Faceslap – ClubDom – Slapped by Miss Roper For Disobedience

 ClubDom  Slapped by Miss Roper For Disobedience  preview

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Miss Roper has her slave cleaning the dungeon today. This slave is about to find out what happens when you don’t obey Miss Roper. She has told her slave several times to always have a hood on, in her presence. She doesn’t want to see his ugly face. When she walks in the dungeon to inspect his work, what does she see? Her slave’s uncovered ugly face! Miss Roper tells her disobedient pathetic bitch of a slave that since he wants his face exposed then she`ll have to use his face to teach him a lesson. Miss Roper slaps her slave in the face very hard several times to get her point across. She then spits on his face just to show him how worthless he is. Her slave made a big mistake and Miss Roper doesn’t like mistakes. She grabs her bitch by the throat and continues to slap his ugly face without mercy. After slapping her slave and spitting on him repeatedly for several minutes, Miss Roper commands her slave to crawl and find a hood. He only has ten seconds to put it on, so the bitch better hurry!