Scissorhold – ScissorVixens – ‘VIKA’S GYM BEATING!’ Full Video Download featuring Vika

 ScissorVixens  VIKAS GYM BEATING Full Video Download featuring Vika  preview

1.4 GB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:20:19

Blonde, BEAUTIFUL, Russian-born Amazon, Vika, returns to ScissorVixens to teach a pushy gym owner the proper way to mop up the floor!
Vika is busy stretching out wearing grey shorts, a red sports bra and sneakers when she’s rudely informed by the gym owner that shoes are not allowed.
Vika replies.”That is ridiculous!” but he then explains to her that sneakers n shoes bring in too much dirt and contaminants and they don’t want to be mopping the floor every other hour!
So Vika complies n removes her sneakers n socks and wrestles him down to the gym floor using a brutal headlock!
“Didn’t quite expect that from me, did you!?”, she asks while CRUSHING his head between her long, lean thighs!
Then she shows him her best ASSets in an eye-popping reverse head scissors so tight he almost passes out from the pressure!
And with long legs like Vika’s.her bodyscissors are absolutely BREATHTAKING, and nearly RIB-CRUSHING, as she squeezes him like an anaconda squeezing it’s helpless prey!
Eventually Vika strips down even more wearing only her sexy blue lingerie thong n removes her red sports bra to continue mopping up the gym floor with his nearly lifeless and limp body and tells him.”It looks like you`re getting tired.perhaps you go to sleep now!”.
And with that she wraps her CRUSHERS around his throat n tells him.”Got to give you everything I got!”, and does just that as she finally puts him to sleep!
So check out GORGEOUS Russian ScissorVixen, Vika, mopping up the floor in ‘Vika’s Gym BEATING!’.