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Posted: November 19, 2023

Ezada Sinn 2021 A special day for hubby preview

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hubby gets a special day every week: his milking day. Usually he is allowed to ejaculate on this day, but the pleasure and torments I want him to experience will enhance our intimacy as a couple. It’s not as much about the destination, but about the whole adventure. Today I decided to use a silicon cokring-buttplug combo; hubby loves cock rings, and I love the humiliation of penetrating him. Under My expert touch he has an incredible erection and his purple balls beg to be milked. But I will take My time to tease and edge him intensely with My hand, but also by rubbing My latex clad ass against his engorged veiny cock. When I finally let him ejaculate, I reward his performance by letting him cum on My tight purple latex dress. his first cumshot is so strong that it splashes Me with sperm from My armpit to My ass. he spoiled My dress anyway, so I decide to milk him two more times all over the front and back of My dress. As always, when he makes a mess – he must clean it up, with his tongue of course.
This is one of My favorite play sessions with hubby that I filmed lately, make sure you add it to your collection as it is a masterpiece.
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