Aliens – Primal’s Dark Fantasies – Vampire – Reunion With a Predator

Primals Dark Fantasies  Vampire  Reunion With a Predator  preview

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Just as he is figuring how to deal with the loss of his granny, and gain of the massive inheritance Anna Bell contacts him on social media
He thinks he is so lucky when The hottest girl from Hig School wants to meet up for drinks. It’s been close to 30 years since graduation but Anna Bell has hardly changed at all. Sure she has lots of tattoos but, she was always kind of a “bad girl” and he never thought she even knew his name, much less has thought about him “almost every day” as she had messaged.
He has no idea, Anna Bell will take EVERYTHING he has by the time she is done
Anna Bell takes over his will, commands him to strip nude, rakes her nails over his body, barely able to hold back from draining him dry right then. He is commanded to worship her, to pleasure her and when she is done she has him transfer every penny he has, and then drains every drop of blod leaving him a “lifeless” husk