Anus – CFNMEU – At the Mercy of the Mistress – Lucy Vojak

 CFNMEU  At the Mercy of the Mistress   Lucy Vojak  preview

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Filip Vacek is the slave of a beautiful girl as she plays a game with him. She has Filip gagged and shackled wearing just underwear, with his nipples taped. With Filip at her mercy, she uses her whip and torments him, pulling off the tape and clamping his nipples. Then she rips off Filip’s underwear, giving access to his cock. She wanks Filip’s dick and the uses clothespins on his balls as she continues to whip him. Filip’s cock gets rock hard as it is played with and the girl squirts oil all over his sexy chest, rubbing it in. She continues to whip him and then releases his legs, lifting them to show off his ass hole. She soon has a dildo pushing into Filip’s hole as his head jerks back when it slips in. She fucks his ass and wanks his cock at the same time. Changing to a butt plug she shoves it into Filip’s ass and leaves it there as she wanks on his throbbing cock. Then the whip comes back into play as his hole is filled with the plug. Releasing him from the bed, she stands Filip up for more abuse and puts him back on the bed to fuck him deep, with her strapon. She really works his hole before allowing him to wank himself to a nice big cumshot.