Cum on feet – Mina Thorne – Programming Foot Sluts Through Chastity And Denial

Mina Thorne  Programming Foot Sluts Through Chastity And Denial preview

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Hello down there my little foot slut. I love teasing you with my feet but never actually letting you taste or touch them. I know what you want more than anything is the opportunity to lick and worship my perfect feet. I’ve been dangling them in front of you like a carrot, but never letting you actually near them. It’s amazing how far you’ll go just to prove you’re worthy of the opportunity to worship my feet, all while locked in chastity. So while you lay in your cage at night at the foot of my bed, you can’t even tug on that pathetic cock while you fantasize about being able to worship my feet.
And through this treatment I’ve gotten deep inside your head. I’ve made it so that you’ll do anything just to worship my perfect feet. Now your life has become about me, serving me, spending on me, worshiping me. You get to pamper them by buying them stocking and heels, buying me pedicures, and tributing my feet in the hopes that I’ll allow you to kiss them. But no, instead I make you sit there with my feet just inches from you face as I tell you no, you’re not allowed to kiss them.
Through foot and orgasm denial I’m turning you into my little slave, desperate to do anything just for release or a kiss on my toes. I know just how to program you. Now kneel before me and worship my feet. Beg me to be able to kiss and lick them. My feet are divine and I want you to see what you’ve been sacrificing for.
And since you’ve been so good, I’m going to allow you to jerk and goon while you kiss and worship my feet. But I didn’t say you could cum, so for now, enjoy this opportunity to be able to worship my perfectly pedicured feet that you paid for like a good little foot slut. You’re getting so horny for my feet. Keep gooning for my feet loser. You’re an addicted, obsessed foot bitch for only my feet. You will only serve my feet from now on, no other feet will do.
Keep stroking. Relish in this moment, enjoy every second of it. You’re so lucky, aren’t you? You’ve worked hard for this opportunity. I know you want to cum and make a little worship puddle for my feet. This is what you’ve been dreaming about. I know you better than you know yourself, don’t I? I know exactly what you want, what you need. Beg me to cum loser. Now let me see if I’m going to let you cum to them before I lock you back up again.