam, it is time to assign my slaves to their rightful places. Some of you will be executed, some of you will live to clean my , and those who have been loyal and truthful since the beginning of the revolution will serve at my feet. Some very fortunate chosen few, will rule at my side. But, the most important decision your Queen had to make was deciding what to do with Allah. Delivering him unto the fate he served so many of his previous slaves by or beheading seems way too kind. I summon Allah be brought before me and kneel. I explain that if he defy me or disrespect me at any time he will be assigned to my human centipede. I then elaborate that I know about the sins of he and his ped0 prophet who will be dealt with at a later time. Being that Allah did, with lies and deceit, manage to control an entire nation, he is of some use to me. I decide to make Allah my bottom bitch, my favorite . He will sexually service the American soldiers for a very cheap fee and will bring all the profits to me. If he is a good whore, he will be given a crust of moldy bread and a cup of my piss at the end of each day.