Scissored – Shock Collar – You’re Fucked

Shock Collar  Youre Fucked  preview

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Our Shock Collar series is a total mind fuck and Mistress pulls it off so perfectly. The rules of the game are if he touches her legs, she squeezes harder like a shock collar correcting her pet. The problem is as her scissors get tighter, the urgency to tap or pry himself free becomes overwhelming and the brain automatically reacts. “You’re fucked!” Mistress says with a big smile as she sets off a chain reaction of desperation and hysteria. She wraps him in her anaconda figure-4 and knocks him completely out. She’s only just begun. She then tricks him into trying to escape her reverse and when he does, she unleashes the wrath of her scissors. He goes in a frantic panic! She then decides to add another rule which allows her to squeeze harder any time he begs and says “Please”. He basically needs to train himself to withstand all of that suffering without reacting. He quickly learns that this is impossible as Mistress’s legs are much too strong! As punishment, she knocks him out 2 more times for touching her legs. She’s enjoying this way too much. He’s practically a broken down mess and she’s loving every minute of it.