Cruel – Pastel Goddess – 250 lbs of Ass Destroy Human Furniture

 Pastel Goddess  250 lbs of Ass Destroy Human Furniture  preview

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I’ve successfully converted my slave into a full time piece of furniture. He is nothing more than an object for me. I use him more than I use an actual couch. Sure, he’s weak and frail, but it literally makes me wet when I think about breaking him and seeing him crumble beneath my 251 lbs of ass.
For the first 10 minutes of this clip, I break him down and weaken him to see how long he can hold my weight for. During this, I notice that it feels really good for my to slide my pussy up and down his back and grind my clit in. It’s so stimulating. I straddle him and work myself up while I taunt him about never being able to taste my pussy himself. I stuff my panties in his mouth and hump his back bare, paying no mind to his physical strength, or lack there of.
Eventually though, the slave collapses to the ground. I told him I’m not getting off even if he falls, and I meant it. However, I do plan on getting off in a different way! I grab my vibrator and continue to pleasure myself to a satisfying orgasm while the stupid seat lies face down in defeat. I insult and berate him while I get wetter and wetter until I cum. Afterward, I still refuse to get up and give him relief. Why would a seat get a break? When he is ready to hold me up again, he can push me up himself.