Foot Domination – THE MEAN GIRLS – Lick It Clean – Princess Bella and Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS  Lick It Clean   Princess Bella and Princess Carmela  preview

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The Mean Girls actually get a thrill out of watching their slaves do disgusting and humiliating acts in order to keep their station at Mean Girl Manor. Princess Bella and Princess Carmela have a slave that they are forcing to clean the toilet bowl with his tongue. They literally have him chained to the toilet so he has to stay there constantly keeping it clean with his tongue. They tell him if they ever run out of toilet paper they will use him to lick their asses clean. Princess Bella pushes the slaves head into the toilet bowl dunking his head into the toilet water. She commands him to lift the seat up and to begin cleaning the rim of the toilet using his tongue. Princess Carmela spits onto the rim and makes the slave lick it all up. As extra motivation Princess Bella jabs her high heel into the slaves back and ribs as he licks the toilet clean. The slave screams out in pain and even reaches back to try and grab Princess Bella’s shoe. That was a big mistake as it enrages Princess Bella and she screams at the slave “touch my foot again! touch my fucking foot again!” she then jabs her heels twice as hard into the slave and dunks his head as deep into the bowl as she can. Princess Carmela tells the slave she wants to hear him breathing in the water and making gurgling sounds. Princess Carmela then sits on top of the slaves head the weight of her ass forcing the slave to keep his head deep in the toilet bowl. Meanwhile Princess Bella continues torturing the slave with her high heels jabbing them right into his ribs and even punching him in the back with her . When the slaves head is finally let out of the toilet you can see it is drenched and soaking wet with toilet water.
This is a great Mean Girls clips. A real classic you will want in your collection. They mercilessly humiliate and abuse this slave. There is no way for him to have any dignity left after the treatment he is put through. They use him like an object making him a chained up toilet cleaner. They use him like furniture sitting on his head and back. They kick, slap, and punch, the out of the slave even getting a few ball kick in. This clip has it all!