Humiliation – Princess Jennifer starring in video ‘Prom Queen Verbal Beat-Down’ of ‘ASIAN MEAN GIRLS’ studio

Princess Jennifer starring in video Prom Queen Verbal BeatDown of ASIAN MEAN GIRLS studio preview

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Princess Jennifer is a high school senior that is waiting to be picked up for her prom by the much older loser that she uses financially and as her general “bitch”. (Although she plans on making him wait out in the car during her entire prom- while she dances with the hot guys in her class!) But he is late to pick her up and brought her cheap flowers! She is IRATE. She spends the entire video berating him, verbally him, and even throws his pathetic flowers on the floor and makes him EAT them off the floor like a DOGG.
This is the introductory video to Princess Jennifer on AMG. There will be more to come from her here. And while this first video isn’t “action-packed” (it is her first one, after all….) it IS striking to see the contrast between this beautiful, young, bratty girl and her older, buffoonish “boyfriend”. It is easy to see how he would put up with this treatment – or ANY treatment for that matter – from a girl as young & hot as Princess Jennifer! If you want to know what it would be like to grovel at the feet of the bitchiest Prom Queen ever…this is the clip.