Asian Goddess – The Princess Miki – My Dumb, Gooning Slave

 The Princess Miki  My Dumb Gooning Slave  preview

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You’re a slave to your cock, aren’t you? As long as you’re horny, you can’t think, and I’m certainly a master of seduction and arousal. As long as you’re a slave to your cock, you’re a slave to Me, because I’ve taken complete ownership of your sex life.
Don’t fight it. You love to stroke; you love to edge; you love to pump; you love to goon. Being My little stroke puppet is what makes life worth living.
All the precum leaking out of your cock is a representation of your brain cells leaking out, too. But you don’t care — becoming dumber for Me has turned into your fetish.
You want to be wrapped up around My pretty finger, as I enter your mind through your cock. I want you to be a dumb gooner, because it makes you that much more easy to manipulate.
Edge to this clip on repeat tonight, and edge to all of My other clips. To be My jerk zombie is your destiny, and you want to accept it, because it feels so fucking good.