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Posted: April 27, 2021

Domina Planet  Madame Sloan  Be My Brownoser II preview

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Madame Sloan has been training Her ass slave for a number of weeks now and feels that it’s time to take the next step. Although the slave doesn’t know it, She is using his ass fetish to turn him into a full toilet slave, starting with ass smelling, ass worship, then ass licking, then tongue fucking, smothering and face farting, She will now move another step closer to Her ultimate goal. She will make the slave function as human toilet paper; he will have to start cleaning Her dirty ass after She’s taken a dump.
Madam Sloan has prepared the slave by chaining him on his back on a bondage table, in sensory deprivation and with a head-harness on so. that he cannot move his head a single inch; he can’t get away from what She is about to him to do. She walks up to him wearing just a pair of skimpy panties and red bra. She climbs atop the slave, ass first and tells him:
“Today you’re getting special treat, slave.”
She spreads Her ass wide and lowers it toward his face. The smell becomes overpowering as it gets close enough and he starts to retch and cough.
“OH YES, SLAVE. Smell it! Because you’re gonna have to taste it in a minute”
He tentatively starts sniffing the crusty mess in Her ass and gags and coughs, but She starts losing patience:
“Now WIPE IT, because that’s what YOU ARE. Just human toilet paper and just a toilet. Now clean up all that mess on my ass cheeks and around my anus, or I’ll remove your balls from your body, slave”
He starts licking up the mess, choking, coughing and retching he manages to not throw up. She tells him:
“Now SWALLOW. Flush your toilet mouth, slave. Good, now start licking and sucking my anus clean. Then you will probe deeper, looking for more candy. Think of it as a slave treasure hunt”
She spreads Her cheeks wide, exposing Her asshole and has him stick his tongue out straight. She starts rocking back and forth on his extended tongue, faster and faster, until She’s really ass-fucking his face. SHe gets more and more aggressive, bouncing up and down while he whimpers in pain.
Finally, She smothers him completely, ordering him to extend his tongue and wiggle it DEEP inside as much and far as he can go before being excused for a break. She has him deep fuck Her ass with his tongue, smothering him and leaving him a disoriented, reeking mess.,, online, femdom online, femdom tube, download, FACE SITTING, FACE SITTING online, FACESITTING, FACESITTING online, ASS SMOTHERING, ASS SMOTHERING online, BREAST SMOTHERING, BREAST SMOTHERING online, BIG BUTTS, BIG BUTTS online, smotherbox, smotherbox online, smother, smother online, pussy licking, pussy licking online, pussy worship, pussy worship online, ass licking, ass licking online, ass worship, ass worship online, ass smelling, ass smelling online, ASS GRINDING, ASS GRINDING online, face squatting, face squatting online,


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