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Posted: November 1, 2020

ScissorVixens  THE GIRLFRIEND SCISSOR EXPERIENCE Video Download featuring Lauren The Beast  Full High Definition preview

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Our ScissorVixens vigilante series, The Scissor Squad, finally returns and boy do we have a treat for you!
When we asked Lauren ‘The Beast’ what her athletic background was, we had no idea how extensive it would be!
Lauren ‘The Beast’ grew up participating in speed skating, hockey, cheerleading, swimming and acrobatic/aerials and all of that certainly shows in her POWERFUL THIGHS and fitness level physique!
But when we first noticed Lauren it was a few years ago during a live lingerie wrestling event where she flipped and bounced her way into the ring full of energy while showing off her agility and athleticism!
Of course those LEGS definitely caught our attention, and unfortunately for her opponent, they caught her too!
It was then that we knew we had to get ‘The Beast’ in front of our ScissorVixens cameras for our fans!
We’re not sure who first named her ‘The Beast’ but we suspect she earned that moniker from the other sport she participated in…the Lingerie Football League!
No doubt about it, Lauren ‘The Beast’ loves bone-crushing contact sports and is usually the one doing the CRUSHING as she demonstrates in her debut ScissorVixens video as a member of an all-female vigilante force known as ‘The Scissor Squad’!
She’s been hired by an escort service to take care of a customer who prefers the GFE (girlfriend experience) only to beat up and then rob the helpless girls of their money.
This time…he’s about to meet a girlfriend that is going to turn the tables and put an end to it…for good!
‘The Beast’ shows up wearing exactly what he asked for…a SEXY little school-girl outfit complete with white knee-high socks, sneakers, a sinfully short plaid skirt, white top, pigtails and glasses.
“Hey, I’m your girlfriend for today.”, she teasingly tells him with an innocent smile while showing off her muscular thighs.
“This is exactly what I ordered!”, he replies not yet knowing he’s going get that and more!
Then he smugly tells her that he’s not going to pay her, she’s going to pay him!
But ‘The Beast’ quickly lets him know, that’s not the way it’s gonna be since she is actually there to KICK HIS ASS!
Lauren ‘The Beast’ is absolutely BREATHTAKING in her debut video as her sexy, sultry taunts, while torturing and absolutely CRUSHING her victim, will blow you away!
All of her athletic training is evident in the way her thighs simply EXPLODE around his neck to massive proportions moving from one scissor hold to the next!
She tells him how much she is enjoying TORTURING him with her strong thighs and informs him that she can easily end his life.
Then she calls him a little bitch for tapping out so soon!
But tap-outs don’t mean anything to ‘The Beast’ as she’s there to administer vigilante justice making his punishment long and painful before eventually telling him…”It’s time to go night-night!”…for good!
Folks…trust us…you do NOT want to miss this amazing ScissorVixen newcomer, Lauren ‘The Beast’ in her debut ScissorVixen video titled The Scissor Squad – ‘The Girlfriend SCISSOR Experience!’.
Like her victim…it will leave you BREATHLESS!


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